Islam: The Trojan Horse in Europe

By Tim Haydon.



The announcement by Michael Gove the Education Secretary, following revelations of the attempted Trojan Horse takeover  of Birmingham Schools  by Muslims, that  Schools must promote  ‘British Values’ in the classroom is a milestone in the retreat from the  Multicultural Experiment wished on the British People  by the Political Class.

Why be surprised when Muslims  practice Islam?

Let us be clear about one thing. Those seeking to impose Islamic attitudes and behaviours on these schools aren’t ‘fundamentalists’ or ‘extremists’, at least, not especially so.  As they have tried to affirm in interviews with the media,  they are straightforward Moslems  no different from what one finds in general in places like Pakistan and Bangladesh. They want these schools to be just like those  which are normal in those places.

The colossal Error of Islam in Britain

This  is supposed to be comforting  but is actually the reverse.  It  demonstrates  even to the bien pensants  of the Political Class, one hopes, that Islam is fundamentally antipathetic to  Western civilisation and that introducing it into the West was a colossal, historic  error  as nationalists have been warning for a long time now. After all, if Islam isn’t acceptable in the schoolroom, why should it be acceptable outside it?

Islam is intrinsically hostile to  British  Values

Freedom, tolerance, respect for the law – characteristics said by David Cameron to be the British Way – are wholly opposed to the thrust of Islam which is an intolerant  and totalitarian system  requiring submission to Allah as revealed in the Qur’an  by his ‘Prophet’,  the 7th Century desert warlord, Mohammed.  Cameron also said that ‘belief in personal responsibility and British Institutions’ are part and parcel of the British way. But personal responsibility is not Islamic.  It is Christian, deriving from the Christian doctrine of Free Will  (to accept or reject Jesus’ injunction to ‘go and sin no more’).  The rigorous  form of the doctrine of predestination in Islam declares that all is the will of Allah.  Hence   Islamic fatalism:  ’Insha’Allah’.  As for British Institutions, there is as much attachment to these among Muslims as there is among Marxists.

The whole Muslim Population is a Trojan Horse in Britain

If there is a Trojan Horse in Britain,  it is the muslim population as a whole, which has been introduced into this country by leftists as a battering ram against  the Christian nature of the country.  But as is true of just about every other piece of leftist social engineering, the result is disastrous . Out of the belly of this Horse are pouring those who  might very well take over the country in the end as the muslim population explodes exponentially though a high birthrate and continued, open-ended immigration.

Leftists, Liberals, Jews will suffer first under Islam

And who will be those who will suffer most in an Islamic  society? Why those who were responsible for bringing it about in the first place. Those with liberal notions about homosexuality, feminists,  freedom lovers  of all kinds, minorities  and especially, the Jews. One doesn’t have to be a rabid anti semite or a prey to ridiculous conspiracy theories to think that Jews were behind the whole multicultural movement in the West.  The previous chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks has said so in his  book ‘The Home we Build Together’ . The movement began with Jews, he writes, but was taken up by blacks, women and gays.  The effect, says Sacks, has been  the rise of identity politics which he says  has been inexorably divisive and stifling of free speech.  It threatens  liberal democracy.  The politics of freedom risked “descending into the politics of fear”.

‘The importation of Islam has been devastating to Jews thoughout Europe’

The importation  of Islam has been  devastating to Jews thoughout Europe. So much so that the Jews of France who have been under attack (literally) by Muslim militants are emigrating en masse to Israel.  The number of French Jews emigrating  rose nearly four-fold in the first quarter of the year and could touch a record in 2014.

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promised joy. ……

Especially when they are left  / liberals


5 thoughts on “Islam: The Trojan Horse in Europe

  1. (Party Member) Items in the news; Islamic Militants have made significant gains in their strongholds of Birmingham and Bradford. Meanwhile in Iraq, Islamic Militants have made significant gains in their strongholds of Tikrit and Mosul. If any of this worries you JOIN the thoughtful, sensible and positive British Democratic Party.

  2. Islam is Islam. There’s no such thing as extremist Islam, just Islam. Tim makes the point very clearly that what nationalists have said for decades is true. Once Britain has an overwhelming majority of Muslims the liberal do-gooders will be the first to cry. I predict that, as usual, they will seek to place the blame on anyone else but themselves for the mess we will all be in, although I hope that I won’t live to see that day.

    1. The liberals will say that the Muslims are only behaving that way because we did not show them sufficient tolerance. You may be sure it will all be whitey’s fault – as usual.

  3. We, as nationalists, have been warning of the effect of allowing uncontrolled Islamic immigration into our country. These warning were treated by the Liberal/Left together with a biased media as, extremist and exaggerated. The truth is in fact even more serious than we imagined. We did not realise that by 2014 there would be hundreds of schools in England where English would be a second language. Schools being controlled by Islamist with the sole aim of indoctrinating our children with the sick cult that is islam. Those of our own people, seen in the Lib/Dems, Labour Party and other organisations who are still, despite the facts, supporting the rights of immigrants against the rights of our own people, must be opposed in every way possible.
    We are a nation betrayed. Our own British culture, religion, and race must be put first in Britain. Is it already too late ? Have we travelled down the path of self destruction too far too turn back? Many may think so. We as nationalists, the last guardians of our British way of life, must believe it is not too late to change the suicidal course we are not on. We must take firm action now, and action not words is what is required. The time left to turn the Titanic away from the iceberg is perilously short.
    Stop knocking the BNP and combine with any fellow nationalists to create a larger force to save our country and it’s culture. Time is not on our side. Let us volunteer our time, funds and energy and dedicate ourselves to this end. The time for words has ended.
    The time for action is now. Action to organise and oppose the enemies we have within is now.
    I will volunteer my time and effort, will the British Democratic Party take the initiative prepare for action ?

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