Last nail in the coffin of the mass immigration madness

By Mike Newland.



For decades we have been told that mass immigration brought huge economic benefits to Britain while having a negligible effect on the prospects of our own people.

Looking back, this is so laughable that one gapes in wonder at how those in power ever got away with it. Yet most of the population seemed prepared to believe the story even when they themselves were affected. Whole communities – particularly the white working class but also many earlier migrants – found their local societies converted from being places where people expected to enjoy the dignity of regular paid work into wastelands of often generational benefit dependency.

Almost no official politician from any major party would question the economic dogma that mass migration merely added to productive capacity and filled holes in the labour market. Lowered wages? Certainly not. Unemployment as a result? Absurd.

Better yet we were encouraged to believe that immigration not only boosted the economy but also enriched us culturally. Diversity is our strength! How quaint it all sounds now. Like an ancient Pepsi advertisement from the golden age of the United States.

The nationalist movement was battered – often physically – for saying the obvious. Tell the truth get a punch in the face as the saying goes. The reality, softened by benefits bribes, has been that our people have been systematically replaced for the past two decades on an accelerating basis.

It has only been quite recently that the mainstream press has become a serious critic of the political dogma of mass migration. For decades, it continued to suppress comment on migration and tout the official lines. Perhaps the media belatedly realised that it would lose all credibility unless it started to address the real world.

Little by little, the chorus of dissent has grown. Politicians in power have blithely continued to ignore the wind of change in opinion, and gone on reading from their robotic scripts, but it has all began to sound very lame. You could tell they did not really believe a word of it.

The occasional honourable exception like Frank Field spoke out. It seems remarkable that he was able to publicly say several years ago that Labour’s policy was population replacement. But nothing really changed in respect of the political class’s posturing about ‘enrichment’ or in terms of their core policies. They talked of strict controls to reassure the public and veered a little in recognising reality but talk is cheap. That little would actually be done has become finally clear after several years of David Cameron‘s misrule.

A few days ago, something remarkable happened. The Migration Advisory Committee, which was set up as a poodle to give academic respectability to government immigration policy, blew the whistle and at last voiced the obvious.

The MAC now says that the effects on productivity and output per capita of the massive immigration of low-skilled workers has been ‘tiny’. It also admits that the winners have not been our own citizens but the immigrants themselves. The benefits system is arranged to disincentivise work among our own people. House prices slump when large numbers of immigrants arrive. A million low-skilled jobs have been lost to our own people.

Worse yet has been the load placed on public services. Anyone visiting a hospital outpatient’s department or experiencing the shortage of places in schools knows this all too well. .

No official body would have dared to say any of this a few years ago. When nationalists said such things we were called all the names under the sun. How things have changed! Anyone discouraged by events should remind themselves of all this.

As the impeccable Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch said in response to the migration committee: ‘One has to ask why some people are so keen to promote mass immigration in the face of public opinion’.

We know the answer to that and so does Sir Andrew. Because of what the MAC report does not mention. The political and economic advantages to the near mafia who now run our country and their allies from cheap labour and imported voters present or future. Those matters have not substantially reached newspapers yet in their official utterances but they will soon.

The employers, of course, continue to claim that they cannot take on British workers because we are inferior to foreigners. Well they would when immediate profit is their only concern! Try that the other way round boss and see what happens. As usual ‘racism’ is a one-way-street.

Professor David Coleman, the Oxford University and Migration Watch demographer, says that the answer is to stop employers obtaining foreign workers and force them into training our own people instead of relying on the state to do it. It would also assist if UK workers were not competing with possibly three-quarters of a million illegal immigrants who are not expelled he says.

There is little possibility that those in power will do much to arrest the flows of people into Britain at present. They have too much to lose in terms of credibility alone as they see it. But if they do not they are laying the foundations for their own destruction. As a Zoroastrian proverb has it, evil finally becomes stupid.

It is a fact that if migration were halted millions would feel emboldened to be far more vocal against the progressive loss of our homeland since they would cease to perceive the forces against them as unstoppable. But that is something that the political class could recruit to its own cause if it were willing to change. It’s not. Too mired in stupidity.

Something very important has changed in the past week or two. The notion that immigration is a benefit to all is now just about in its coffin. It’s taken a long time.

11 thoughts on “Last nail in the coffin of the mass immigration madness

  1. (Party Member) Superb article that, yes, ‘hits the nail on the head’! We predicted in these pages that the writing was on the wall for the multi-cultural experiment and that all the signs were there that 2014 would be nationalism’s year. Well, despite the difficulties we are starting to win now, SO JOIN US in saving Britain.

  2. Employers who with prior knowledge willingly employ illegal migrants to the detriment of our own people should be severely sanctioned by the state for their utterly disgraceful behavior. There is no reason why they shouldn’t face terms of imprisonment as they do in France nowadays.

  3. Please remember before considering a Dyson product that Dyson is one of those supporting mass immigration as he says he needs the workforce. He should employ British workers now on benefits.

  4. It is a hard pill to swallow for us lorry drivers. In my own workplace, Eastern European HGV drivers are given priority employment to keep wages down. Despite the fact, they have little or no local road knowledge. Yes, they have a ‘sat nav’. Little use when our major roads are grid locked!

    Over-competition for jobs guarantees cheap labour and bigger profits for the bosses of industry.

    The debate on this issue is coming more and more to the fore. Even the BBC admitted today that the announcement by the Government of cutting the time Eastern Europeans can claim JSA to 3 months is all because of the rise of UKIP.

  5. Wrote to my then local MP (Bob Laxton Derby North) in March 04 that they were opening Pandora’s Box letting Eastern Europeans come here seven years earlier. His attitude was mocking. He slowly realised too late. The lesson I learnt was that if a so-called uneducated pleb like moi could see the nightmare coming and he couldn’t then our so-called educated elite were clueless. The capitalist 1 percent are turning us into serfs and the sad thing is that the idiotic lefties have been played like fiddles by the capitalists. With a stable population ordinary workers would have had bargaining powers. We would not have had runaway housing prices etc, strain on public services, all of which keep the elite rich (I’m no socialist by the way – just ordinary old working class). Yet open borders supported by idiotic lefties has destroyed any chance of workers having strength and makes the rich richer. What a sad awful country Britain has become since 2004…end of ramble.

    1. Yes, you are correct. Mass, uncontrolled immigration only really serves the interests of rich business owners. The trade unions in this country were once opposed to mass immigration as they correctly saw it damaging the interests of ordinary workers but that was before they become seriously infiltrated by a motley collection of anti-British marxists who put globalist values first.

  6. Mass migration benefits the business owners and government. They couldn’t care too hoots about ordinary Brits. The unions were quickly stopped as they could see the damage being done, old Labour and Tory values swept aside as new pro-migration and free movement of people ideas pushed forward and our culture and traditions have suffered. Old working-class Brit culture and way of thinking sidelined. I’m just traditional working class and see what has happened to industry and communities from nutter lefties who destroyed a way of life. Culturally and religiously it’s changed by huge amounts and any opposition to this new ideology and you are shouted down. I’m all for supporting our culture and traditions

    1. Yes, ‘old’ Labour before they were infiltrated by anti-British Marxist globalists would have opposed immigration and also ‘old’ pro-British Tories would have done so too before that party was taken over by people who are basically globalist liberals and who follow the dogma of complete ‘laissez-faire’ free market economics and totally free international trade/free movement of people. These ‘Tories’ should really be in the Liberal Democrats and should stay there. Mrs Thatcher as far as her economic stance was concerned was really a 19th Century Liberal rather than a Tory.

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