It’s Time To Go

by John Shaw

Islamic protestors burning the British Ensign


The law of the land states that all foreign criminals have to be deported at the end of their prison sentence. Personally, I believe this should be extended to all Commonwealth citizens and indeed anyone holding dual nationality.

Islamic demonstrators burning a POPPY

Many people, from most political parties are wondering whether we should start revoking the citizenship of people whose behaviour in our country makes them undesirable aliens.

A woman’s place in Islamic society

Considering that, after all this time in a civilised Britain, many of these people believe that a woman is worth a 6th of a man and treat them shamefully, I have to say.  I also believe that with opinions and behaviour like that, citizenship should be revoked as it is clearly, TIME TO GO!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Go

  1. why aren’t these people thrown out I don’t want them here our globalist Government must listen to Britons not the UN EU so-called International opinion

  2. Enough is enough, you cannot allow this to continue anymore in Britain. With them, if you give an inch, they will take a hundred miles. And the idiots who do their bidding would be the first to go under the caliphate, without a shred of mercy shown.

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Great point about the CALIPHATE , Enoch’s Shadow. When I see very violent , militant Gay’s demonstrating either WITH or FOR ISLAM , I think it is like ‘ Turkeys voting for Christmas’ ! It is horrible beyond belief , what the ISLAMIC , so called ‘ Citizens ‘ HAVE IN MIND FOR GAY PEOPLE.

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