It's Because You're Racist, Officer

By Southwest Nationalist. Avon and Somerset Police have published a list of allegations of racism made against police officers since 2006 as part of a response to a Freedom of Information request which makes for interesting reading.

Here’s a few snippets, anyone want to claim that the race card isn’t played at every opportunity?

“Complainant stopped under suspicion of driving stolen car. Officer allegedly described him as a Nigerian even though he was wearing a Kenyan flag on his T shirt”.

Ooops, heinous offence, officers should know every flag in the world. Though….what if a Nigerian wore a Kenyan flag, would that be racism if the officer assumed the Nigerian were Kenyan?

“Following a disturbance outside a youth club, an officer allegedly told a youth worker that ‘he was getting fed up dealing with them’. This was perceived to be racist”

Perhaps he merely meant he was fed up dealing with disturbances outside of the youth club?

“Complainant was one of two parties in a dispute in the street. She alleged that she was not treated fairly as the officers first approached the other party and this action was racially motivated.”

Err, they do have to speak to someone first, should they have spoken to the complainant first, thus – on the complainants logic – racially discriminating against the other party?

“Complaint by mother of 17 year old arrested for robbery at knifepoint. He was identified by the victim close to the scene. Alleges that arrest was due to ethnicity.”

Of course, after being robbed at knifepoint, the poor victims first thought is let’s be racist, we’ll say an ethnic minority did it.

“Call received from child saying that his parents were fighting. Officers attended and entered house. Complainant was seen to hit & kick his wife and was arrested following a struggle. He complains that the actions of the officers were racially motivated.”

Does one really need to comment on that?

That’s enough from the Avon and Somerset Police list of incidents though, you get the picture, racism is the complaint for every occasion, if in doubt yell race.

How much money – your money – is being spent investigating all of these claims, working towards ‘local resolutions’, and what impact is fear of being accused of being racist having upon policing?

Racism is the accusation for all occasions in modern Britain, at least if you are a minority. Yell it as loudly and as often as you can, political correctness will take care of the rest, and the British taxpayer will end up footing the bill. Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose, accuse away.

Surely the police and authorities have better things to be investing their time and our money on?

Full Incident List (PDF) – Avon and Somerset Police

2 thoughts on “It's Because You're Racist, Officer

  1. The police are so terrified of being labelled “racist” (by ethnic minorities) that they bend over backwards in such cases – in complete contrast to how they treat white folk. In a dispute between a white and a black, for instance, the police will generally give priority/credence to the black over the white because they know that to do otherwise is to risk accusations of “racism”. To suggest that the police are impartial on matters of race is a nonsense – if you are white you are deemed to be “racist” until proved otherwise. No wonder the police are increasingly held in disrepute by an ever growing section of the community.

  2. The way its put u would think that racism do not exist within the police force
    when it has been known that it dose. I feel its wrong to label all minority are the same when its commented that if ur a minority shout out the word racism as loudly as u can. If an officer is racist they will use an excuses and certainly will not admit 2 it , not saying all officer r racist but racism do happen and not all officers are sweet and innocent because if they were there would b no such thing as the Ippc .

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