Fake Syrian Asylum Seeker Who Avoided Deportation Six Times Murders Care Worker.

Hani Khalaf, 22, was sentenced at The Old Bailey to at least 26 years’ imprisonment for kicking, punching, and stamping to death 62-year-old Jairo Medina before stealing the dead man’s wallet and mobile phone.

The court heard that Khalaf lived on the streets and had been bailed for shoplifting hours before the fatal attack on the carer at London’s Hyde Park.

The Egyptian national had arrived in Kent in the back of a lorry in August 2014 and was found to have avoided deportation six times before murdering a “kind and peace-loving” care worker.

Judge Wendy Joseph, QC, said: “It is clear that Hani Khalaf, having absconded, came to the attention of authorities on at least six occasions.

“On each, he was re-bailed because they could not make arrangements for securing his deportation in a reasonable amount of time.”

The Old Baily was told he is likely to be deported once he is no longer a ‘Category A‘ prisoner.

 He was supposed to have been deported on SIX occasions prior to murdering this poor care worker
The British Democrats are not convinced he will be deported on the seventh occasion when he is no longer a category A prisoner.


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  1. What a rotten story , bearing in mind that the FIRST DUTY OF GOVERNMENT IS TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE. Political Correctness rules the land and officials who make such awful decisions are NOT PUNISHED !

  2. The Law say’s that Foreign Criminal’s HAVE TO BE DEPORTED AT THE END OF THEIR PRISON SENTENCE , yet Prison Governers just seem to let them go free. Others in Authority just let ANYONE come to live in our Country. They decide these People can be ‘ British citizens ‘ at the stroke of a pen and thump of a rubber stamp and then the BOMBS GO OFF ! Meanwhile a Labour Party Front Bench Spokeswoman , Defying Political Correctness , gets SACKED FOR TELLIMG THE TRUTH ! The crushing evil of Political Correctness MUST END AND WITH THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , IT WILL !

  3. British prisons are at a crisis point the extent of which has never been seen before… overcrowding, spiralling levels of violence, drugs everywhere and understaffed. The system is out of control much of which can be attributed to the ever increasing burden of Diversity Crime.

    Just look at the situation regarding Jamaiaca’s Lags, one of the largest foreign prisoner contingents in the UK . The British government has offered to fund(from taxpayer’s money of course) the building of a new jail in Jamaica costing the grand sum of 22 million pounds…with the intention to send these enriching chaps home!!! this is no joke either, and it gets even insane…the Jamaican government have turned down the offer because ”it is not beneficial”.

    • It might not have been ‘ Beneficial ‘ to them , having such dreadful people come back home , but it would sure have been BENEFICIAL TO US !

  4. I will say it again the corrupt 3 failed old parties are a cancer on Our Great Country all these foreign parasites must be expelled and Great Britain must repeal all burdensome treaties and the unelected foreign swill of the European Union United Nations European Court of Human Rights must be removed from British Soil

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