European Nationalist Parties Meet in Milan

Congress news conference
Leader of the French, Front National, Marine Le Pen and Dutch Politian Geert Wilders attend the press conference on the 2nd day of the two day congress.

The first congress of the European Nations and Freedom Group within the European Parliament was held in Milan on the 28th and 29th January 2016.  The 36-member parliamentary group is the smallest in the European Parliament, but includes some parties gaining strength in the polls in their home countries

Leader of the French, Front National, Marine Le Pen, speaking at the end of the first meeting said

European structures that were poorly constructed are crumbling everywhere under current immigration and monetary policies”.

“European citizens have nothing to fear as Europe’s nationalist parties are ready to step in and clean up when European structures fail”. 

Le Pen went on to say that the parties represented at the press conference in Milan were  part of the future  and expressed a conviction that they won’t always be relegated to the opposition.

She also mentioned that a decision by Italian officials to cover ancient statues depicting nude figures in deference to the visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was ridiculous.

Populist leaders from host Italy, the Netherlands and Austria expressed their common view that Europe’s borders must be closed to mass migration from the Middle East and Africa because of the threat of terrorism and the strain on budgets.  They also stated that sovereignty over such policies must be restored to nations.

Leaders of nationalist parties from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic also attended the Milan conference.

12 thoughts on “European Nationalist Parties Meet in Milan

  1. ( Party Official ) Although ambitious , I hope our Party APPOINTS AN OVERSEAS LIASON OFFICER. A bit like our decision to have COUNTY ORGANISERS it is a question of putting in infrastructure BEFORE it is needed. Anyway we have many friends abroad and it would be nice to be in touch with them.

    1. I think this is spot on John, the party lacks any sort of infrastructure, even if it’s an outline, it is something to aspire to. Yes, now is the time for an Overseas Liason Officer, our future is interlinked with Nationalist parties on the continent. We have to be ‘seen’ to be moving forward.

  2. Great to see our European Nationalist brothers showing unity.We may be small but the fact that this meeting took place will rattle our enemies.

  3. ( Party Official ) These new to Nationalism might be a bit sceptical when we claim that the media in Britain is controlling our People through mis-information and indeed hiding news that does not suit their agenda. ( like violence every week between different immigrant communities ) well I have just found out that yesterday , in Italy , ONE AND A HALF MILLION PEOPLE marched in favour of FAMILY VALUES ! No mention of this in LOCKDOWN BRITAIN !

  4. Why on earth would these EU nationalist parties have anything to do with the BDP. When we had 2 MEP’s maybe . Now they see the British as fools that failed to vote for their salvation. A Nation that once ruled the world. Well its a pretty common thread through history that great nations become nowt . Greece, the cradle of civilisation, now to be cut off by a fence from the rest of Europe.
    No disrespect to the BDP .a victim of the ego of Mr Griffin. Had the BNP not imploded then we might have just got our foot into the European Nationalist cause. Now we are mere spectators.

    1. Could not agree more Baz however it serves no purpose if we allow ourselves to be consumed with bitterness about what might have been .Griffin put us back ten years and I am sure he has been well paid for doing that but the fact is if we sit brooding we have lost.

      1. ( Party Official ) Yes Graham , we need to sound positive at all times. You put in infrastructure before it is needed and this also helps portray a good , serious image. The N.F. and the opportunities lost during the Ugandan Asian Crisis sums it up. I shall describe these events soon. They were a lesson learned for me.

        1. Yes having a positive attitude might well help some , whilst to others seem optimistism in the extreme.
          As I said elsewhere We fought our battles on the land that now Cameron hopes will side with us in his new deal on ( no don’t laugh ) Europe. Well it aint gonna happen that way . they see us now as the one who’s land they are gonna fight their battles on.
          Perhaps being a spectator is a good thing. Although I personally do not.

    2. I agree with Baz4545. The British have failed to vote for their salvation. The “elephant in the room” which nobody notices is the diminishing numbers of what we might (to remain legal) refer to as “ancestral Britons” on the electoral register. As a personal view, I would dearly love to see a new piece of electoral legislation introduced whereby, in order to vote in any British election, a person’s parents, grandparents and great-grand parents must all have been born in Britain to British citizens (or any of the British military bases located outside Britain). Only then could the country have an actual unbiased, accurate British voting system which expresses the genuine will of the actual British people, and only then would the unadulterated opinion of British people be represented in Parliament (and local councils!). As it is, we are letting invaders vote us out of existence. This may be considered a non-politically correct opinion in some quarters – but it is an absolutely accurate one.

      1. ( Party Official ) A first class policy for our Party , Mr. Mills. If we can not have that , then maybe people should not be allowed to vote until they have been here 18 years , bearing in mind that people are born and then have to wait 18 years to be able to vote !

  5. After seeing Camoron,s feeble attempt at ” Bigging up ” our continued EU membership over the last few days. I am thinking this Toff is every bit as useless as Tony Bliar, Bliars hushed up student days ” cottaging ” caution and Camoron a complete Tosser. Is there any hope for this Nation ?

  6. The more connections you have abroad, the better. The truth will prevail as Europe crumbles. Like I say, a civil war is the only answer, and that is coming for sure. A military coup over here, and the rest of the Europe. Keep the great British military on our side for when that time comes.

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