Farage 11.12.13: "UKIP is not against immigration. We welcome immigration; we want immigration."

Blue card question from Andrew Brons to Nigel Farage following a speech by Farage during a debate held on 11th December in the European Parliament concerning the forthcoming meeting of the European Council to be held on 19th/20th December 2013




Mr. Farage  gave a speech devoted to his opposition to the prospect of Bulgarian and Romanian immigration from the 1st January 2014, with emphasis on the costs to the educational and health systems and the benefits system. He said that 92% of ATM crime was committed by Romanians.

Andrew Brons asked:

“You claim you are against immigration or you imply that you are against  immigration. However, on 4th May 2010, on the Daily Politics Show, you said that Britain should issue 250,000 work permits each year.

Just now, you referred to Romanians being responsible for ATM crime in London. In fact you could have been more specific. They were Romanian citizens of Roma origin.”

Mr. Farage’s Response

“Thank you for your question. Let me make this clear to you: UKIP is not against immigration. We welcome immigration; we want immigration.”


16 thoughts on “Farage 11.12.13: "UKIP is not against immigration. We welcome immigration; we want immigration."

  1. Would Leader Farage care to ask the ordinary Ukippers – stooges in the safety valve party?

    If he doesn’t want Roma, then he must want loads more non-EU Africans and Asians – to feast on our welfare, have large families, grab more welfare, and take our jobs. I’m glad I left confused Ukip!

  2. If you press Farage he’ll tell you he wants productive citizens in large numbers not those drawing benefits. The problem with that is we still lose our country.

    UKIP is a ‘right-wing’ internationalist Tory party which wants free movement of labour and capital. That’s why the City is giving him money. But the press has played all that down and most of the public think UKIP is there to save them from being turned into foreigners.

    1. Spot-on, Mike. To those of us who have any semblance of political acumen (ie we nationalists) UKIP has ALWAYS appeared to be what it is ie a ‘right-wing’ (in an economic sense) globalist Tory Party that hates the EU NOT for genuine nationalist reasons but because Tory businessmen don’t like it imposing certain basic worker’s rights in this country.

      It is a tragedy that the ‘old party’ never made the public aware of this fact and the BDP has to do so otherwise UKIP will continue to steal voters that should be coming to us.

      1. I don’t see UKIP quite an unfavourably as that.

        I think they genuinely believe in the globalist economic dogma which has dominated thinking for a generation. That everyone ends up better off.

        Cracks theoretical and enmpirical have appeared in the dogma but, as usual, politicians won’t renounce anything once they are firmly committed to it. They lose too much face.

        It’s a march of folly.

  3. UKIP and more likely Farage are a smokescreen giving those silly enough to vote for it the idea they are an answer to all our dreams. In fact, Farage is a policy dwarf. He changes as do the days.

    I hope errant UKIPPER’s read this site and read his reply. He is the identikit version of what Cameron is to the Tories. Telling everyone bothered to hear what they want to hear. Took on Kilroy, and won. Stood down in favour of Pearson. Took it all back. A survivor, but in politics survivors cannot exist unless backed by the system.

    What I find the best thing since sliced bread is that we have people in those corridors of chicanery we call the EU giving us the real news, not that assembled by the system’s trump card, the BBC.

  4. Fairplay Mr Brons MEP. I’d say that’s a good and proper ‘caught him out’ scenario there! Wouldn’t you agree? You must upload a video of this then try make it go viral and send it to the ‘controlled press’. It should also form the basis of a leaflet for all nationalists looking to campaign for elections and make distinctions between UKIP where necessary should they be competing in same election.

  5. As the clip clearly shows – UKIP is just another pro-immigration party. UKIP is very much a part of the problem – it is in no way a solution.

  6. Andrew gives an excellent account of himself as usual in the one minute time spot of the European Parliament. He put Mr Farage in the corner.

    The possible problem for Mr Farage is that most of the UKIP members I have come across do believe their Party is an anti-immigration party. Yes and many of their voters do too. However, Mr Farage made a token point on not wanting people coming to Britain with disease and he wanted to control our borders. Radical for Middle England and people on the fringes of the Tory Party but hardly what us patriotic Nationalists want to hear.

    The momentum at present is with Mr Farage over 200 council seats won at the last local elections, but he has faced a mutinous lot in his own party – not just at rank and file level. He has also lost a number of MEPs. Let’s not forget the UAF are now on his shirt tails. Old Godfrey Bloom vanished from the party with his Bongobongoland references and foolish remarks at their party conference.

    It is not going to be plain sailing for Mr Farage in the run up to next year’s elections. UKIP have the potential to rock the political elite and they have a broad appeal – that much is fact. Mr Farage needs to find some courage – he needs to grasp the way for UKIP to thrust itself into the real powerhouse of British politics.

    Immigration and its detrimental effect on our society is all part and parcel why we should withdraw from the European Union.

  7. Well done Mr Brons. Probably Farage, who comes across as something of a spiv, thinks he is ever so clever in his reply. Actually, he has walked into a trap which Mr Brons seems to have carefully planned. He has exposed himself as the same as all the other politicians in the main parties.

    It really will not matter whether we are ruled in Westminster or in Brussels in 40 years time because those who control Westminster will not be of British descent.

    Keep it up! I am finding your website a considerable relief compared to what else is on offer.

  8. Methinks Farage is going to regret his recorded response to Mr Brons. A case of too much information for some in UKIP to stomach I suspect. One wonders, in view of Farage’s bombshell – what’s UKIP all about? A supposedly anti-immigration party that is pro-immigration, an anti-EU party that depends on the continued existence of the EU for its own existence! A party of contradictions that generates a nice income for a small group of people. Maybe that’s the reason for its existence.

  9. I read today in the Mailygraph that they are having another go at Victoria Ayling, one of Ukip’s candidates. Apparently she was in the NF when she was young, and has voiced some very un-PC opinions about immigrants.

    The PTB are obviously worried about the effect the ‘Ukip factor’ will have on their vote share next year, and, as usual, the journo-jackals are doing their bit to maintain the status quo by baying for her blood.

    They must be doing a lot of digging, trying to find enough ‘dirt’ to rattle Farage and get her kicked out. I think we can expect a lot more of that in the months to come.

    Farage may well be an establishment stooge but he has got them worried all the same!

  10. (Party Member) She sounds great to me. If she can help ‘break the mould’ of British politics with the insincere Ukip and then be part of a massive swing to OUR decent Nationalism then, with people like that, our party and Britain will have a great future.

  11. (Party Member) Britain needs a massive Ukip vote to break the mould of politics, Liblabcon style, and then for those same people to turn to our decent Nationalism. It sounds far fetched to some but it will happen when Ukip people realise they have been conned!

  12. (Party Member) I hope that we adopt the policy of declaring that no one of DUAL NATIONALITY be allowed to stand for any PUBLIC OFFICE in our country. Bearing in mind that we need to ‘ put clear blue water between us and Ukip before the General Election. We are standing against them this week. Ukip have some candidates that would be deemed foreign to us and indeed the electorate who need to see that Ukip are being false whereas we are the ‘real deal’ anti-IMMIGRATION party.

  13. I agree John. Nobody who has dual nationality can truly represent one nation.
    There’s obviously conflicting interests at play here. It’s one or the other, BE HONEST!!!

  14. ( Party Official ) Millions of People , mostly traditional Labour Voters , believe it or not , have voted UKIP because they THOUGHT UKIP was a respectable Patriotic Party AGAINST IMMIGRATION. This is a tragedy as UKIP are NOT WHAT PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE ! Now we are out of the E.U. SUPERSTATE , UKIP HAVE NO PURPOSE ANYMORE ! WE HAVE so Join the respectable and genuine BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY !

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