Former MI5 Chief Confirmed that Iraq War Increased Terrorism

The former head of MI5 has confirmed that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have exacerbate terrorism in Britain.

In evidence before the Iraq Inquiry, Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller told the world that invading Iraq and Afghanistan had increased the terror threat in Britain.

The BNP has said all along that the two primary causes of Islamist terrorism in Britain and the rest of the Western world are mass immigration and biased foreign policy in the Middle East.

Mass immigration has allowed millions of Muslims to enter Britain, Europe and even now the United States of America where they are now proceeding with their 1,300 year-old invasion of the West.

This time, however, the invasion is not being carried out by armies, sword and cannons as of old, but by immigration and “invasion via the womb.”

The second cause of terrorism is, the BNP has argued, the illegal and immoral wars which the Labour-Tory axis of lies has plunged Britain into.

These wars, the BNP has said, have served to incite Islamists in Britain and to provide them with ideal recruiting propaganda amongst the Muslim population in the West.

The Labour-Tory liars have always denied this to be the case and have instead insisted that the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan (and their planned attack on Iran) is to “prevent terrorism” at home.

Baronness Eliza has however confirmed that the wars had served to radicalised a generation of young Muslims in Britain which had “substantially increased” the risk of a terrorist atrocity on UK soil.

“Our involvement in Iraq radicalised, for want of a better word, a whole generation of young people . . . who saw our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as being an attack on Islam,” she told the inquiry.

“Arguably, we gave Osama Bin Laden his Iraqi jihad. What Iraq did was produce a fresh impetus to people prepared to engage in terrorism.”

She went on to link the Iraq war directly to terrorist attacks on trains in London.

“The war featured in the video wills that we retrieved on various occasions after various plots where terrorists who had expected to be dead explained why they had done what they did,” she said.

She also revealed that MI5 had been forced to ask ministers to double its budget to cope with the dramatic increase in the number of Islamist terror plots it had to monitor following the invasion of Iraq.

“We were pretty well swamped — that’s possibly an exaggeration — but we were very overburdened with intelligence on a broad scale that was pretty well more than we could cope with in terms of plots, leads to plots and things that we needed to pursue,” she said.

It was also revealed that Baroness Eliza has specifically warned that the allegation that Iraq was in possession of, or was going to use, WMDs, was almost non-existent.

Despite this information from the head of British intelligence, the lying Blair regime, fully supported by the Tories, announced to the world in the “Iraq dossier” that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs.

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  1. Since the above excellent article we have now formed the British Democratic Party. Also since then Lee Rigby has been massacred in WOOLWICH, LONDON. Today 8/7/2013 we have heard that another British Solder has been attacked.Despite a near total media ‘ blackout ‘ we know that a corporal was on leave in Barnsley when he was attacked by a gang and beaten unconscious ! He suffered cuts,bruises and a spinal injury. Despite descriptions of the gang clearly given to the police, they and the media will not divulge the details. We know who has declared war on all of us in our own country ! We also know how to end this madness! REPATRIATION!

  2. (Party Member) The first duty of Government is to defend its people. Not understanding the principles of ‘National Preference’, the LibLabCon have always failed to protect our people and our way of life. The head of MI5, in his first public speech in the role, has warned that there are several thousand ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS in our country who see the British people as targets due to our way of life. Mr. Parker also repeated his predecessor’s warnings about Syria as a large proportion of MI5’s work was regarding individuals who have left Britain to fight in the conflict raging there. The LibLabCon AND Ukip will let them back in. The British Democratic Party WOULD NOT! Also the LibLabCon and Ukip will let the other extremists stay. The British Democratic Party will not let them stay.

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