Far Left’s Academic Takeover 

says John Bean

80% of Britain’s university lecturers are left-wing, says think tank

As pointed out in previous articles, the drift in students thinking from patriotism to liberal/Marxism began with the Frankfurt School in twenties Germany. From its start the founders were all purveyors of Marxism – and at that time mostly Jewish. The long term objective was to dominate the teaching profession throughout Europe and the Western World so that college and university pupils would eventually only be able to receive multicultural liberal beliefs and those of its pacemaker, Marxism. This objective has virtually been reached today in Britain and most of the West – i.e. the White World – as a result of the early Frankfurt School’s achievement of “the long march through the institutions”.

A recent report (Lackademia) from the Adam Smith Institute confirmed that eight in 10 university lecturers are Left-wing, which creates a danger  in the institutions of “groupthink” where dissenting opinions are neutralised and “favoured beliefs are are held as sacrosanct”. The report recommended that universities should address ideological diversity among their staff in the same way that they seek to increase gender, class and racial diversity.

 Some Evidence

In order to show how effective the Far-left has become in installing the superiority of its thinking in our colleges and universities let us look at some of the evidence.

In February Sussex University was accused of undermining free speech after one of its leading professors held a workshop for academic staff of “how to deal with Right-wing attitudes in the class room”.

Last month the radical magazine “Spiked” published a survey that found 90 per cent of British universities have been involved in restricting free speech on campus. It concluded that more than 60 per cent of universities now “severely restrict” free speech and actively censor certain ideas, speakers and texts.

Much has been said in the media about the antics of many students (white as well as black) in demanding  the destruction of the statue in Oxford of Cecil Rhodes. I like Charles Moore’s comment on this in the Daily Telegraph, March 4th: “Like some satirist’s parody of a  PC opportunist, Professor Richard Drayton delivers bloodcurling denunciations of the Cecil Rhodes statue because it ‘symbolises white domination’, while at the same time accepting his post and salary as Rhodes Professor of Imperial History at King’s College, London.

Again last month we were treated to nonsense from the politically correct at Cambridge University  when students had complained about being served  “Jamaican stew” and “Tunisian rice” claiming that the cultures were being “misrepresented”.

There is also a growing likeness for the choice of “gender-neutral” terms. This means banning phrases such as “right-hand man” and “gentleman’s agreement”. Cardiff Metropolitan University’s guidance dictates that students should not allow their “cultural background” to affect their choice of words.  Terms such as “forefathers”, “mankind” and “sportsmanship” should be avoided, as part of efforts to “embrace cultural diversity” through language.

An example of the campaign to smear British engineers and inventors from our not too distant past came from the utterances of a leftist immigrant origin MP with the backing of a University lecturer.

It came to a head when a new luxury apartment block in Wandsworth, South London, was named after Sir Alliott Verdon Roe. He was the first Englishman to make a successful powered flight in Britain. He built his first biplane in a stable at Wandsworth, where the new apartments now stand.  Later he founded A.V.Roe Aircraft Company, which then became Avro, the company that designed and built the Lancaster bomber that played no small part in achieving our survival in World War II. Two of Verdon Roe’s sons were killed in action in the war while serving in the RAF.

But all this contribution to the survival of our nation is dismissed by unspeakable leftists of today. Why?   Verdon Roe shared some of the views of a First War I  one-time flyer, Sir Oswald Mosley, and Verdon Roe became a member of his British Union of Fascists in 1934.

All this is not to the liking of Tooting MP Rosena  Aclin-Khan who has asked for the Wandsworth apartment block to be renamed.  She said: “In Wandsworth we pride ourselves on having a cohesive community where everyone is welcome. It would send the wrong message at a time when hate crimes have risen.”

Dr Steven Woodridge, Senior Lecturer in history at Kingston University quickly gave her his full support:   “Even during the Second World War he was contributing articles to the publications of extreme Right parties.”   Name these publications, you loathsome Marxist creep, they probably did not exist in those war years. Perhaps you are after a knighthood.

6 thoughts on “Far Left’s Academic Takeover 

  1. Very well said. The disparate nature of these various Academia conditioned Liberal groups joining together as ”one” is an absurd display that is both laughable and disturbing.

    Transexuals, Lesbians and Homosexuals waving signs such as ”Muslims and Gays Unite”…Feminists carrying placards of women wearing a Stars and Stripes Hijab…Some even shouting Alu Akhbar. Pathetic.

    Then you have the Anti White ”Black Lives Matter” hate group being championed by ethno-masochistic White liberals. ”Refugees Welcome, No Borders” All idealistic piffle.

    In reality what you see is a histrionic show of trying to reconcile what is in reality irreconcilable, all in the name of ”tolerance” …And incompatible as these various causes are, the doctrine of Liberals is hence shown to be one of absolutely no substance :Affectation, Affectation, Affectation. Virtue Signalling. All show and no go.

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Great points , JJM. In Holland the Gay fraternity , to the total confusion of the media , support Gert Wilders and his party ! This is because they have read the QORAN and KNOW WHAT THE ISLAMIST’S SAY THEY WILL DO TO THEM ! ANY lgbt types who protest in favour of Islam are like ‘ TURKEYS VOTING FOR CHRISTMAS ‘. Useful Idiots , or as Asians say , DHIMMI’s INDEED !

  2. Today the nanny from birth to grave is the by word. Taught how to walk, what to think, and lastly how to talk. Hate words a crime.
    What I believe this site promotes is at least how should people think rather than what to think.
    The photo attached show the usual suspects who despite the best education Britain supplies, unlike in the old days when our education system although loaded in favour of the upper classes, was regarded the very best. We now have these so called protesters. Zomboids for a better description protesting anything and every thing their masters tell them to . joined up thought their only common ground . freedom to think their masters enemy is theirs as well.

  3. You would have to experience what it is like to know just how bad the situation is in colleges and universities.
    Think independently from the Trotskyist lunatics pack mentality and you will become their target. I was one myself for three years in Leeds. If you are white, then you are expected to toe the line and hate your traditions, culture and everything British. My advice to students who do have a mind of their own is do not let this scum intimidate you. Stand firm against these effing loudmouth morons.

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yes , Neil the levels of brain washing by the people employed in the education system are incredible. Backed by the media , they have created a generation of SELF HATERS. The Asians have a word to describe these people , DHIMMI ! In our language it translates to ‘ USEFULL IDIOT ‘. Personally , I say DON’T BE A DHIMMI , JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , TODAY.

  4. They remind me of rabid sheep. These lot should all go on holiday to Somalia, Islamabad or Soweto if they want to see the hospitality they get there. I don’t think they would get too much brotherly love. What an eye opener it would be, for those few would make it home in one piece.

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