Immigration Plays Havoc with NHS

The mass Third World invasion of Britain is playing havoc with the National Health Service’s General Practitioner records, with hundreds of thousands of vanished “patients” clogging up the system.

In London, which continues to be the epicentre of the invasion, figures produced by the BBC’s The Politics Show, revealed that there are at least one million “more” people registered with GPs than what the official population is estimated at.

The BBC incorrectly ascribes this to duplication, whereas in realty the extra numbers are more likely to be the result of faulty population estimates.

According to the BBC report, there are around nine million people registered with GPs in London. In July 2010, Greater London had an official population of 7,825,200. In 2009, it was estimated by the London School of Economics that there were at least one million illegal immigrants in Britain, most of them in the capital.

In addition, names are continually pruned off GP lists if they do not respond to two written requests by the practice. Poor English skills are often blamed for a failure to communicate with a surgery, but this only tells a part of the story.

In January 2010, the Tory-Lib-Dem government announced that NHS treatment would be available for failed asylum seekers “to ensure their human rights are honoured” even if they have not left the country.

Meanwhile, tuberculosis rates –caused directly by immigrants from the Third World have increased by 30 per cent last year, and the cost of translation services is proving crippling to many NHS trusts.

Would-be patients must wait seven weeks on average for a hospital bed and at any one time, up to half of all the NHS trusts are in the red.

The problem is exacerbated by government (Labour, Tory and Lib-Dems alike) policy which continually spends money on projects other than its own nation’s interests.

In Germany, by way of comparison, there are 20 intensive care beds for every 100,000 citizens. In Britain, it is three—the lowest ratio in Western Europe.

Yet still the ruling elite seek to invite ever-greater number of Third World immigrants into Britain. The unfolding disaster will only end when the scoundrels and crooks in Westminster are removed from office—by a nationalist government that puts the interests of the British people first.

4 thoughts on “Immigration Plays Havoc with NHS

  1. This has been allowed to occur by the scoundrels in Westminster.

    Should there ever be a nationalist government, it will be necessary for a special department of the police to investigate carefully to see if any existing treason laws have been broken. This may – or may not – be the case in relation to the EU. If not, these people will escape but, if so, they should face the consequences of the law.

    A nationalist government should also seek compensation from those who have visited the problems, above, upon their own people. In other words, they should pay to clean up the disaster they have created. That may mean they are left on subsistence pensions, the same as some of our own in the inner cities. So be it.

  2. Since the Massacre of our LEE RIGBY in WOOLWICH the floodgates have opened regarding the truth about so called multi-cultural Britain. Yet another horror because of mass immigration was highlighted today. A report tells us that the N.H.S. has been providing special FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION clinics. It was revealed that they have helped 1,700 women and young girls in the past two years. It is estimated that 50,000 are at risk but the actual figure is unknown due to a ‘ wall of silence ‘ created by the liblabcon and their conspiring media. They do not want decent British people to hear about this aspect of our ‘ enrichment ! this barbaric practice of third world behaviour comes from parts of the middle east, asia and Africa. Defying Political Correctness, the N.S.P.C.C. have opened a hotline for children at risk and people in the N.H.S. are starting to speak out !The ‘ tide has turned ‘ and every aspect of the multi-cultural nightmare is becoming apparent to everybody. Do not blame the immigrants but the multi-cultural politicians who have forced these situations upon us. For a decent country again join the British Democratic Party TODAY.

  3. The Head of the National Health Service in England say’s that the N.H.S. should get the extra money , promised by the Leave Campaign , on the controversial bus advert. Well , SIMON STEVENS , this will not be a problem , WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER GIVING BILLIONS TO THE EUROPEAN UNION SUPERSTATE. I HOPE he has the HONESTY to admit that the N.H.S.needs this extra money due to it being OVERLOADED WITH MILLIONS OF EXTRA CUSTOMERS ( PATIENTS ) , DUE TO MASS IMMIGRATION. We Nationalists await his announcement with great interest as the liblabcon have a mutual policy to never mention this fact that is known to all our People.

  4. As usual , I enjoyed the older BDP article from the ‘ LIBRARY OF COMMON SENSE’. The Conservatives are due to announce their Grand ten year plan for our N.H.S. Whilst there might be some good things included , THE WHOLE THING WILL BE LUDICROUS AND FUTILE , BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY ‘ CUSTOMERS’ OR PATIENTS THEY WILL HAVE TO TREAT. This is because , over the ten long years of the ‘ plan’ , MASS IMMIGRATION from the badly named Commonwealth will continue in ever increasing numbers. These people have a prolific birthrate that will add to the dreadful strain on the N.H.S.

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