Geert Wilders says – Islam Is Not a Religion, It’s a Totalitarian Ideology

by Donna Rachel Edmunds (Breitbart London)

Islam is a totalitarian ideology, not a religion, and therefore a Dutch constitutional commitment to freedom of religion shouldn’t apply to it, Geert Wilders has said.

In a wide-ranging interview recorded in January and broadcast at the weekend, the populist politician and leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) said that although Islam has many of the trappings of religion, it shares more in common with totalitarian ideologies such as communism and fascism and should be treated as such.

“Not only is the Quran more full of anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf – another terrible book – ever was, but one token of proof of totalitarianism is that you are not allowed to leave. That’s the proof of totalitarianism,” he said.

“Islam as an ideology does not allow freedom. Look at almost all the countries in the world where Islam is dominant – you see a total lack of civil society, of rule of law, of freedom for journalists, women, Christians, or even somebody who wants to leave Islam, an apostate.

“You are allowed to leave Christianity or Judaism and become an atheist or the follower of another religion; you are not allowed to leave fascism, you are not allowed to leave Communism. And still today in Holland, in Germany, in the Arab world, the penalty is death if you want to leave Islam.

“That kind of thinking, that kind of violence within an ideology is something that we should not import.”

Conceding that his view was a minority view, and that the Netherlands’ constitution was unlikely to change should his party be victorious in upcoming elections, he clarified that his objection was to Islam as a body of ideas, not to Muslim people.

“I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible. I’m not talking about people.

“I was many times in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, and I found very friendly, nice and often very interesting people. So I don’t have a problem with Muslims, as some people believe.

“But I believe that the Islamic ideology is very dangerous.”

Wilders also voiced opposition to the European Union, which he said was stripping European nations of their sovereignty, and chastised Europe’s leaders for their adherence to the doctrine of cultural relativism.

Invoking Donald J. Trump’s success in winning the U.S. presidency on a platform of patriotism and national pride, Wilders said: “A nation state needs to be independent, needs its own flag and values. It’s not bigotry or racism, its patriotism, and patriotism is on the rise today.

“So I would try to regain our national sovereignty and be independent and let the Dutch people and the Dutch government and Parliament decide their own destiny again.”

He added: “Most political leaders are not only multiculturalists but are cultural relativists – people who believe that cultures are equal.” He predicted: “I am sure that the last days of the European Union – it’s like the old Roman Empire – are coming. It’s just a matter of time.”


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4 thoughts on “Geert Wilders says – Islam Is Not a Religion, It’s a Totalitarian Ideology

  1. He’s right about everything here, patriotism is on the rise because the Left have no answers, only parroting the same mantra about racists and bigots. We’re getting bored of their name calling, and the start of the fightback for our countries is now underway, it’s just the beginning and the immigrants and their snowflakes better get used it.

  2. Admiration goes to Gert
    He kept his party on the straight and narrow.

    As an atheist I find all religions are death cults. As was Christianity until liberal Marxist priests got amongst the clergy, thus making it easy meat for a take over.
    Although one must admit Islam has its fair share of nutters easily swayed by an evil clergy, that claims not to be a clergy.

  3. So yesterday’s Dutch elections proved to be a step to far for the Freedom Party not a disaster as the Party gained seats thus moved forward but not the resounding victory forecast a few weeks ago .A turn out of 80percent points to a high turn out of the immigrant population.Once again with the liberal media enforcing the vote,vote,vote message the Whites have been outmanouvoured.

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yes , We in the British Democratic Party all had our hopes up for our friends in HOLLAND. As you say Graham , the Freedom Party made gains and have certainly moved the ruling Party towards common sense Nationalism. Sadly and ironically the current Prime Minister turned things round by throwing out TWO TURKISH CABINET MINISTERS WHO , HAVING BEEN GREETED BY HOARDES OF TURKS LIVING IN HOLLAND , WERE BREAKING DUTCH LAW BY CAMPAIGNING FOR THEIR OWN ELECTION BACK HOME. This moved the ruling party nearer to Girt Wilders’s common sense NATIONALIST VIEWS , so having done all the WORK , the Freedom Party lost all the credit.

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