Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are Using Brexit As A Political Football


Jeremy Corbyn recently announced that Labour will back staying in a customs union (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement that the Labour Party will support Britain remaining in the ‘Customs Union’  (CU), is a betrayal of the British People who voted  for Britain to leave the European Union. Jeremy and the Labour party are well aware that remaining in the CU commits Britain to accepting the free movement of people and  continued membership of the EU.

The result of the referendum, expressing the wish of the British people, is not something that should be bartered with for short term political gain –  by trying to force a general election and getting Labour into government.

The British Democrats say ‘ BROKEN PROMISES ERODE TRUST’ and the British people will remember this betrayal when the local elections  are contested in May.

SHAME ON YOU LABOUR for ignoring the wishes of the British people, to leave the EU, in the hope of forcing a general election and a possible Labour victory.

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are Using Brexit As A Political Football

  1. Yes daz , this vile Marxist will say and do ANYTHING to keep FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES . This Policy is the one that realises the MARXIST DREAM of Destroying our Culture and way of life and also provides an ever lasting flow of new LABOUR VOTERS , to replace the ones who have seen through the Labour Party and have abandoned them.

  2. All about Tim”s ego what total tosh. Labour have just lost one of its most active members due to bullying. It”s now down to four members on Cornwall Council, the same as Mebyon Kernow. Labour has been promoting people who are out of touch with the ordinary Labour voter do you really think Paul Farmer has a chance in Camborne? Rather than address the issues why the leader of the Labour group has resigned, all the party can say is it”s ego”. I will no longer be supporting Labour.

  3. If Corbyn gets to be PM and he does go through with this, then how could you trust him on any issue relating to the EU. Many who get into the EU from any countries around the world, would still have free movement. Jeremy Corbyn is all about free movement, and his Party has been engineering it’s own block vote for decades now, they have been planning this population change all along.

  4. Jeremy Corbyn MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO ‘ DO A VENEZUELA ‘ TO BRITAIN. Having spent the last nine or so years , praising Venezuela’s MARXIST POLICIES , our Resident Commie must not be allowed to prevail. If he and MCDONALD had their way with discredited , failed , policies , we British would end up eating grass !

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