Labour’s Betrayal Of Their Traditional Voters Is Now Complete

by John Shaw

With 70% of Labour held constituencies having voted for Brexit and most people, including Labour remain voters, now wanting us to get on with it and leave the EU Superstate, Labour’s betrayal is now complete.

Their ‘Marxist Leader’ and Cabinet have repeatedly said they would respect OUR REFERENDUM DECISION.

Now this odd assortment of people have gone back on their word and are trying to drag Britain into remaining.

With nothing in common with the man or woman in the street, or hardly anyone else apart from violent, multi-cultural supporting thugs, they have proved that they are totally unfit and uncaring about people, to be anywhere near forming a government, ever.

4 thoughts on “Labour’s Betrayal Of Their Traditional Voters Is Now Complete

  1. I Read a headline that said ‘ Labour Rocked by Major Row over Silencing of SADIQ KHAN at Party Conference’ ! Various daft Reasons were given why Sadiq Khan would NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK ,including one that said they had too many male speakers ! It occurred to me that it was because they did not want to APPEAR WHAT THEY ARE ? THE ISLAMIC PARTY.

    1. UPDATE. After furious wrangling , behind the scenes , between the MARXIST AND ISLAMIC WINGS of the Labour Party , SADIQ KHAN IS TO BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK AT THE CONFERENCE. Expected to tone down his speech , Khan has promised NOT to mention his belief that women are worth only a sixth of a man or what his ‘ Religion ‘ would do to Homosexuals , if they get the chance , he will try to portray himself as a normal person !

    2. bad enough Khan is Mayor of London My Grandparents all from the East End would be appalled to see London resemble Iran or India if they were still on this earth today

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