It’s All Hate Now, Even Homosexuals are Homophobic!

By Southwest Nationalist. Gay man Robert Jackson has been jailed for two years and eight months – after breaking another gay mans jaw in what is described as a homophobic attack. Make sense of that one.

Jackson, himself gay, had been drinking and taking cocaine when he attacked Lloyd Sceats outside of The Grove nightclub in Gravesend back in February.

He had lashed out after the victim intervened in an argument and later texted a friend calling his victim ‘queer’.

Prosecutor Jo Cope claimed that the ‘sustained attack’ was motivated by homophobia despite Jackson himself being homosexual.

Think about the implications of this verdict for a moment.

A gay man convicted of homophobic assault against another gay man.

First reactions might be to say good, about time minorities reaped the bitter harvest of ‘hate’ laws that have so long been used to oppress the rest of us.

But, in a society obsessed with sniffing out hatred everywhere, think of where this can lead us.

Anyone, including gay man, attacks gay man = recorded as a hate crime.

Anyone, including Muslim, attacks Muslim = recorded as a hate crime.

Anyone, including Black, attacks Black = recorded as a hate crime.

We would prove once and for all that hideous prejudice exists, the number of hate crimes would rocket, it would confirm what authorities said all along, hate is commonplace.

If we don’t present figures to show who is committing the ‘hate crime’, as we seldom do now – we’re always told that there’s X amount of race hate, Y amount of homophobic attacks, Z amount of religiously motivated hate against Islam, and so on – we’ve a perfect recipe for a self fulfilling prophecy.

Hate crime explodes. Oh, those poor persecuted minorities! Something must be done, hate is rife, Britain is a cesspool of hate.

Would you really put it past the authorities to use this artificial means to prove that they were right, that hate is rampant?

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  1. This is so ridiculous and politically suspect that it makes me wonder whether the path is being prepared to eventually make not voting for the correct political party a hate crime!

  2. Yes, I agree the authorities will spin and lie about anything if it is beneficial for them to do so, classifying this attack by a queer on a queer as a hate crime proves it. Yet when a White man was recently beaten to death with a drainpipe by two Asian scumbags, not a mention of the words hate crime!
    The thing is that all violent assaults are hate crimes, it is pure nonsense that the establishment tries to suggest otherwise.

  3. What about love crime?

    It is not the job of the law to police our emotions; the job of the law is to police our streets!

    The motivation behind these so-called “hate crimes” is ideological: to make some crimes seem worse than others on cultural Marxist lines and so “change” (pervert) society and all its members in terms of their values. If they cannot get us, they will get our more impressionable children. The intention is to give certain groups certain privileges and super-rights: to put them beyond the bane of public debate and criticism for their detestable deeds and iniquities.

    The sodomite tendency is 30 times more likely to engage in peadophilia than the normal community!

    That is why the Coalition Government wants to make “sex education” a statutory compulsory part of the primary school currculum for 6 year olds! May God help us!

    On the homosexual issue a lot of violence, against homosexuals, comes from other homosexuals because of the nature, and shame, of the relationship, and what they do; which many of them detest but which they cannot break off.

    Depravity has that effect on us whenever it is indulged.

    We need to re-inforce the moral law against such depravity; and that is something which we trust God, in the Christian Council of Britain, to be doing.

    Please continue to pray for us.

    1. I am reminded of the Apostle Paul’s words, “men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” (Romans 1:27 NKJV)

  4. They often report figures demonstrating that racial attacks have increased in a certain areas at a certain time, but they fail to report that its non whites doing them. The default and incorrect assumtion is that it’s white people who are the perpetrators.

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