EU Has Successfully Gagged the BBC in Its Ability To Fully Report The ‘Brussels Position’ on Brexit.

Katya Adler

It is widely reported the BBC has been attacked for its Brexit bias in its coverage of the EU withdrawal talks, with criticism that the broadcaster is “scaremongering” with dozens of Brexit voters writing to complain about the balance of their Brexit coverage in recent weeks.

The BBC’s Europe editor, Katya Adler, responded and said the reason the BBC comes across as anti-Brexit is the fault of the EU officials, claiming they have been blocked from holding European officials to the same standard they hold British officials to.  This is because there has been silence enforced inside the EU Commission and among EU leaders, since the Brexit talks started, in order to only let Michel Barnier speak about Brexit. 

She went on to say, “It is my job to put across the European perspective, which may come across anti-Brexit because we do not have the same access to talk to the EU Officials, as we do on the British side, to put the difficult questions to them”.

“That can be very frustrating for our viewers, and it can seem like we are not doing our job, but the EU Officials just do not let us interview them on the record, so they end up being sources or insiders“.

She than added, that this led to the EU officials not being held to the same level of scrutiny as those in Britain, but insisted reporters in Brussels were trying their best to hold them to account.

The British Democrats are dismayed to hear that the BBC reporting of Brexit from Brussels is based on “Sources or Insiders”.  Surely the BBC must understand this can often lead to unreliable or biased information being provided (Fake News) since the sources cannot be quoted and subsequently held to account.

It would appear Brussels have very successfully gagged the BBC and other British media to the extent they can only quote the official “EU Party Line” in respect of Brexit


2 thoughts on “EU Has Successfully Gagged the BBC in Its Ability To Fully Report The ‘Brussels Position’ on Brexit.

  1. This is a good point; fake news has no quotable source.
    Good journalism should arguably still be unbiased if paid for by the tax payer. I don’t see this excuse as an adequate justification for bias. Glad the British Democrats are exposing BBC bias further.

  2. This may be the only excuse the bbc can think of. The eu are untouchable in their own eyes, so maybe there is a hint of truth in what Katya Adler has claimed.

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