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Social Welfare and Housing

Welfare-500x500When suitable jobs are available, claimants must  be expected to seek them. Neither the state nor the claimants can be complacent about the problem of the long-term unemployed. However, it serves no purpose for state officials to harass claimants to apply for jobs that do not exist. The state has a duty to ensure that work is provided to satisfy real needs, so there are no long term unemployed.
The present perceived need to build more and more houses on precious green field sites is fuelled by endless large scale immigration. If we were to stop immigration and put the process into reverse, the housing crisis would disappear.
In the meanwhile, people with local roots must receive statutory preference over  recent arrivals.



'National' Health Service (NHS)

policy 8We are completely committed to the National Health Service. However, we are concerned that the National Health Service has become international, both in its service providers and in patients.
Medical practitioners and nurses are often looted  from Third World countries that can ill afford to train them. It is utterly immoral for the developed world to recruit health care staff from poor countries, when those workers are needed to care for their compatriots at home.
We need to help poor countries to train their brightest and best to become medical practitioners and nurses, with distance learning packages managed by volunteers – especially by those with ties to the countries in question. The beneficiaries of this help would be contractually bound to devote their careers to the care of their own people.
Britain has talented and conscientious people within our own populations who can easily be educated and trained to provide the full range of medical services. The GMC has revealed that doctors trained abroad are disproportionately likely to be struck off or suspended for misconduct or incompetence.
The National Health Service was established on the assumption that it would provide care for the British people and not the peoples of the whole world. Health tourists must not be allowed to use the services of the NHS.
The administrative costs of the health service are disproportionately high. There must be a shift of funding towards those providing health services directly to the patient.
-Reproduced for our policy leaflet

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  1. Slightly off-topic but according to the BBC “Ex-South Yorkshire Police drugs analyst Angie Heal said she “cannot fathom” why her reports did not lead to action” in respect of the estimated 1400 victims of largely Muslim paedo grooming in Rotherham. Come now – really? Can she be serious? Perhaps the very next sentence in the BBC’s report may afford Ms Heal a clue “last year an inquiry found 1,400 children were abused by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origin.” Labour, police, BBC etc all putting “good community relations” before the welfare of our children.

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  2. ( Party Member ) Housing is a major factor in Health and Welfare. Under Nationalism, Britain would improve the lot of our People, beyond recognition. Without Immigration Britain would have had Millions of surplus homes. We would have undertaken major slum clearance in our Cities and without the Immigrant Financial burden, the minimum Housing standard for the poorest would have been a three bedroom Semi-detached with a drive, garage and front and rear gardens.

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