John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook No.7

Immigration Forces Down Work Productivity

Despite the Tories claim to reduce immigration to “tens of thousands”, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that for the 12 months up to last December the number of immigrants was 497,000. As usual this gross figure is not the one that the political class and their kept media give prominence to – perhaps it is too frightening  for the ordinary folk to see. It is the net figure, i.e that obtained after deducting those who emigrate from our shores (mainly white Britons) to give a more acceptable figure of  176,000.

The same ONS figures also reveal that the proportion of  babies born to foreign-born mothers rose overall to 25.9 per cent. The top nationality was Poland with 21,156, followed by Pakistan with 19,091. Papers such as the Mail and the Express make great play  on the “leap in migrants from Europe”, but if the ONS figures are studied it will be seen that two-thirds of immigrants, and babies born of immigrant mothers, are still Afro-Asian. With the possible exclusion of the ever-increasing number of Roma gypsies from Rumania and Bulgaria, children born in the UK from Continental European stock are not going to make any major change to the ethnic make-up of Britain (remember the Angles, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans?), although pressure     results upon our own customs and immediate life style.

Where East European immigration does create major problems is in the effects on schooling, welfare, the demands on our NHS, and particularly on competition for jobs. A survey just held by Lord Ashcroft says that 36 per cent of people said that they or someone in their family had found it harder to secure work or a good salary because of increased competition from migrant workers. Only one in six polled said that they believed immigration had benefited the country ( most of these could be of immigrant stock!).

An article in the business sector of the Daily Telegraph (3.9.13) by Jeremy Warner says that mass immigration has made Britain a less competitive economy. During the last six years more than a million private sector jobs have been created. Warner says:

“Much of the job creation has been in low-income or part-time employment. Real incomes have experienced their worst squeeze since the 1920s. Yet this is not just a recent phenomenon. The squeeze on real incomes, particularly at the lower end of the scale pre-dates the crisis.

“Foreign competition, both in the form of immigration and imported goods and services, has been a big constraint on wage growth….Cheap labour has become a substitute for investment in plant, machinery, training and research and development.

“High levels of low-end immigration have been, at best, a zero sum game and, by holding back necessary investment in the future, possibly quite a negative        economic influence.”


How the Long March paid off

On this site on August 18th the article “The Creeping Tyranny Behind Tory Row”  by John Stephens first appeared. It explains how the official views of today’s Conservatives bear no relationship  to what they were in the fifties and have been so consumed by political correctness that one can understand how today a coalition government with Liberal-Democrats can enter into its third year..

John Stephens explains how this came about when back in 1923 a hard core of radical ultra-leftists discussed the reasons why the world’s working class were rejecting the call of “Workers of the World Unite”, the official Moscow line of Communism. In essence, they decided that they should put their efforts into Cultural Marxism to be adopted in schools, universities, the media and the church. Starting in the thirties the so-called Frankfurt School of  Marxist intellectuals started to become effective in imposing their views on the targets above and so what we now call political correctness first began to be accepted. It was aided particularly by the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci.

I was somewhat surprised when I received an e-mail from a long-standing friend of mine with these comments on the Stephens article:

“I am not persuaded that writers of pop songs, producers of soap operas or executives of great corporations sit up all night reading Gramsci and Adorno. Most people are not racists – it  really is as easy as that. But the FrankfurtSchool has replaced the Learned Elders in the mythology of the far-right and dissenters are dismissed as naïve fools or even useful idiots.”

The answer my old friend is that the people you list, as most others too, have never heard of  Gramsci, Marcuse et al!  If too much was known about their true objectives, particularly in the early days, then they would never have been so successful, nor taken so many people in, apparently including your good self. To become known by the world at large would defeat their method of obtaining Marxist inspired political correctness by stealth. If you think it was all nonsense, then just look at these changes since you were a lad, let alone my age.

In 1959 I was able to organise a meeting in Trafalgar Square and speak under a banner bearing the slogan “Keep Britain White”. In the spring of 1961 I again spoke in the capital’s most famous square under the slogan “Keep White Solidarity”. As a youth you were at that meeting. Both were held with full Police permission.

JB Traf Square NLP

Today, permission for such meetings would be denied and with the majority of the London population now being non-British in origin we would both probably be lynched if we decided to hold a meeting illegally. If the slogans were used on leaflets then they would fall foul of at least one of the numerous racism offences that have slowly appeared in legislation.

The originators at the FrankfurtSchool and the activists of the Long March were not advocating a violent revolution but placing a priority of controlling the minds of the youth through the education system. I repeat, a majority had never heard of the infamous school or Gramsci and Co, who used the children to establish the political correctness now choking the nations of Europe and its offspring former dominions.

These are some of the other changes that did not come about by chance, or by bankers acting nationally or internationally, or solely because Britain and Europe were exhausted by World War Two.

1. Mass immigration to destroy identity.

2 .Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

3. Undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.

4. The teaching of homosexuality, and now pornography, to children.

5. Control and dumbing down of the media.

6. Dependency on  the state or state benefits.

7. Emptying of the churches.

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime.

9. End the specific role of father and mother, and remove their rights as primary educators of their children.

10. Abolish differences in the education of boys and girls.

11. Abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in front line armed forces.

12. Continual change to create confusion.

The School  took the view that cultural revolution was the most important type, which demolishes from within. One of them said: “Modern forms of subjection are marked by mildness”. They saw it as a long-term project, conducted mainly anonymously,  and kept their sights clearly focussed on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture.


Scrap the Wasteful Windmills


Data released by one of the large green energy companies operating on-shore wind  turbines in Britain, RWE npower renewables, showed that in mid-August several wind farms were only producing enough electricity to boil two to three kettles at a time.  RWE is a subsidiary of a German energy company operating 27 wind turbine farms in the UK.

The fact that Germany and Denmark not only dominate the UK wind farm business but also are, between them, the sole suppliers of our wind turbines is  not the news story here. The evidence of the outrageous inefficiency  of  wind turbines, which is being ignored by the LibLabCon party, is the story. It has only been reported by Robert Mendick of the Sunday Telegraph (25.8.13).

Trysglwyn wind farm, in Anglesey, was the one producing just enough to boil two kettles each with 3KW of power. At the same time, Bilbster wind farm near Wick, North Scotland produced 268KW%, which could boil 89 kettles. The wind farm near Romney Marsh, Kent, is the largest in the South East and produced enough to boil 43 kettles. Mendick quoted two other wind farms, in Cumbria and in Harrogate, which had to take power out of the national grid to meet its own operating demands.

It is appreciated that in mid summer there is  usually less wind available, but these figures emphasise the unreliability of wind power. We should scrap  the onshore turbines now, but keep those already installed in offshore farms, where there is always some wind available. Incidentally, the “boost to British jobs” that it was supposed to create turned out to be virtually zilch, certainly long-term jobs.

The Government says that it has to promote wind energy in order to meet the EU demands of providing 15 per cent of our energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.  Solar energy becomes more and more efficient, but the problem is the space the panels take up competes with the land for farm produce and biomass energy crops.  Wave power and estuary power look promising for the long term, although current costs are prohibitive.

This leaves nuclear power, but it takes ten years to build new power stations and still leaves many worrying about radiation problems. As I have said before, we should       turn to the use of thorium in place of uranium for nuclear reactors. Uranium was chosen above thorium in the first place because you can make nuclear weapons from a its isotopes, which you can’t with thorium.

Rich seams of thorium exist in Wales and Cornwall. Apart form being safe, you could hold a lifetime’s supply in your hand. Liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs) are what experts are cautiously starting to call a “clean” nuclear option. The British Democrats should say : “Let’s go for it”.


Hungary Sheds the Bankers’ Shackles

I have not seen any reference in our national media to the actions made last month by Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban of the Fidesz party,  in telling the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that “Hungary neither wants nor needs further ‘assistance’ . No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay usurious interest.”

This report came from Ronald L Ray an author who runs an American Free Press. Whether he is a fruitcake or not, like some who abound on the internet, I do not know as yet.

What we do know is that Orban’s Fidesz Party (Conservative) won a landslide election three years ago, but since have been pressurised by the Jobbik (Nationalist) party to take action not only on international  bankers control of Hungary but also on immigration. For the latter it has been rebuked by the EU with threats of monetary fines in the spirit of a reborn Soviet bureaucracy. Hungary joined the EU under its former Socialist government in 2004.

18 thoughts on “John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook No.7

  1. It seems far-fetched that a “hard core of radical ultra-leftists” could brainwash the entire western world. Where is the evidence? How did they surmount the obvious practical difficulties of infiltrating hundreds of thousands of schools, not to mention governments, political parties and media?

  2. Surely there was dependence on the state during the Depression.And the Churches were emptied because people had better things to do than go there.Never thought of John Bean as religious!

  3. In answer to Adam Smith.

    WWII made communism a world power. Before it was simply a small backward country run by Stalin. Lenin’s dream of revolution in the the western industrial countries had not happened.

    But the war gave the communists a huge power base over much of Europe from which it could feed poison and often ‘Moscow gold’ into Britain and elsewhere. The hugely powerful unionist Jack Jones seems to have been working for Moscow.

    That alone would not have been decisive. The factor that has often been forgotten is that the idea of big government as a virtue became respectable as a result of WWII and The Depression. Just what the left needed!

    Labour was elected in 1945 largely because people had got used to big government in their lives controlling everything during the war and saw it as helpful to them. A popular line of the time was: ‘The man in Whitehall knows best’.

    The people did not want to go back to the 1930s and did not appreciate that what is good in wartime may not be any good in peacetime. Big spending by government had become a respectable concept too as a result of (misunderstood) Keynes. Every politician latched on to this as a pretext for them to spend other people’s money. Before long people came to see more and more government meddling as a good thing. They were endlessly told so. The ‘right’ increasingly caved in.

    The stage was set. The money and supposed intellectual framework was available to the left for a long march through the institutions. They did not need to set up a stall in the high street calling for communist revolution any more.

    Very rapid post-war growth for technological reasons gave government more and more cash to spend too. It’s only now that the tide is going out to the horror and amazement of a disbelieving population.

  4. ( Party Member ) I like the sound of this THORIUM instead of Uranium , for power generation, as described above. Like John I think it could become our policy with it’s obvious benefits spelt out in our overall Energy Policy Document. We need to be known as the people with the policies and spokesmen and women for all cabinet departments. Looking and indeed being the real deal right from the start , can only bring success , for our British Democratic Party.

  5. What about coal? Last I heard we have 400yrs worth of coal underground. I have also read about coal-fired power stations where the coal is treated in some way that makes it clean. Surely this is an energy resource that culd als be explored, it would also provide jobs as it once did. It wouldn’t be cheap, of course, but then is any energy going to be cheap once everything is priced in?

    1. The latest method of coal firing uses coal, pulverized to a talcum-powder like consistency and air-blown through burners,combustion is instantaneous with very little residue, which is trapped by electrostatic precipitation. This means lower (cheaper) grades of coal can be used with little adverse effect, but a slight drop in efficiency. This clean coal technology has been around for many years but is still not universally accepted, for reasons I don’t quite understand……..Rick

  6. I am always interested in comments from Mark Taha. He says he never thought of me as being religious. As a nationalist ( albeit of the European-nationalist persuasion ) I believe that given our tendancy to pick an argument in ;an empty room it is best to follow the dictum of never mixing politics with religion. Listing “Emptying of the Churches” as one of the changes brought about by ‘new thinking’ over the past fifty years was an observation of a fact and not a comment for or against Christianity.
    When I die, as a departure down the Tyne or the Yorkshire Ouse on a flaming Viking long boat would be rather expensive, and no doubt fall foul of Health & Safety, I will probably stick to a Christian farewell. For one thing, musically I have always liked many of the hymns. I would have to include Jerusalem for its lyrics as well:
    And did those feet in Ancient Times
    Walk among England’s mountains green
    I remember a long conversations in my home with John Tyndall back in the fifties during which I suggested that he might like the hymn The Old Rugged Cross, but I would avoid it despite its good tune. He laughed.
    Oh that old rugged cross, so despised by the world,
    has a wondrous attraction for me

    1. John, I’m flattered. I’m not religious but do have favourite hymns -including those you mention. For musical reasons – I’m basically an agnostic.

  7. Mr Newland, I agree with what you say up until the ‘long march through the institutions’ bit. I don’t think that is practically possible and I don’t think it explains what really happened to society.

    It’s not practically possible for what Mr Bean calls a ‘hard core of radical ultra-leftists’ to march through the institutions without anyone noticing. Where is the evidence? The only thing I see in the Frankfurt School is a group of intellectuals and their supporters trying to influence events in a perfectly normal way, no different from modern day think tanks.

    The reality is there was a sea change in attitudes that began long before the Frankfurt School and had more to do with the capitalist right than the Marxist left. The first post-war Conservative government was happy to have mass immigration, as have all subsequent ones. Although Macmillan’s Winds of Change speech was about Africa, it could easily have been about the world in general.

    Our country’s destruction was brought about by our own establishment, not some fanciful ‘hard core of radical ultra-leftists’.

  8. Adam, if you wish to see the ‘long march’ in action look at the BBC.

    Utterly shamelessly biased to the left because of the way it’s staffed. How many conservatives do they hire? The managers are left and they recruit more lefties. And not without anyone noticing!

    It’s not a case of a few people arguing their case. It’s the huge dollops of money the state spends which have made being left a lucrative career path along endless tracks within councils and other state departments like quangos. Where they themselves dispense money elsewhere they can make sure it goes to the ‘correct’ people using often equality legislation. Lots of charities are now largely publicly funded so the screws are on them too.

    All this is a million miles from a few people – maybe unions – arguing a position and winning. The whole apparatus is funded by the public. Genius!

  9. I have always thought of it as coming through the old CND Socialists and Liberals who opposed apartheid in SA and called for a multi-racial commonwealth. In the early 50s University text books were by “American” authors and one of the main ones was The Authoritarian Personality. A more popular version The Nature ofd Prejudice by Gordon Allport was a text book in humanities courses.
    The real boost was Hitler. He queered the pitch for everyone not just Nazis but patriotic Conservatives and few had the courage to oppose New Commonwealth Immigration for fear of being called a Nazi. I can not understand people supporting Hitler. He has single-handedly nearly destroyed Europe and the Anglosphere and Whites as a whole.
    What brought the New Left into the mainstream was a bit of luck. A crop of very talented and popular musicians like The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Not only their lyrics but peace and civil rights campaigns but also Lennon donating to the Black Panthers and IRA. I found this article a couple of weeks ago that shows how it worked here.

    1. I have to agree with you regarding Adolf Hitler. If Hitler had never existed and WW2 had not happened then there is no doubt that natural ethnic awareness ect wouldn’t be smeared today as ‘racist’ and those subscribing to natural viewpoints on this matter wouldn’t be called ‘Nazis’. After all, even some professed ‘socialists’ before the last world war would have views that today would be called ‘racist’. Undeniably, Hitler and the Nazis gave a massive boost to the unnatural doctrines of the far left and normal ‘conservative’ views on race are now far to the ‘Right’. Politics took a massive lurch to the ‘Left’ post WW2. We have to ensure that there is no praise for Hitler within our ranks and to make people know that we follow not Hitler but traditional conservative views on race like Winston Churchill did.

  10. The logic seems to be that the BBC is left-wing, therefore the BBC has been infiltrated by the Frankfurt School. But can you name even one BBC employee that was a member of the Frankfurt School? The BBC is as keen on sucking up to the royal family as it is on preaching multiculturalism, i.e. it’s following an establishment agenda, unsurprising as it’s the mouthpiece of the British establishment.

  11. It’s not a question of being a member of some formal organisation called the ‘Frankfurt School’. No such thing. That’s just an umbrella term for people who perceive a similar long-term way of turning the West into a different type of place in accordance with a generally Marxist agenda.

    Those views are shared by the BBC establishment and they recruit accordingly. It’s so ingrained they don’t even see themselves as having a bias. Have you ever met any of them? I have.

  12. Mike Newland is spot on with his comments on the BBC’s Marxist agenda. Take the recent example of the Last Night of the Proms, which some might have thought was nothing unusual in that the customary flag-waving and singing of Rule Britannia still took place.
    Roger Wright, the BBC Radio 3 Controller and Director of the Proms had a first in Marin Alsop as the Proms first woman conductor – and good luck to her for that even if she is an American and an open lesbian. But she took her opportunity to use the platform to discuss her “shock” at the barriers women still face and issued a firm rebuke to a Russian colleague who had suggested that female conductors struggled to be taken seriously. This was to the accompaniment of a show of rainbow flags celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement, which ,were waved with renewed enthusiasm during Joyce Di-Donato’s rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” (apparently the ‘anthem’ of the assorted cross-dressers movement).
    As for the music, many tradiitonal works were played but the concert was opened with the most cacophonous piece I have ever heard, aptly called Masquerade, by a young American lady, Anna Clynde, who was present in the audience and able to exchange airborne kisses with the conductor.
    It is interesting to note that Roger Wright, the Director who ran the show, took a sabbatical year 1977-78 as the President of the Student Union at the University of London. His Wikipedia entry says that he has raised the profile of jazz and ‘world music’ quasi-traditional and non-Western) “causing controversey among listeners.

    It is highly likely that none-of the people named above have ever heard of the Frankfurt School – all of whose original members no doubt died before they were born. But it is an example of how basic changes have been brought about incrementally by the Left in so many spheres of our life.

  13. If there’s no such thing as the Frankfurt School why even use the term? Nationalists are great at creating barriers between themselves and the public. Most people would agree about the left-wing bias of the BBC but as soon as you start rambling about the Frankfurt School and a ‘hard core of radical ultra-leftists’ going on a ‘long march through the institutions’ people are just going to lose interest.

  14. There is no formal organisation called Frankfurt School but there is a school of thought known by that title which dictates changing society by entering the system and gradually veering it in a left direction. The ‘comrades’ work like it all the time. No mystery and no rambling. I can’t see why anyone would wish to make it a matter of such dispute.

  15. It’s a discussion not a dispute. Certain shibboleths seem to emerge amongst nationalists and the non-existent Frankfurt School is one of them. The school of thought as you describe it only exists in the minds of nationalists. It’s interesting how you regard anyone challenging this shibboleth as causing a dispute.

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