Julia Green – Charnwood, Thurmaston Ward

Julia Green will be representing the Party in Thurmaston Ward in Charnwood on 7th May.


Julia Green


Julia is keen on animal welfare and conservation issues.


She is concerned about the high levels of housing developments being pushed through in Loughborough and Thurmaston in Charnwood as a consequence of our EU membership and failed border control. 


Julia has stood in several local elections in the area once polling 22% and has also stood in the 2010 General Election in Louth and Horncastle.


Julia sets an example;  we need more female members in our movement and as candidates.

Julia Green 1

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  1. Here’s wishing you success for May 7th Julia, we need more ladies in the party.

  2. Yes, I agree with that entirely. ‘Right-wing’ parties are often male-dominated. Having more female members or a female party leader can ‘soften’ our image to the voters as Marine Le Pen has done in France.

  3. The establishments’ plan for the urbanising of our green belt is for one reason alone, and that is to accommodate a rapidly growing population… It is an irony that the so called Green party would oversee the destruction of our countryside even more hastily than Labour, such is the lunacy of their immigration policies. If we are to preserve our natural habitat, the rural parts of Britain and conserve the areas vital for our wildlife to exist, then we must resist the urbanisation of our countryside. And that means stopping mass immigration in its’ tracks. Best of luck to Julia on May 7th.

  4. I once challenged a Green party activist out distributing leaflets. I asked her how could she, on the one hand, be against mass house building projects whilst, on the other hand, advocate unrestricted immigration? Her answer was simple – “you’re a racist, go away”! SO there you have it – it’s “racist” to draw attention to the many ill effects of mass immigration.

    • Anyone with a few functioning braincells realises that you can't have mass immigration and an ever-growing population on a very small island with significant levels of enviromental protection. The Green Party may appear to be all warm and cuddly but delve below the surface and you will find a party with some dangerously left-wing and utterly irresponsible policies and not all of them are their mad immigration policies either. Therefore, you shouldn't have been surprised at her rant. The Greens are justly known as Britain's 'watermelon' party ie Green on the outside and Red on the inside!

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