Fake News Enquiry To Be Launched By MPs

by John Shaw

MPs are launching an inquiry into the “Growing phenomenon of Fake News”.

The Culture, Media and Sports Committee said it would investigate concerns about the public being swayed by propaganda and untruths.

If they do a proper job it would be fantastic.  Maybe they can stop the Labour Party, BBC and Daily Mirror from claiming false news such as:

a. That the Tories are going to privatise the NHS     –      THEY ARE NOT. 

b.  That Nick Griffin’s dogs are named after Hitler’s dogs      –      THEY ARE NOT. 

c.  That Britain needs immigration     –      NO IT DOES NOT!!    

Also, the worst case of all, that we British are a nation divided when a very large majority of the indigenous British voted to leave and a small minority, supported by masses of immigrants, voted to stay.  This is the truth, we are united in our desire to leave, despite all the propaganda from the media.


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  1. To be honest the last good Newspaper I read was Freedom edited by Martin Wingfield.The lesson is that bad men have control over our media and have done for decades, Nationalist have bore the brunt of this since the 30’s when The Express surrended to public pressure and stuck the knife in the back of Mosley.

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Great point , Graham. ‘ Freedom ‘ was superb and having met Martin Wingfield , I can tell all that he was a really ‘ nice chap ‘ and something UNKNOWN in our MEDIA ,HONEST AND GENUINE !

  3. john Shaw ( Party Official ) Even Lovely , little DORSET gets FAKE , HOAX news with the DORSET ECHO running a ludicrous and downright mis-leading article to cover up the depth of the HOUSING CRISIS by saying DORSET NEEDS 13,000 HOUSES BY 2033. SEE FULL STORY UNDER OUR UK HOUSING SHORTAGE UNLIKELY TO BE RESOLVED ANYTIME SOON , ARTICLE.

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