End All Immigration From Hostile Countries

by John Shaw

With the wonderful new president of the United States Of America, Donald Trump, ending all immigration from Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, IRAQ, Iran and Yemen, a beacon of light, an outbreak of common sense has started to bring light to a world that was sinking into the darkness of lefty liberal type attitudes of anarchy.

Britain should commence the same policy as soon as possible, bearing in mind that the first duty of any government, anywhere, is to protect its people.

British Democrats say…………

President Trump’s travel ban on immigration from hostile countries has certainly attracted a lot of protests throughout the world not least in the UK.

One should consider how the ‘spontaneous’ anti-trump demonstrations throughout the world suddenly erupted with millions of people meeting at specific venues on specific dates?  Were they spontaneous or is there a more sinister explanation?

If they were not spontaneous then how were they funded to provide leaflets, placards and possibly the transportation of ‘rent a crowd’  paid volunteers to the many demonstrations?.

One story in the Telegraph refers to the ‘Facebook organised demonstrations’, well Facebook  certainly  did not organise the demonstrations it was simply the media through which the organisers advertised their left wing demonstrations and drummed up support, so who are they and who funds them?

The following bodies are certainly instrumental in organising many of the demonstrations……………………………………………….

The Internationalist Socialist  http://internationalsocialist.org is one prominent organisation behind a lot of the unrest throughout the world and is based in the USA.  It has worldwide links to various left wing organisations a number of them based in the UK:

The Socialist Worker  http://www.swp.org.uk
Stand up to Racism  Is supported by the TUC and its President is Diana Abbott  http://standuptoracism.org.uk
Momentum  An alliance of left wing anarchists who are the core of Jeremy Corbin’s Labour support base.  http://www.peoplesmomentum.com/






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  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) This LIST OF SHAME just helps prove our Party’s ‘ Big Lie ‘ article , regarding the Referendum Vote. Most of these DEMOCRACY DENIERS have MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF IMMIGRANTS within their Constituencies. We are NOT A NATION DIVIDED AT ALL as probably 80 % of us INDIGENOUS BRITISH VOTED TO LEAVE !

  2. I suspect John, not being allowed there means, they come here, where of course their human rights trump May, whereas in Trump Land they do not .
    Still isn’t it amazing a small time district judge did trump Trump.
    Therefore it seems judges in America are of the bent as ours.

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