Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools

by John Shaw

Comrade Corbyn has had the gall to complain about large class sizes!

The indigenous population is falling and his policy of mass immigration is responsible for the schools being full to bursting by immigrants who usually have four or five children.


Note:  We Nationalists warned this would happen for years and yes, the Conservatives are also guilty of this destruction of our Britain.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools

  1. Corbyn is also an admirer of the IRA and is unfit to lead Our Country I detest the Tories LibDims Greens UKIP and SNP also

  2. Corbyn and Co, that includes all pro immigration establishment politicians, are responsible for all the acts of violence caused by these murdering criminals. Corbyn wants to give free education to the world and his wife when his own folk are dissapearing, same as his traitor pal Red Ken.

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