“German” Woman Names Child “Jihad”—Is This How It Ends?

By Paul Harkes. This story from the Huffington Post reads like something out of a South Park episode. After many attempts I have managed to write this without my head exploding.

A five hundred plus pound Muslim woman in Germany named Elfi Yaghi has given birth to the country’s largest baby who weighs in at over thirteen pounds.

Foregoing the usual caesarean section procedure used for newborns of this size, she demanded to rear the baby boy using the good old fashioned method. While birth rates around the West are in rapid decline, Ms. Yaghi has already given birth to thirteen other children.

To top off the absurdity, she decided to name the child Jihad, the Islamic term for holy war often used by terrorists to rally attacks against the West.

If you can read this story and do not see anything wrong then there is no helping you. The fact that it’s even newsworthy should tell you everything you need to know.

The notion that in any society this situation could ever even transpire is incomprehensible.

The West used to value greatness and beauty. We produced universal geniuses like Beethoven, travelled to the moon, and possessed highly functioning economies.

Now we made our highest value diversity and our reward is that obese women give birth to children whose name infers that they should crusade against the civilization that subsidises them.

It’d be like if I moved to India, ate McDonald’s all day, impregnated multiple women, and named all of my kids PakistaniDeathSquadzIh8Ghandi.

I am truly speechless. The Onion may be out of business because a society at this stage of terminal decline is beyond the point of parody.

* This article originally appeared on the website of Youth for Western Civilization, based in the US.

7 thoughts on ““German” Woman Names Child “Jihad”—Is This How It Ends?

  1. I have had an Email about party name and have got some suggestions.

    In the event that the BNP collapses with too many debts to repay, or is discredited too much, I would hope to suggest some names. I would hope that a name would be something along the lines of one or two suggested at the Ideas Conference and some of my own. Names could include New/Fresh Direction or New/Fresh Hope. I would hope for a positive name which would make us hard to discredit. The name Galileo springs to mind, such as The Galileo Party. Such is our fight. Does anybody agree or disagree with me?

  2. It has been stated again and again that this is a war of fecundity and not a war of politics. While we waste our energies on a million voters, most of who would not verbalise that they voted for a “racist” party in public, we are being out bred by our bipedal competitors and genetically destroyed by the anti-white propaganda and policies of our racial enemies both at home and abroad. To top it off we feel a smug sense of satisfaction by diluting our message to the point where the mainstream political prostitutes can adopt our policies and the mass democratic herd, the Great British public (the people who have consistently ignored our message and voted themselves into the mess that they and their posterity are presently mired in), may warm to our bastardised, civic-based patriotism.
    We, the few of us who know what has happened, is happening and will eventually engulf us, are almost a different species to the X-factor and KFC junkies. We are even entirely distinct from the conservative middle-classes who appear to enjoy being squeezed by limitless taxation; who do not shake a fist at ethnic invaders being given – and now taking – everything denied to the natives; and who meekly accept that they are a people doomed to be enslaved under the EU and whatever tyrannical single-government super-organisation is yet to come.
    The democrats are slaves to the ideology that they are somehow free as well as the ingrained instinct to comply with whatever sick policies are expounded by their current craven masters. They swallow the utter dross that the banks are somehow enshrined within the fabric of the nation and must be allowed to continue indebting the country with a system of usury that has destroyed our now non-existent economy. They sip at the cup of equality, of homosexuality, of every disgusting idea dreamt up by a savage and abhorrent liberal world view. And we expect these people to suddenly wake up and vote themselves out of the mass grave? We would be highly deluded indeed if we actually believed it. Even if the inkling existed, which is apparently does not, our rulers have massacred hundreds of millions of our kind; they have invested decades in concerted effort; they have created tens of trillions of their fiat currencies; they have corrupted or killed anyone who withstood them; they have moved heaven and earth to enslave us and they will not allow us to overthrow their global regime without a fight. They have carefully and with malice aforethought created our current system of sham democracy to keep us OUT of power – any visage that we can wrestle back control of our nation, industries (what is left of them) and media by utilising the finely crafted tools of our enemies is folly bordering on insanity.
    Yes, we must provide a beacon for those of us who still have the will to think normal, healthy, racial thoughts and yes, we must appreciate the vast gene pool that exists within our lands but no, we cannot pander to the public any longer. The atomised mass herd that our people have evolved into is not of our making and we do not condone it but we must understand the factors that led to it. And we must accept the reality of our situation. Our people are standing on a beach and the cold, cruel water is lapping at their feet and in the distance there is a roar. The tidal wave will hit them, it is inevitable because they chose to stay and enjoy the pleasant sun rather than listen to the weather broadcasts. Only the strong swimmers amongst them, and those who had already removed themselves from the sand, will survive it seems.

  3. More utter sick lies from Gri££in, you couldn’t make it up. If the 2010 accounts are ready why hasn’t the Electoral Commission seen them? Direct Debits you would be crazy to give Gri££in your credit card details. Subs are going up but how many will renew?

    “In the New Year the British National Party intends to build on solid foundations. We have already brought in a professional accountant to assist our National Treasurer.”

    “At our last Party Conference a full presentation of the 2010 accounts was made by the National Treasurer Clive Jefferson”

    “We’ve also looked closely at how other non-profit organisations, including big charities, manage their finances. One thing that stood out straight away was that these successful organisations all use direct debits or standing order mandates to collect membership payments and donations. It’s easy to see why. Direct debits or standing orders provide a regular, reliable income. They keep administration costs low. They also make it easy for members and supporters to make payments, spreading the costs over twelve equal payments instead of having to pay the full amount up front.”

    Standard membership – £48 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £4.50.

    Family membership – £60 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £5.58

  4. “Now we made our highest value diversity and our reward is that obese women give birth to children whose name infers that they should crusade against the civilization that subsidises them.” It should be “implies” not “infers.” “Inferring” is what the listener does.

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