Hartlepool Borough Council By-election

Councillor Peter Jackson
Councillor Peter Jackson

Councillor  Peter Jackson announced his resignation, after 14 years as representative for the Headland and Harbour ward last month due to work and family commitments.

Six candidates have been confirmed for a by-election which will take place on Thursday, October 6.

Christ Broadbent (Independent)
Tim Fleming (UKIP)
Steve Latimer (Putting Hartlepool First)
Benjamin Marshall (Local Conservatives)
John Robert Price (Patients Not Profits In Our NHS)
Trevor Rogan (Labour Party)

Unsure if ‘Local Conservatives’ and the ‘Conservative Party’ are one and the same!!

It is noticeable that there are no candidates from any of the right wing parties or from the Liberal Democrats.

There are already 4 UKIP members on the Hartlepool Borough Council which is Labour controlled.  It will be interesting to see how UKIP perform now that Brexit is (may be!!!) in the bag and Labour is still wrestling with its leadership problems.




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    1. John, It would be nice to see the British Democrats put up candidates in some local by-elections. It is however difficult to know when Local by-elections are taking place unless a Party has local contact with the area. There are three other by-elections taking place on 6 October but nominations for these are already closed.
      Bolton – Rumworth
      East Devon – Exmouth Brixington
      Harringey – St Ann’s

      There is other by-elections planned as follows:
      13th October
      North Kesteven – Cliff Villages
      20th October
      East Riding of Yorkshire – St Mary’s
      Middlesbrough – Central

      Nominations for these are still open but candidates must generally reside or work in the local authority area in which they wish to stand.

  1. UKIP are a false flag, but they have been very useful. Nationalism may have paved the way for Brexit…but it needed a more user friendly image for the herd to feel more at ease with.

    1. Yes , j j m . The whole concept of the British Democratic Party was to form a NATIONALIST PARTY that had a user friendly image and learning the mistakes of the past , kept it !

  2. If you look on the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors’ website which reports on the almost weekly council by-elections which take place you will find that UKIP’s vote has been generally in decline since the result on June 23rd though they have retained a few seats in their better areas and had a few percentage-wise strong showings. The best thing UKIP can do now is to ensure the government goes for a ‘hard’ Brexit and we don’t have an ridiculous ‘light’ Brexit which means we won’t obtain any real benefit from leaving!

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