I Want To Pay For A Brick In The Wall

by John Shaw

We are NOT AN AMERICAN PARTY, but we are FRIENDS WITH SIMILAR RIGHT THINKING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, who have started to save their societies’ from sinking into the godless, no standards, cess pits of lawless, unhappy places!!

Decent Mexican people left Mexico to have a safe decent life for themselves and their families. They do not want to be followed across the border by very bad people who have made parts of Mexico a lawless hell!  They too probably want to pay for a brick in the wall!

6 thoughts on “I Want To Pay For A Brick In The Wall

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) My purpose for this article of ours , was to support a person and Party that are similar to us. They are therefore our Political Friends. My MOTIVATION however , was sheer RAGE at the HOSTILE AND BLATENTLY UNTRUE HEADLINES on MSN , every time I turn on the Lap Top. Sheer , blatent , brainwashing with the text of the words either NOT backing up the rude , untrue headline , or often criticising themselves. I thought it would be good to try to redress the balance but with reference to the SUPPORT DONALD get’s from UNEXPECTED QUARTERS. Building Trades Union BOSSES were at the WHITEHOUSE the other day. eight percent of so called African Americans VOTED for him as they wanted to end the harsh rule of the GANGSTERS IN THEIR AREAS. There is a long list of facts the LEFTIES AND LIBERAL TYPES won’t like. They just PRINT LIES , HALF TRUTHS AND DOWN RIGHT INSULTS AGAINST ANYONE OR ANY ORGANISATION THAT IS TRYING TO SAVE THE COUNTRY. JUST LIKE HERE !

  2. Off topic this one but on a school visit last week saw a poster LGBTQ,puzzled by the Q I enquired as to the meaning, “oh its for QUESTIONING”! was the reply.No wonder our kids are mixed up.

  3. I have known some Mexicans, there is a bad element amongst them but the ones I have known were nice people. They do have a bad reputation in the States, but the Americans rarely encounter the more educated amongst them, most of ones those stay in Mexico rather than head for the border. Mexico city and Acapulco are wonderful places.

  4. Trump is now proving himself to be a puppet of the Zionists as some expected he would all along. As for gangster and criminal elements in black society, that is the norm wherever they are and when authorities try to confront this the Zionist media go into overdrive pandering to the blacks cries of ‘racism’ or ‘black lives matter’ and spinning myth after myth.

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) How true , Enoch’s Shadow. Although now retired to Dorset , having fought our cause in Birmingham for decades , I can tell you a bit about some peoples BEHAVOUR. In the seventies it took twelve riot cops to guard one traffic warden as he placed the parking ticket on the gangsters , sorry , community leader’s car. Things are better now , it only takes three !

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