John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook (No. 1) 27.03.13

Don’t Let Ukip con U

We should at least thank Ukip for  making it fashionable to at last discuss the problems of mass immigration. Although British Democrat candidates in the local elections will find that at the moment it is UKIP who is going to reap the electoral harvest it has raised.

The more politically alert have already rumbled UKIP. It is not so much a political party as a safety valve for the LibLabCon. It’s not in business to stop immigration or to get Britain out of the EU, but to stop others from doing so. By ‘others’ I mean the British Democratic Party when its full potential is realised by the electorate.

In the 14 years that Nigel Farage and his chums first appeared in Brussels they have achieved nothing – not counting excellent lunches and Farage himself admitting he had gained £2 million in EU expenses in that period (part paid by British taxpayers).

I say ‘nothing’ because under his rule Ukip has never actually campaigned in Brussels for Britain to leave the EU. As Marta Andreasen (a Ukip MEP who fell foul of Nigel) has revealed: “Ukip/Nigel has  not campaigned for a referendum. The Party is only saying we want out, but does not show how. There was never a plan and there is no plan today either.”

Just before our 2010 Parliamentary election Ukip (then minus two MEPs  who had been jailed for fiddling their expenses) needed a boost to their falling support. It started to suggest they would do something about immigration. They even called for a five year ban. But in  reality this was all a sham.

On the Daily Politics Show 4th May 2010 Farage said: “We would need a minimum of a quarter of a million work permits annually”.

Then on Question Time 25th November 2010 he said: “I am not opposed to immigration. Much of the immigration to this country has been good”.

On Good Friday 2010 on Radio 4’s Any Questions Farage was asked what achievement was he most proud of. Interestingly, he said: “stopping the BNP from ever becoming a large political party”.

Today, with Ukip now flavour of the month, voters are again being deluded that it can offer a full policy. It will almost certainly go the same way as the 2010 election policy. According to Nikki Sinclaire, another Ukip MEP who Farage has driven out, it was torn up by Farage who told his election workers that the people know what we stand for.

Since his secret dinner with Rupert Murdoch, the global capitalist newspaper owner who is said to be supportive of Farage’s  views towards Europe, if he expects backing from Murdoch’s The Sun and the Times he will have to curtail some of his hot air on immigration


Why All Further Immigration Must be Stopped

Whether you are talking about housing –  and social housing in particular, destruction of the green belt, the strain on the NHS, the undercutting of workers’ wages, worsening education for our children in state schools, congested roads and motorways, plus most other problems facing Britain today, the affect of immigration can no longer be avoided. Just take three issues which made the news in March.

1. Although the coalition Government, with Labour approval, has talked the talk of curbing migrants’ access to council housing and made play with the 2011-12 statistic that immigrants only occupy  9 per cent of social housing stock ( surely it must be at least 10 per cent now?), as there are 3.8 million social housing  rentals today (Independent 21 February 2013) this means 380,000 immigrant families. Probably a higher percentage take private rentals, which are 3.84 million, and the immigrant demand is known to force up rents.

2. Further aggravation of the issue will occur in nine months when the Romanians and Bulgarians are allowed to come here without let or hindrance. It will only be 15,000 to 20,000, the Government unofficially suggests. The more reliable figures coming from MigrationWatch are that it will be around 50,000 people a year for the next five years!

3. We recommend an investigation report by the Sunday Telegraph (24 March 2013)

“The Surge in foreign students who come to Britain then disappear”. Considerable  evidence is given to show that abuse of the system applies to most of the more than 100,000 foreign students who came here last year, 20 times the figure of two years ago.

We have well wishers of the Brit Dems who suggest that we would get more support if we were not so rigid on immigration. We must face it. With one person in five in Britain now being an immigrant, or born here of recent immigrant stock, and Afro-Asians having a  higher birth rate than the indigenous people, there is no alternative. All further immigration must be stopped and those who are here illegally should be deported. Otherwise our children and  grandchildren will be the ethnic minority in  these islands by 2050.


You can be Gay and a Brit Dem

If you are ‘straight’ then it is natural to feel some revulsion if contemplating the sexual practices of homosexuals. However, it is high time that nationalists accept the fact that a considerable number of gays  are fellow believers in our socio-political struggle to maintain  these islands as the homeland of the British.

What they do in private is their own affair. It should remain as being private. All we ask is that they do not join with those gays who seem intent in proselytising  our youth to become ‘converts’. If that is accepted, then they can be welcomed as supporters of the British Democratic Party.

Many gays who have wanted to bond with a partner with some form of marriage are quite content with a Civil Partnership. My personal view (which is a majority view among the public) is that this should not be extended to a church marriage, which is against the very principles of the Christian Church since its foundation. Therefore, why is this Government  pushing the gay marriage concept? Under the legislation they are passing they now have plans to make the chapel of St.Mary Undercroft, which has been the main place of Christian worship in the Palace of Westminster for 700 years, a multi-faith prayer room – so that it can be used to conduct same-sex weddings. The scheme was proposed by Labour front bencher Chris Bryant, who is openly gay.

Gross exaggeration  of sufferings that some gays have had to put up with does not help their case. Such as  when the BBC, in an Easter message, likens the treatment of gays in Britain to the crucifixion of Christ. Benjamin Cohen, the founder of the gay publisher Pink News, tells Radio 4 listeners that just like homosexual people, Jesus was punished “for something he couldn’t help’.


Classical Music is ‘Racist’

If you wondered what us old nationalists mean when we talk about ‘cultural Marxists’, here’s a ‘classical’ example.

The politically-inspired Marxists (i.e. followers of Communism and its off-shoots) who run Unite Against Fascism and Hope not Hate have long established the view that if you believe in halting immigration then any attempt to speak publically on this   should be halted by violence – particularly by UAF.

The attack on European culture has long been part of the Marxist’s long-term  campaign in order to make us more acceptable to their concept of a one-world, multi-cultural state. The above organisations have now issued an edict to target Classic FM and Radio 3 as elitist and racially offensive to minorities. This is what they say:

“Classical music is dead and should be seen for what it is, the decadent leftovers from a dying white imperialist culture that has no relevance to anybody in the younger generation. It is an anachronism that this exclusionist crap should still be tolerated, when we have such a harvest of black and global cultural music to hear and enjoy. Nobody wants to hear about dead German composers or the Nazi Wagner! It is time this stuff was treated like smoking and global warming deniers and its supporters driven to the fringes of society.  The Far Right closely identify with so called classical music and that should be enough to eradicate it from our lives in the global village.”

My musical tastes are catholic, in that I am quite happy to listen to tuneful popular music. Many of the nationalists I have mixed with in the past enjoyed music as played by Eric Clapton, Paul Weller and The Jam, and some Beatles songs. We also enjoyed trad jazz, of which the New Orleans black artists were the tops. If you have an old recording of  Otis Redding singing “I’m Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” then compare it with the criminality of much of today’s crap, sorry rap, noise –  hardly ‘music’.

I also enjoy much classical music, particularly Sibelius, Richard Straus, such as his Four Last Songs, and even some Wagner – Tristan and Isolde  in particular. I find some string quartet’s heavy going. And I tend to agree with an old friend of mine who dubbed medieval church  music  as “I’v e-caught-my-knackers-in-the-mangle music”.


Another view of the Budget

“The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debts should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest we become bankrupt, the mobs should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence.”

This come from Marcus T Cicero 55BC.

Obviously, we’ve not learnt a lot in the last 2,068 years.

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  1. There are two necessary changes for a great awakening in Britain to the terminal plight we now face.

    The first is to understand that we are not now sharing the country with a few immigrants in accordance with the propaganda about being a generous and tolerant people. We are being turned into foreigners.

    That first awakening is belatedly well underway after years of vicious suppression and media censorship. UKIP’s presence is making the voicing of the position respectable whatever its limitations. Praise God for that!

    The second awakening means realising that it’s too late for halting immigration to provide a remedy on its own. Unless large numbers leave we’ve had it. That is not as bad as it will sound to many bombarded by cattle truck propaganda. Millions are simply here for the money and could perfectly easily translate to living in their countries of origin. Many have regular family travels to and from and even return to find partners.

    • Totally agree – many are here for no other reason than what they can get out of us, they’re certainly not here for the weather. Cut off the benefits and perks, then offer an inducement to return to their native lands then many will be off to try thee luck elsewhere.

  2. Of course classical music is racist – all the great composers were white. Nuff’ said!

  3. I read on another website that Farage is trying to get rid of Diane James, the lady who came second for Ukip in Eastleigh.Apparently there are some independent thinkers high up in the party who would like to see her as a replacement leader. So she has to go!
    I seem to remember this sort of thing happening in another party not so long ago.
    As for classical music being ‘racist’, & not politically correct, well, it’s been around a long time, & will be there long after all the ‘craprap’ has disappeared from living memory. That is because it IS classical. People know what they like, & what they don’t like, as my father used to say when I used to try to convince him about modern art; funny thing is, now I agree with him.
    Trendy music/art is here today, gone tomorrow, the reds can’t change that, it just happens. Perhaps they’re just young, they’ll learn.

  4. Farage runs his party (if you can call it that. I prefer to call it what it is ie a Tory anti-EU Thatcherite pressure group) like Nick Griffin does. Both of them want to remain leaders so they surround themselves with sycophants so that capable alternative leaders don’t emerge.

  5. The idea that Richard Wagner (whose music I absolutely love) was a Nazi is ridiculous in its historical impossibility. The NSDAP was formed over thirty years after his death. Why do they maintain that classical music is exclusive? Anyone can turn on Radio 3 or buy a CD. Even seats for an opera are no more expensive than a night out at the pub. No, the reason they maintain this is to debase all forms of white culture – especially that which goes beyond the level achievable by the negroid races. This is their version of equality, you see: the dragging down to the base level of everything, which is the only way to achieve equality. Classical music is based on the opposite, on quality. There is no doubt that negroes have achieved much in the sphere of music, but the creation of classical music requires high intellect in its difficulty – and Wagner’s is the most difficult in its extreme use of the chromatic scale.

  6. I like virtually all forms of music (apart from rap which has no musical merit whatsoever) and that includes classical and I am not that old. There is little to compare with the genius of Beethoven (I am particularly fond of symphony no. 5). If I were a German, I would be really proud that my country had produced a composer as talented as him. One of the things Germany does so well is classical music! Also, Ravel’s Bolero is great (that fantastic tune Torvil and Dean skated too at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984)

    How in god’s name can rap possibly compare to sublime music such as this?

  7. The Gramscists have had a go at every aspect of white culture, because they can’t bear the fact that not only has it been superior (unless you think that tribal masks are the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel), but it has also been evolutionary. It is questionable whether rap music could actually be classed as such – as my mother might say, it’s just a rusty din! Not sure what these people are getting at-are they suggesting that every European work of art be chucked in the bin? I’d like to see them defend this attitude, or maybe not…

  8. I am not a Christian or a democrat (i.e., I do not believe in human equality – no even among our own people) and I do not accept homosexuality as being a valid “lifestyle choice” or even an acceptable mental disorder or birth defect. I suppose that I am on the wrong website and doubt I should become a member of the BDP.

    Before I go, I would like to draw your attention to the eternal truism that compromise breeds compromise and that before we can negotiate with the System we must first be in the position to do so. Our enemies will never respect us (I use this term loosely in light of my opening paragraph) so they must fear us.

    If you believe that enough of the British herd can be convinced to follow you then that groundswell of support would indeed make our enemies fear you. However, there is nothing stopping our nefarious masters pulling out another ‘1979’ rabbit from their magic hat and dismissing your party wholesale.

    Personally, I favour a more practical approach to “securing a British future for our children” – or securing the existence of our children in Britain. It is by far the more difficult route but very little is ever achieved or created unless it is through intense struggle and overwhelming pressure. More of the same, especially sprinkled with compromise, is a waste of talent, energy, and other equally vital resources.

    Finally, and on the subject of classical music, a quotation from a book I read long ago springs to mind: “Die with Beethoven’s ninth crashing away or live in a world of silly clockwork music.” [Paraphrased].


  9. Yes, N.Grifford, you are on the wrong website and with respect to the subject of homosexuality, I have seen no reliable scientific evidence to suggest that people voluntarily ‘choose’ their sexual orientation and that goes for homosexuals, bisexuals, hetrosexuals and that extremely small minority of the population that are asexuals. The only thing you can ask of gays is that they don’t practice it but then that can go for us straights too. After all, aren’t Catholic priests meant to be celibate all their lives?

    Homosexuality is a deviation from the ‘norm’ and should be regarded in the same way as if somebody is disabled. A person I know has been completely blind since the age of 9 but I DON’T accord him any less respect than all the ‘normal’ people I am acquainted with who are fortunate enough to be able to see.

    Somebody’s sexuality should be a private matter and shouldn’t be something a government of whatever colour should legislate upon unless some bad aspect to society is caused by not acting.

  10. Although UKIP is no sort of nationalist party and has many significant flaws (one of the worst is their adherence to failed Thatcherite, globalist economic policies which would do nothing to address this country’s longterm economic malaise) one policy they have got right is their moderate position on the subject of homosexuality where they oppose gay marriage but fully support gay civil unions. The BNP should have modified its policy line in this respect which would have brought it into line with UKIP’s. The British Democrats seem to have the same policy as UKIP’s which is right.

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