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Policy 4We extend our concern for the indigenous British people to the welfare of the environment of our national homeland, the British Isles. We regard the principal threat to our environment as lying in the excessive and ever rising overcrowding of our islands.
Our homeland is not just full up. It is bursting at the seams. England and Wales in particular, where the overwhelming majority of our people live, has become one of the most densely peopled areas of its size in the world, far more crowded than our major European neighbours.  The cause of that is Immigration.
Most of the unprecedented 3.7 million increase in the population of England and Wales in the ten years to the last, 2011, Census is officially admitted to be the result of ongoing Immigration.  The rest is due to higher birth rates amongst ethnic groups of post-1948 Immigrant origin.
In our view overcrowding causes almost all the other problems afflicting our environment. Urban sprawl, the unrelenting pressure to build ever more houses on what remains of our countryside to house ever more people, and to use ever more intensive farming methods to try to feed them. These intensive farming methods are recognised as the main threat to our native wildlife, notably wild birds.  Overcrowding also strains our transport system, resulting in jam-packed motorways and commuter trains.
Worse in the long run, the fact that our islands now have far more people jammed onto them than they can sustainably support or feed means we are ever more dangerously dependent on an ever more complex, ever more fragile web of global trade for food, fuel, energy and vital raw materials.
We would therefore protect the environment of the British Isles and the quality of life of the British people by stopping all further Immigration completely. Our islands are full up and cannot take any more people settling on them. We would further, as already stated, encourage Immigrant communities to return to their countries of origin.
Given that the birth rate amongst the native British population has fallen substantially below replacement levels, if our land were inhabited only by its own people the population of our islands would stabilise at an environmentally sustainable level giving a much improved quality of life for all. That is our aim.


 farm-machinery-soil-erosionAgriculture and stock keeping constitute a sector of the economy that, more than any other, cannot be left to the vagaries of the free market. Government intervention is  essential. The survival of our agricultural sector is more important than any other.
Firstly our very survival might depend, in emergencies, on our ability to feed ourselves. Secondly if any further agricultural land were to be lost to urbanisation, we should be saying good bye to rural Britain.
The sector must be supported because the market conditions are quite different. Demand is price inelastic and supply is also inelastic in the short term because it is dependent on forces outside of the control of the producer. Prices must not be left to market forces.
Our preference would be for deficiency payments that keep prices low rather than the EU system of intervention which pushes prices up.
– Reproduced from our policy leaflet

4 thoughts on “Environment and Agriculture

  1. Immigration is the biggest threat bar non to our environment. Immigration has resulted in the gross overpopulation of England in particular and is responsible for the growing deterioration in the quality of all our lives. Bizarrely the Greens favour immigration despite it being absolutely contrary to their environmental policies. Are they plain stupid or merely just One-World Marxists in green clothing?

  2. Labours David Lammy thinks we have plenty of space to accommodate more immigrants, no doubt he’s thinking of our as yet unenriched countryside. This is the agenda of the mainstream and not just Marxist Labour. They are rotten, shallow, dangerous and greedy philistines who have trampled on the graves of our ancestors.

  3. ( Party Official ) Now that Britain is no longer under the heel of the E.U. SUPERSTATE , we can now sort out our FARMING POLICY to get this COUNTRY NEAR SELF SUFFICIENT. Things are looking good for the environment as MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LEAVE. Talking about sorting things out , I hopewe adopt the slogan WERE BACKING BRITAIN ! It could go under the name BRITISH DEMOCRATS , REPLACING Back Britain , real hope for the future. The words at the top of the website and leaflets would look great. We have to have new ones because ours are now out of date as WE ARE NO LONGER IN THE e.u. superstate !

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