Human Rights According to Clueless Clegg

By Southwest Nationalist. Like some (C)legless drunken optimist good old Nick Clegg, deputy poodl..errr prime minister staggers into his latest effort at being taken seriously as a politician, this time writing in the Guardian and telling us that human beings need rights.

They certainly do Nick, only some get more rights than others no?

Don’t try and tell me they don’t, nor to blame it on the tabloids just for reporting on bad cases.

Are foreign murderers, rapists, and other criminals, managing to remain here on human rights legislation or not?

Do paedophiles and convicts win rights that make a mockery of their punishments and of protecting society?

Has the whole existence and adherence to the insanity of human rights turned British justice into a theatre of the absurd?

Does this society not look like somewhere where everyone is always screaming rights, the lawyers’ fees – borne by the state, aka the taxpayer – are immense, and where responsibility or common sense are forgotten concepts?

Bark once for yes or twice for no, that time as performing poodle on Cameron’s leash must have taught you that. Get back in your kennel, bad dog.

No good citing Libya as a great example of where we are upholding rights, so we’ve got to remain slave to insane rights here.

Try being – for example – a British rapist attacking the locals in Tripoli. You think you’re going to live to make it to that appeal where you can claim your rights would be breached if deported?

Do you honestly think there have not been – and never will be – any human rights abuses on the part of those lovely, rights respecting, rebels?

Think carefully on that one, very carefully. Just because the media mostly ignored it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and can’t be proved, there’s plenty of video footage on the internet.

If Gaddafi turned up in the UK – and if I were him I’d sure head here, nowhere on earth is so stupid as Britain – you’d support his human right not to be deported back to Libya because he would face questionable justice, persecution, and not get a fair trial?

You choose to point to an absurdity – a fugitive receiving a Kentucky dinner whilst on a roof – and point out that there is no human right to fried chicken. And, of course, you blame the police in this instance – who are also slaves to human rights insanity, nobody has a clue about this madness, they’re stuck erring on the side of caution or paying out a fortune in lawyers’ fees.

That’s your case of the absurd. Again, bark once for yes – have terrorists, killers, rapists managed to obtain decisions under human rights legislations which put their rights above those of the law abiding British?

Has human rights legislation resulted in a climate where established law, and any kind of moral or common sense judgement in the national interest, can be rendered meaningless?

Woof? Woof, woof? C’mon, honest answer and you can have a bone, next time some idiot throws paint you can pick your own colour. Yellow maybe? Pink?

In amidst the whole rights insanity there may – and I emphasise may – have been some good decisions.

Mostly though, it has resulted in a system which creates a society where rights are denied to the established people, to the law abiding, to those who really deserve rights and protections.

A nation where rights are denied to Britain itself, and to decent British people.

Blame judges for their interpretation of human rights, blame police and other bodies for walking in terror lest they break some right, but it’s the politicians who created this and allowed it to get to this point.

Not only that, it’s the politicians who have sat idle whilst rights are dished out to everyone – other than those who truly deserve them.

Call it how you will Nick, the whole human rights madness has resulted in many people being robbed of their rights and freedoms.

Now, bad doggy, no bone for you tonight, back in your kennel and no barking at the neighbours, none of them care what you say, none of it makes sense to people.

10 thoughts on “Human Rights According to Clueless Clegg

  1. Its all a charade. Clegg is Camerons puppet, as Cameron is Mandelsons puppet. Clegg says what Cameron is told to prompt him him to say. The Libdems have a foot in both the Tory and Labour camps. That was the plan all along. Cameron was placed, incongruously, to break the Tory right and lay the ground for Miliband. If the people are fooled again, Miliband will become PM and the old agenda with be enacted with vigour. There are all of the same cloth, as those understand history well know.
    If the Tory right twig it and break away we may then be in business. Providing of course that we are sufficiently unified, organised and credible enough to absorb and assimilate the fallout.

  2. I just want the ‘human right’ to be acknowledged as an indigenous Briton in my own land. I just want the ‘human right’ to have my political views respected and properly listened to. I just want the ‘human right’ to like or dislike whoever and whatever I please without the fear of breaking some new EU law. I just want ‘human rights’ to be for all the victims of crime and not for the criminals. I just want a sane and decent country where our rights go hand in hand with our responsibilities, and if we forget the latter we will be denied the former.

  3. Since this wonderful article and great comments were written rather a lot has happened. The Liberal vote has collapsed and the decent , patriotic and Christian BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been formed ! As Clegg had the opportunity of portraying Liberal Party policies from the heart of government , people actually realised that they were against everything they held dear ! Previously they had been a repository for thoughtless protest votes but thank God , no longer ! People DO have standards ! Something else has happened. WOOLWICH. I believe that that WOOLWICH is the beginning of the end for so called politicians like Clegg and all they stand for. God Bless Lee RIGBY. Help restore our standards and way of life by joining the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY today.

  4. (Party Member) Our Prime Minister has been continually saying that he wishes to stand up to the European Union and this week there was a perfect opportunity for him to prove it!

    An amendment to stop foreign criminals using EU legislation to claim ‘human rights’ regarding their ‘family life’ to avoid deportation after time served was thrown out by Parliament. Cameron, the Cabinet and many Tory backbench MPs abstained. The Liberals and most Labour M.P.’s then voted against this valiant attempt to protect the British people from rapists, muggers and murderers.

  5. (Party Member) Nick Clegg has slammed Sheffield Council for only taking in a few Syrian Asylum Seekers. As if that was not mind blowing enough he added that the Council made the decision without consulting local people! Does he really believe they would have wanted them? As the expression goes, you could not make it up!

  6. (Party Member) Despite all his contradictions, false flag Farage has thrashed liberalism in the form of clueless Cleg. MASSIVE T.V. AUDIENCES gave liberalism thumbs down, following the live debates.The tragedy is that it was not our Andrew Brons who assisted in the continuing demise of liberal type thinking. Whilst currently basking in glory Nigel does not realise that he is only a doorman and not a leader. U.K.I.P. will open the door for us Nationalists by changing peoples disastrous habit of voting LibLabCon. The tide has turned in this Country and with no baggage to carry, the good name of the British Democratic Party will prevail.

    1. UKIP can act as a ‘gateway’ to nationalist opinions on subjects like the EU and immigration but it can also provide the PC political Establishment with a useful ‘sponge’ to ‘soak-up’ PRINCIPLED opposition from ordinary people to their agenda. We would be wise not to pin too many hopes upon UKIP.

      UKIP is essentially the ultra-Thatcherite, Atlanticist, neo-liberal economics embracing, EU-hating wing of the Tory Party in exile which is no doubt one of the main reasons why it has so far failed pretty comprehensively to win the support of a large number of people who would normally look towards the Labour Party.

      UKIP is able to win large support but not so large that it becomes a power in its own right. It’s main function is to split the Tory vote and to help Labour to victory next year!

      The BDP need to make themselves known to the electorate and provide them with a credible and moderate GENUINELY nationalist alternative to the status quo which can take votes from the Tories AND Labour.

  7. (Party Member) After forty years of creeping liberalism that has undermined the British Peoples standards and way of life, liberalism is at last in decline. Hopefully it’s terminal as our Nationalism rights the wrongs inflicted on our People. A happy detail to this is the Impending demise of Nick Clegg. Hopefully he will retire to his luxury Spanish villa, which I have no doubt that he owns, with his Spanish Wife !

  8. We NATIONALISTS despise the NO STANDARDS liberalism that is destroying our society and dragging Britain into a HORRIBLE MESS ! A typical example of this was provided last week , by a Mr. Dennis Parsons , who is Chairman of the Cheltenham Liberal Democrats. He has asked why schools , as part of their standard carreer advice service , ” ARE NOT SUGGESTING PROSTITUTION AS A POTENTIAL CAREER ? ” Tim Fallon , the little known leader of that obnoxious party , confirmed that this Dennis was not in ‘ trouble ‘ for asking the question ! Just about sums the lot of them to me and I hope parents in the Cheltenham area have another look at our DECENT NATIONALISM , next time they are asked to vote.

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