Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools Again!

by John Shaw

Comrade Corbyn has the gall to complain that the NHS is creaking at the seams!  when it was he and his working class hating party who have totally overloaded our hospitals with new patients, from around the world and brought our NHS to its knees. 

The awful policy of mass immigration hurts the ‘man in the street’ who used to vote labour, more than anyone as, unlike the labour party comrades, they cannot afford private health care on top of their national insurance payments.

Note: We Nationalists warned this would happen for years and yes the Conservatives of this destruction of our Britain.

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools Again!

  1. Having just watched nine minutes of Comrade Corbyn’s speech and then feeling a bit sick , I left it to the recording machine for when I feel strong enough to listen to more of this deluded and dangerous individual. The backdrop setting to the conference stage was Commie red with a slogan ‘ for the many not the few’. Yes , there will be many , many more in our little Country if he has his way. Also and believe me this is true , in the middle of the backdrop was a PINK TAJ MAHAL. Says it all really apart from observing that he seems to think that the Housing Crisis will be solved by more Immigration. He also seems to think that bringing in millions more people will help the N.H.S. ! Seriously folks , try to listen to him and the other Comrades and then , to preserve your wit’s JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , TODAY !

  2. I agree with John Shaw I got angry listening to this loony & his corrupt dishonest party whine about opportunity for all when Labour opened our borders to Africa Eastern Europe & Middle East without no mandate if AFD can rescue Germany so can Ours never Labour

  3. Although the above , so true Article concerns the N.H.S. situation , the headline ‘ Jeremy Corbyn takes us all for Fools , APPLIES TO HIS SPEECH TODAY. Motivated by his frantic desire to maintain FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES , this Marxist creature has given a speech that says his Party want to STAY IN MOST OF THE CUSTOMS UNION. Notwithstanding some of the blatent misguiding flow of words describing things we just do not recognise , the SPEECH SHOULD HAVE ENDED AFTER SENTENCE TWO ! The reason is that he is saying he will accept SOME things and NOT OTHERS. He Is talking drivel and ‘ Taking us all for Fools AGAIN because the one thing that the E.U. SUPERSTATE have been ADAMANT ABOUT IS , NO CHERRY PICKING. They say that we either accept ALL THE RULES OR NONE as in NO DEAL. Jeremy knows this !

  4. I hope you enjoy the above article. Whilst writing , I notice that Comrade Corbyn has declared that ALL UNDER TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLDS will have FREE BUS TRAVEL if he is elected as COMMISAR , I mean Prime Minister ! This cynical plan to reward his younger voters is as shameful as it is inpractical. Mind you , if he was in power , they would need the bus as they would no longer posses a car , or indeed anything else that people work for as in the general FINANCIAL COLLAPSE that he would cause , nobody would have anything anyway !

  5. Corbyn and his gang of loons should be placed in a Mental Hospital the Tories are awful but so are all the parties

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