Migration from the EU – Three Times Official Estimates

Leave EU 2The number of migrants coming to Britain from the EU was at least 800,000 last year, according to a new study – more than triple the official estimate.

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Around 1.3million more NI numbers have been given out to EU citizens since 2010 than are accounted for in official statistics.

The new figures were released following a revised analysis of the gulf between official figures for arrivals from the EU and how many National Insurance numbers had been issued.  The fresh estimate was arrived at by combining the long term (more than a year) and short term (less than a year) migration figures.


Leave EU Statistics

The revised estimate produced by the experts using the new method suggested the total could have been as high as 800,000 in 2015. The official level was previously stated as 260,000.

It was also reported any remaining gap with the NI figures could potentially be ‘explained by looking at the number of visitors that come to the UK for work or business for less than one month’.

Over a five year period 1.2 million additional people came here, got a job and a NI number and lived here for a considerable time even if some of them have now departed.

Speaking at the launch of the Leave campaign’s road campaign Boris Johnson accused the pro-EU camp of being ‘dishonest’ about the level of EU migration to Britain.  He said politicians had been driven to ‘dishonesty’ because they did not want to admit they cannot control immigration while Britain is inside the EU.

Regardless of how the figures are produced it will be impossible for the Government (Conservative Party) to meet their manifesto pledge to limit migration to 100,000 while Britain remains a member of the EU.

Vote to leave on June 23rd and help the Government honour its immigration pledge.

4 thoughts on “Migration from the EU – Three Times Official Estimates

  1. ( Party Official ) Being POLITE , you can say , without any doubt whatsoever , WE ARE BEING HOODWINKED ! Get revenge for being treated so badly and VOTE FOR FREEDOM IN OUR REFERENDUM. VOTE LEAVE !

  2. ( Party Official ) STILL being POLITE , Civil Servants , who knowingly put out false figured , should be charged with FRAUD and DULY IMPRISONED. The defence , ” I was only following orders ” , famously , does not wash ! POLITICIANS WHO DOWNRIGHT LIE TO US , SHOULD ALSO SERVE prison time. We believe in DEMOCRACY and also these PEOPLE SHOULD TREAT US WITH RESPECT , NOT UTTER CONTEMPT !

  3. Now now johnshaw, your anger is apparent to all.
    But can we even trust these figures. I for one do not as our porous borders cannot detect otherwise.
    We as a nation have been lie to over and over again and again since entering the war to end all wars back one hundred years since. You know the one that would be over by Christmas. Politicians that we now hold in high esteem were and are just as bad as the vermin that now infests Westminster.
    So keep that anger stoked. challenge every thing they do. At local level. Hold back council tax if pot holes are left un repaired. stuff like that. Refuse to pay fixed penalties that deny your rights under our constitution. presuming your guilt ,you then having to prove innocence. Which they then deny.
    Stuff like that . Spread about .Taking back whats ours from the little Hitler brigade who were once our servants.

  4. ( Party Official ) Just read an article in the HORRIBLE , COMMUNIST , MORNING STAR ( COURTESY OF ANOTHER WEBSITE ) and they AT LAST HAVE ADMITTED AND ARE SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS , THAT FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE ( MASS IMMIGRATION ) IS BAD FOR EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN BRITAIN, WITH THE POOREST HIT ! ! ! We NATIONALISTS were always RIGHT about this and the demented , self hating Liberal types and various sort of Lefty , WERE ALWAYS WRONG AND NOW THEY KNOW IT ! Help the British Democratic Party with the re-building of Britain and JOIN US TODAY !

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