Ethnic Cleansing in France: Now French History Is Being Rewritten to Suit the Invaders

The ethnic cleansing of the French people from France has reached such proportions that history books in that nation’s schools have now been rewritten to downplay white European culture and boost that of nonwhite immigrants.

Fortunately, some white French parents, teachers and lawyers have threatened legal action over new textbooks issued to all state schools in France which have “revised” content which, according to the traitorous French government, “avoids insulting ethnic minority pupils.”

In the new history books, the Crusades are twisted around and portrayed as an attack upon and an insult to Muslims (in fact the Crusades were a response to violent Islamic aggression which resulted in the seizure of Egypt, the Middle East and Turkey, which were all originally Christian lands long before Islam was even created).

In addition, the textbooks contain 20 pages devoted to the black Trans-Atlantic slave trade, while ignoring the far bigger and far longer in duration Muslim slave trade in black people. To add insult to injury, only six pages are devoted to France’s most dominant historical character, Napoleon — and even then he is described as the “Colonel Ghadaffi of his day.”

In a deliberate provocation, the books contain a cartoon of Napoleon with his trousers down, sitting on a toilet. The book contains no such disrespectful images of Mohammed or any non-white leaders, for obvious reasons.

A further ten percent of the book is devoted to the 13th Century Muslim state of Mali, which was essentially an Arab creation in West Africa.

Earlier, the French government announced that lessons on the French Revolution were to be replaced by studies of the alleged African “kingdom of Monomotapah.”

This obscure “state,” which has been built up to be some sort of majestic medieval empire, was in fact a minor tribal fiefdom in southeast Africa, which, like all similar tribal entities, was illiterate and kept no records. As a result, deluded liberals have ascribed all manner of “feats” to this largely imaginary “kingdom,” including a ludicrous claim that the Arab-built ruins of Zimbabwe were built by this tribe.

According to independent TV station RT News, parents and teachers are “enraged” and had threatened legal action.

However, even these protests are bound by the straightjacket of political correctness and ignorance.

A history professor interviewed by RT television, Dimitri Casali, warned that if France did not “teach [its] minorities the history of their adopted country, they won’t feel French.”

This attitude sums up the dilemma of the present-day liberal. Completely blind to the reality of racial demographic replacement, they pretend that “if only” the Third World immigrants would just “learn the culture” then everything would be parfaite.

This delusion ignores the reality that a changed population will result in a changed culture, and a Third World-origin population will result in a Third World culture.

France’s Third World immigrant population is now well in excess of twenty-five percent, and an even higher percentage amongst the younger generations.

Unless French nationalists make a breakthrough, and soon, Salam will soon replace bonjour as the way to say “hello” in France.

16 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing in France: Now French History Is Being Rewritten to Suit the Invaders

  1. I have always said this. When white British people become a minority (without their consent) history will be rewritten to reflect the origins of the majority population.

  2. The history of the British is also being rewritten in the public imagination. The BBC in particular imports blacks (it is always blacks) into every conceivable situation in our history, literature and ancient myths.

    So we have had a black woman at the court of King Arthur, blacks in the most unlikely positions of social standing in 18th Century Italy (Casanova), a black Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights etc etc. Heathcliff is described in the book as a dark-skined gypsy foundling but he was ‘reimagined’ as an escaped slave in the recent TV adaption, which amounts to rewriting the book.

    Similarly, Othello is a moor, ie a north african of Arab / Berber descent, but is invariably acted nowadays by a negro. Again this is to rewrite the play since it adds an ingredient which simply isn’t there.

    And so on.

    It is true that there were a few blacks (and other third world people) in the country historically, mostly in ports like London. Elizabeth 1 thought that there were ‘too many’ and expelled them from the country, which says a good deal about how they were viewed by the native population and gives the lie to the picture of them here propagandised by the multiracial enthusiasts.

    Blacks and Asians played such a vanishlingly small part in the internal history of this country that within living memory, most people had never seen one of them in the flesh. Listen to the BBC and the other cutural marxist outlets and you wouldn’t believe it though.

    That is exactly the reaction that this lying propaganda is designed to produce.

  3. Study what our children are taught in schools about our history and you’ll see that it’s not so different over here:-

    1/ That there were black people in Britain before the English arrived,based on nothing but speculation that the Romans must have introduced some, and ignoring the considerable body of evidence for the presence of Germanic peoples – proto English – in Britain under Roman auspices.

    2/ That we are all immigrants – even those of us (actually all of us) descended from the first people to settle the land after the retreat of the ice 10,000 years ago. Who would dream of calling Australian aborigines or American Indians immigrants?

    3/ The usual slavery guilt trip, without any mention of the north African corsairs raiding for slaves in the Bristol channel, in Ireland and Iceland as late as the seventeenth century.

    4/ I don’t know what our schools teach about the crusades, but judging from the grovelling apologies issued by our modern Christian leaders for Christendom’s gallant defence of itself against medieval Moslem aggression, I can well imagine.

    1. I started watching a BBC documentary about prehistoric man and homo sapiens meeting the neantherthals in Europe, last summer.

      They used a lot of west Indian people (who could not act at all) to represent the homo sapiens saying quite clearly that the first arrivals in Europe were definitely black. The acting was absolutely dreadful. I wondered how much these people were being paid.

      Maybe the first arrivals to Europe were black but I would not say state it as a fact. North Africans are not black. For me, someone who takes a real interest in prehistory, the picture given was totally unauthentic.

      Damned BBC propaganda again.

      1. I saw this too. The Neanderthals were portrayed as blond and white skinned which is far from unlikely as their ancestors lived in Europe for far longer than Homo Sapiens has yet done, and recent DNA analyses indicate that they possessed the gene for red-headedness. Moreover, it has recently been found that Europeans derive around 4% of our ancestry from Neanderthals, which may perhaps have helped our remote ancestors to adopt to life in Ice Age Europe by sparing them the need to evolve white skins from scratch.

        As for the Homo Sapiens part of our ancestry, it would certainly have been dark skinned when our ancestors first emerged from Africa, but how dark skinned they were by the time they entered Europe thousands of years later, and after absorbing Neanderthal genes, is anyone’s guess.

        Dark skinned or not, one thing which is absolutely certain is that they were not Negroes. Negroes are a distinct human line and evolved their familiar characteristics in the cul-de-sac of West Africa, a cul-de-sac from which they did not begin to emerge until they expanded into eastern and southern Africa as recently as the time of Christ, displacing the aboriginal Khoisan. So to portray the earliest Homo Sapiens to enter Europe as Negroes is an absurd travesty about which there was not a whisper of complaint. It might have been more realistic to use dark skinned caucasoid actors, such as Arabs or Indians.

        1. When they expanded into Southern Africa, the negrids did their best to eliminate the original inhabitants, the Khoisan, where they competed for resources and whom they considered to be inferior (and still do). Bushmen have an average IQ of 60. Negrids have a slightly higher average IQ of 70.

          The original inhabitants of India also emerged from Africa but arrived there via what is now the Southern Red Sea (then passable) and the shores of the (then less extensive) Indian Ocean. ie through areas resembling Africa in hotness of climate.

          It’s probable that they are represented in the aboriginal tribes of India which tend to be very dark -skinned, as black as negros can be in the South.

          They are not negrids, but it is interesting that they are assumed to be fellow-blacks by some black Africans.

  4. Ironic that RT is more believable than the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation…………
    come to that, …….. so is Al Jazeera!
    RT for the news……BBC for the views ( PC lefty ones, of course)
    Strange times.

    1. Strange indeed. It was ‘Pravda’ the erstwhile leading newspaper of Soviet Communism which lately described the EU as ‘the Soviet Union resurrected’,

      If it wasn’t so tragic you would have to laugh.

  5. Quelle insulte pour le peuple français. Si les Français ne vote pas pour le Front national à les prochaines élections, ils sont un peuple finis dans leur propre patrie historique.

    That is to say; What an insult to the French people. If the French don’t vote for the Front National in the next election they are a finished people in their own historic homeland.

    1. ‘La Trahison des Clercs’ indeed. This time the French people and France have truly been betrayed by their ‘intellectuals’. Just as in Britain.

      It was Betrand Russell, a genuinely clever man, who said that ‘intellectuals ‘ are people who are not as clever as they think they are.

      Surveying the wreck they are making of our once great country, you can see what he meant.

  6. Modern education is the most perfect brainwashing system there can ever be. It is compulsory and in the hands of the government. Now the vast majority of teachers are liberal left. What a disgrace!

    If I had kids I would educate myself.

    Nationalists please save Europe now!

  7. A nation as magnificent as France, for me the seat of civilisation to be so humiliated & broken by cultural marxism is truly the tragedy of our times. I fear the denoument of all that is worthy & the triumph of the barbaric is at hand.

  8. (Party Member) Congratulations to our friends in France. Marine Le Pen’s Front National has made sweeping gains in local elections there. As the above article and comments make clear, France has all the problems that we face in Britain. I hope our Party Chairman encloses an invitation to Marine Le Pen to speak at our next annual conference with his official congratulations from our party to hers.

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