Is Israel About to Learn the Truth of Demography?

At least 25 percent of the population inside Israel’s borders is now not Jewish, and the birth-rates of “Israeli Arabs” and other immigrants means that Jews will be outnumbered in Israel within 40 years.

According to a press release issued by the Israeli government’s Central Bureau of Statistics on May 8, 2011, the total population of Israel is now 7,746,000.

Of this number, only 5,837,000 are Jews (75.3 percent). Palestinians make up 1,587,000 residents (20.5 percent) and “others” number 322,000 (4.2 percent).

The “others” are a combination of Third World immigrants, asylum seekers and migrant workers, all of who are, the Israeli government press release tells us, are “not registered as Jews in the Ministry of the Interior.”

Significantly, these figures, although released in 2011, are in fact based on the 2008 census in Israel — which means that they are already three and a half years out of date. It is therefore more than possible that the “registered as Jews” element of the population is already well below the 75 percent mark.

The growth rate of the Palestinian population inside Israel is highly instructive. In 1948, the Arab population of Palestine (which included the land today called Israel) numbered 1,319,000.

Of this figure, over 1.2 million were driven out in the 1948 civil war which erupted following the establishment of Israel, and by the time the dust settled, there were only 160,000 Arabs left inside Israel’s 1948 borders.

It is this figure of 160,000 which has now multiplied, through natural growth only (bearing in mind that Israel does not allow Arab immigration) has now reached 1.5 million. It is a staggering increase, and is certainly higher than the Jewish population growth rate, which has been aided greatly by immigration from Europe, the USA and the former Soviet Union.

Palestinians already form the majority of the population in the Galilee and Triangle regions, and the Jewish population in the northern part of Israel is declining.

Dr. Wahid Abd Al-Magid, the editor of Al-Ahram Weekly’s “Arab Strategic Report” predicted that “The Arabs of 1948 (i.e. Arabs who stayed within the bounds of Israel and accepted citizenship) may become a majority in Israel in 2035, and they will certainly be the majority in 2048.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called this a “demographic bomb” in 2003 and he specifically said that if the “percentage of Arab citizens rises above its current level of about 20 percent, Israel will not be able to maintain a Jewish demographic majority.”

Some of the British National Party’s most vociferous critics have been ardent Zionists (such as “Hope not Hate’s” Gerry Gable, whose son served in the Israeli Defence Force).

The bizarre situation has now arisen where Gable and people like him are confronted with an awful reality: the ethnic cleansing of Britain which they have supported and encouraged, is now happening to Israel as well. Will they have the moral fortitude to now admit they were wrong, and accept that Britain has a right to be British, or will they hypocritically continue to support “open borders” for Britain but “closed borders” for Israel?

Time may yet take the ability to even make a decision out of their hands. Israel is fast becoming a practical lesson in the power of demography and population replacement.

4 thoughts on “Is Israel About to Learn the Truth of Demography?

  1. Don’t worry. The Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, has sworn an oath of loyalty to Britain, sorry, Israel!

    At least some Jews are British patriots, unlike the odious Communist Gable, like the author here, Rachel Lowenburg, who asks, “Britain or Israel? No man can serve two masters, Mr Cameron.”

    I would also like to draw your attention to and support for Baron Mereworth’s attempt to defend our Constitution in the High Court, and beg that overtures are made to all these groups to ask them how we can all unite in a common Party supporting Constitutional restoration.

    The very significant events surrounding Baron Mereworth’s case:

    900,000 strong petition to the Queen, by the Defenders of the Realm group, who include such worthies as Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Norris McWhirter CBE, Frederick Forsyth CBE, Edward Fox OBE, David Hempleman-Adams Capt. John Hutchinson FRAeS FRIN, David Shepherd OBE:

  2. If a country does not have a TRULY democratic government petitions and referendums mean nothing!The Queen in the past received a one a million signature petition by the readers of This England Magazine for a referendum on Europe ……Nothing came of it!

  3. ( Party Official ) Have you noticed that Israel and Saudi – Arabia have one thing in common ? NEITHER ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO TAKE IN ANY OF THESE SO CALLED ASYLUM SEEKERS , DESPITE BEING IN THE GENERAL AREA ! Reminds me of years ago when to great publicity , Israel took in loads of ‘ black Jews ‘ , in a fanfair of publicity and then after a year of awful bad behaviour like Rape , Muggings and murders , they threw the lot out ! Take these people like us ? No way , they have learned their LESSON !

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