No doubt because my historic novel ” Trail of the Viking Finger” is dedicated to the retention of ‘Englishness’, the liberal-left will call it ‘racist’. In fact it is not overtly political and could be a useful Christmas present at £7.99. It is available at ALL main bookshops in the UK and if not currently in stock they will obtain it in 2-3 days. If you want a signed copy contact me at my email – johnatjbapr@aol.com –  and we can arrange for the signed copy to be posted to you at a total cost of £10 (which includes the postage by recorded delivery).

Attached in this report are two extracts which give a good guide to the book’s content and style and also shows reader interest to ladies as well as gents.

Chapter 2 Extract.

Chapter 7 Extract.

From all sales up to the end of this year I will donate £.1.50 per copy to the upkeep of this British Democrats’ website.

If you purchase your copy at a bookshop, send me a copy of your receipt and I will pass the £1.50 direct to the Brit Dems.
Sorry, but Kindle copies and their like pay too little (about £1.10 to me) to include in the above offer.



  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well done , John Bean , Sir ! The book is going to be a great read and thank you very much for the generosity to the Party.

  2. John Shaw: thanks for your comments on my latest historcal novel. Hope you enjoy the read. Can you confirm that you purchased it from a bookshop?

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) The British Democratic Party’s John Bean has written a great book and I urge all Members and Supporters to buy it as it is nice to read something from one of our own !

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