John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook – No 16

Afro-Asian Immigration Costs Us £120 billion

As the recent report headed by Professor Christian Dustmann from University College London shows, those fellow Europeans who came to work in Britain from 1995 to 2011 made an overall contribution to the UK’s economy of £4.4 billion.

The liberal-left, headed by the BBC, has put great emphasis on this figure to try and pretend that immigration per se has been good for Britain. They have glossed over the fact that non-European immigration in the same period, largely from India, Pakistan and Africa, cost the UK’s public purse nearly £120 billion.

As Bill Baillie says in the November issue of European Outlook: “ If it’s against the law to prefer Europeans then many of us are guilty. We do not hate anybody but we think that our near neighbours are more easily assimilated than peoples from vastly different cultures.”

Nevertheless, taking its cue from Ukip, the Lib-Lab-Con and its kept media swiftly dropped any reference to the outrageous cost to taxpayers caused by the Afro-Asian influx. Farage, who has said on more than one occasion that he supports immigration – but apparently not from Europe – continues his campaign to keep Europeans out. Meanwhile the Lib-Lab-Con is now saying: “Look, immigration is a good thing. Good workers and good technical people have come in and boosted our economy by £5 bn.”

Other significant points in the University College London report included that the non-European immigrants consumed more in public expenditure (£117.9 bn to be precise), including NHS costs, welfare handouts and education, than they contributed in taxes. It says: “They contributed less because their families tended to have more children and lower employment rates.”

The report admits that between 1995 and 2011 the foreign born population doubled to about 7 million. But like all such reports it never includes those recent descendants of earlier immigrants who, with their children and grandchildren, have given Britain a population of 64.2 million, against 59 million in 2000, and only 42 million in 1945.

That’s why on our motorways today rush hour goes from 7 am to 8 pm. Why the NHS is nearing breaking point. Why young Britons can rarely afford to buy a house. Why England’s countryside – far smaller than France’s and Germany’s – is disappearing under new towns. We need to reduce our population, not continue to expand it.

Nearly all other UK media has ignored a revelation regarding some of the alleged European migrants to the UK by Philip Johnston writing in the Daily Telegraph 21.10.14. He reported that several years ago Oxford University’s Migration Observatory found that 141,000 people who came to the UK under EU rules were born outside the continent. This included many Nigerians. Also, between a third and a half of the entire Dutch Somali community has moved to the UK. With at least five years passing since the Oxford University finding, it is highly likely that the inflow of phoney Europeans to the UK has at least doubled since then. Nigel Farage please note. But it’s a fair bet that he would make no comment.

New Labour Has Deserted Blue Collar Workers

The Labour Party has been shocked and puzzled by the inroads that Ukip has made into Labour’s traditional large vote, particularly in Northern and Midland towns and cities.

Contrary to the view being put forward by many politicians and media mouthpieces in support of immigration, the work ethic of our working-class blue collar workers is still there although draining away for those who prefer a benefit lifestyle – now being copied by their descendants.

Metropolitan politics, which ignores the views of rest of the country politics, has made the reliance on cheap migrant labour an economic threat to the livelihood of the blue collar workers.

As Labour MP Simon Danczuk has said, this is chipping away at a bedrock of working-class pride, allowing a once strong work ethic to ebb away, and it’s being done with a misinformed political consensus.

The reality of mass immigration, says Danczuk, is that our political leaders have never had jobs in the real world and are essentially cut off from a blue collar reality. They tend to look down on their sort of jobs in any case, and that’s why they’re extremely relaxed about a wholesale transfer of jobs to migrants in some sectors.

Although the rise of Ukip has been invaluable in breaking the mould of old party politics centred on London’s metroland, the former Labour supporters who are currently voting for it will see that it is a false down (as the BNP was to British nationalists).

When this happens and they realise that it is just another Tory party, perhaps with a heightened sense of patriotism, then the British Democrats – with some of its policies having similarities to Old Labour – needs to have built up its structure by then to create a viable alternative.

Russia Responds To Humiliation

The commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War reached its peak this year on Armistice Sunday.

The monumental death toll among the armed forces of the British, French and their dependant empires, as well as Russia, has become common knowledge. But what was different was the acknowledgement this time of the qualities of the German soldier and how little difference there was between Fritz, the Tommies and the French Poilu.

With anarchy and Marxist takeovers at home in 1918, the German army, undefeated but seriously weakened, accepted an armistice. At the subsequent Treaty of Versailles humiliating terms were imposed on Germany and the triumphalism of the victors laid the foundations of the cataclysm that followed 20 years later.

While we were celebrating the WW1 Armistice Germany was celebrating the 25th year of the fall of the Berlin Wall – and the collapse of the Soviet Communist system.

The man who made all this possible back in 1989 was Mikhail Gorbachev. He ordered the Soviet troops stationed in East Germany to remain in their barracks as the wall came down. Speaking in Berlin as the 25th anniversary took place Gorbachev warned: “The world is on the brink of a new Cold War. Some are saying that it’s already begun.”

Earlier, Gorbachev had spoken about the resentment he and most Russians feel at what they believe is in being misled.

He accused the West, and America specifically, of breaking a deal they believe was offered in 1990. In return for allowing a reunited Germany to be part of Nato, he said he was promised that the alliance would not expand one inch towards the East. Despite this, Nato proceeded to leap eastward enlarging its membership to include six previous members of the Warsaw Pact and three former Soviet republics.

Russia feels it has been lied to and humiliated. The latter being particularly hard to swallow when in living memory it was the equal world power to the United States.

With its KBG-trained President Putin now in power, and supported by a majority of the people, it is a dangerous situation carrying too much of a similarity to what happened 20 years after the humiliation of Germany in 1919. If the USA and its Western lackeys would back away a little it would help to defuse the situation. For example, it could tell Putin that as a majority of the people of the Crimea are of Russian ethnic stock and recently voted in support of rejoining Russia, we accept this result without condoning the methods used.

4 thoughts on “John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook – No 16

  1. Statistics can be and are manipulated. As are these figures for immigration, something the elites love, and probably far lower than the real figure

    The simple truth about immigration from any country is to look at that country as it is now and whether immigration made it a better place.

    If the country they hail from is a success. then why on earth come here?

  2. Baz, and as Andrew Brons said (more or less) a while back, if you have mass immigration of third-world people to a first-world country that will not lift the immigrants up but reduce their new home to a third-world country.

  3. I remember when I looked through one of these economic papers they made an assumption that the marginal cost of policing, education and the NHS is no different between a non-European migrant and a white Brit!

    Even when there is data on these areas they are of course questionable. As you pointed out there John they will say “immigrants”, which to 95% of the population means non-Natives and their offspring but in he report are in fact those who are first generation.

    Another way they get these positive figures is that they base economic value on income which is by extension the taxation they provide. As incomes are higher in urban metropoli (London, Birmingham, Manchester etc) than old industrial towns they compare the British workers earning a lower salary outside of the richer urban areas with the migrants living in such areas.

    For example it is not to hard for a building labourer in London to earn £20,000+ while a building labourer in Northern English towns, Scotland & Wales will be earning a portion less than that.

    From this then they can then claim that the London African building labourer is a ‘positive contribution’ to the British economy while the northern Englishmen, Scotsman and Welsh building labourer is a ‘burden’. This ignores:

    1) Urban areas (where the migrants reside) gain a disproportional amount of public and private investment
    2) The increase in the labour supply pushes down the income that native workers can earn

    Western papers on the economic impact of immigration have as much validity as progress reports on the Soviet Union’s 5 year plans. Just as they would claim “Steel production up 86%” so modern day politicians tell us that we have gained “£4 billion” extra in economic activity!

    Even if it were £4 billion that only works out at a per capita benefit over 16 years of £66.67 per person! And of course that £66.67 is not going to be distributed evenly…

    To attempt to deny a people a future in their homeland; all for £66.67.

  4. ( Party Official ) Another great article from B.D.P. Archives ! Any Country in the world that has a sizeable Islamic minority , is NEVER A HAPPY PLACE. They create DIVISION and DISCORD , often amongst themselves , WHEREVER THEY SETTLE. Even at this LATE HOUR we can SAVE OURSELVES by VOTING FOR NATIONALISM which would bring in MASS REPATRIATION with financial arrangements made with the receiving Countries. READ our commonsense POLICY DOCUMENT and then JOIN US , TODAY.

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