Jeremy Corbyn Tries To Save The North Of England

by John Shaw

Jeremy Corbyn has been expressing concern that the North of England does not get its fair share of infrastructure projects.  The confused Marxist may have a point for the first time in his life, but his motivation is beyond doubt. He knows, as the British Democratic Party has constantly pointed out, that he is slowly and surely losing his support in the North of England.

Traditional Labour voting areas have been destroyed in every way you can imagine by the Marxist led Labour Party’s favourite policy – MASS-IMMIGRATION.

Many are voting UKIP and others are just not voting.  Those that reluctantly still vote labour are sick and tired of the suffering from the Marxist utopia vision that does them so much harm on any subject they care to consider. The labour vote is now held up by the Asian block vote, under instruction from the Mosques.

Pretending to care about the North is his tactic to halt the rot. Nightmares about what happened in Scotland is his lot as people, slowly but surely, turn to our classless nationalism.

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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) More Marxist Watch and a ‘ Thought for the Day ‘. VERY HARD WORKING AND RISK TAKING PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE FOR MONEY GRABBING MARXIST CREEPS !

  2. Comrade Corbyn will be replaced by Chuka Ummuna, it’s only a matter of time. If he at least got rid of the Hackney Hippo(his ex) that sits beside him in the Commons he might look a bit more credible.

  3. it does not matter who replaces the clapped out Red Dinosaur Corbyn Labour is a party in terminal decline rejected by Britons a long time ago

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