Economical and social impacts of immigration.

by Will Whitecastle

Walk through a high street or supermarket in a large town and you will find yourself in a mixture of third world languages and faces. Perhaps some British have accepted it and others simply try to ignore it? At some point however, most people have to make a decision about what they want for Britain’s future and at that point it is worth reviewing a few cold facts.

Many people are not sure about the financial and economical impact of immigrants, so let’s start there. Studies have been measuring the social and economical impacts of immigration in Britain for a number of years so there is some accuracy.


Most studies suggest that the economical benefit of immigrant, be it good for our economy or bad is relatively small on a national scale. Immigrants contribute less than 1% of the country’s overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”[2] This means that difference between the money contributed to society by immigrants and the cost of hosting them was just 1% either way. Not much of a benefit to the British economy that some people like to tell us. One should ask those in favour if 1% GDP really a benefit that’s worth hosting immigrants?

Despite the idea that immigrants come to work in the UK, unemployment rates of the foreign-born immigrants have been higher than those of the UK-born people[2]. Not only is it higher for the unemployed males but unemployed females too. Immigrants aren’t all desirable nurses and doctors. This implies that foreign-born people are less likely to be working whilst living here and consequently less likely to be paying taxes towards their keep.

More worrying for the native British is that “evidence suggests that immigration from outside the EU could have a negative impact on the employment of UK-born workers, especially during an economic downturn”[4]. Implying that indigenous Britons are at risk of finding jobs over immigrants when the economy is not going well. We know the Government can’t always control the economy, so clearly we should put pressure on MPs to better control immigration.

In light of the unemployment and little financial benefit to the nation, it seems suspicious that organisations supporting immigration, argue that immigrants are more willing to work than British. It is no coincidence then, that these same charities promote an open door to immigration whilst encouraging lower birth rates in Briton [9]. One can see that even for those organisations which are open to immigration know that someone has to step aside to make room. Those stepping aside are just as likely to be native born people.

Economically, immigration is clearly not a saviour to all our economical problems and the cost of having immigrants in Britain is not outweighed by their hard work. Outside of the factories and offices, one may wonder if there is any evidence that our visitors have benefited the culture of Britain either?

Cultural impact

Immigrants bring their own cultural practices and they don’t seem shy to continue practising them in the UK despite knowing it isn’t our way. Most of us have seen Indian saris and Muslim burkas in the high street. However it isn’t just what we see publicly, but the impact of immigration privately and ethically that we should also consider. The NHS registered 9,197 cases of Female Genital Mutilation in just one year in the UK [10]. With such a high number, it is hard to swallow the ideas that immigrants are keen to adopt our culture and integrate. It is closer to say that we live in civilised Nation with imported misery.

The newspapers highlight immigrant crime and the statistics aren’t much in immigrants favour either. Crime statistics show a grim aspect of Britain’s multicultural experiment. One might argue that it is the individual who commits the crime, not an individual’s characteristics. Such a view fails to explain how “the rate of prosecutions for Black male defendants (25 per 1000) was more than three times higher than for White male defendants (7 per 1000)” [12]. Racial differences are still significant enough for our Government to measure them.

In 2014, 21,937 prisoners were from a minority ethnic group. This is approximately 1 in 10 of the general population [11]. One in ten is much greater than one might imagine considering they are a ‘minority’ outside of the gaols.

At the end of June 2014, “28% of minority ethnic prisoners” were foreigners. In other words 6152 of the 21,937 of that group were not born in Britain. It costs the Tax payer £40,000 per year to look after one prisoner [13], multiply that by 6152 immigrants and we can estimate it cost £246 million pounds to care for these criminals per year. Prisons are non-profit, supported by taxes, which means we work to look after foreign prisoners in British prisons. Time for a change in the law?

The numbers alone show that the impact culturally is negative, and that is without even mentioning the case in Rotherham.

The point where culture and economics overlap is arguably in education. Education costs money, but it also influences our future country culturally.

Education – where economics and culture start to overlap.

Most immigrants are adults at working age[5][2], implying that they are more likely to look for work when entering the country and less likely to need education. As immigrants start work they pay taxes and so both Capitalists and Politicians benefit from instant labour.

Some immigration is a quick skill fix which can be got whilst avoiding educational costs [7]. Imagine that you could fill your factories and start making money from people, without needing to pay for education or health care for the majority of their non-working life. No wonder they try to convince us immigrants are needed.

Boats of working age men are desirable to those who can profit from them. When one considers that the average cost to educate one child per hour in the UK is £4.05 [1], one can soon vision a huge cost for the first 16 years of education.

However, the impact of quick fix immigration today, is essentially postponing the cost of raising immigrants children through the system tomorrow.

Migration Watch estimates children from immigration between 2010 to 2020 will require one million extra school places at a total cost over ten years of almost £100 billion [3].

Why pay out to educate a child in manual skills if those skills can be imported on the cheap. No wonder recruitment agencies target foreign labour [8] to make quick profit and find excuses for hiring native Britons.

We live in a quick fix country, with fast food, cheap Chinese ‘throw-away’ products. Even those who have so far governed our country are seemingly aligned with the quick fix fast mentality and import labour to get financial boosts.

If those running the Government are morally short sighted enough to put money before native Britons, then such policy is easy to fulfil. The term of a Prime Minister is always shorter than the effect of their open door policy actually has on our nation.

So what can we do?

A political problem needs a political solution. Whether third world mass immigration is welcome or not, speaking out against it is not an easy opinion one can express alone. One’s voice has to be heard in the ballet box or through well worded protest. One important characteristic we must adopt is determination, if we want to see positive change. Where there is will, there is a way.

If we are going to see positive change for the native Britons, then we need a better Government. One in which politicians care about the long term affect on the native people and not simply about the short term profits of imported labour.

The best way to lobby parliament, is to help others in the same group. If our country is to be helped economically and culturally then the first step is to join and help the British Democratic Party.



















9 thoughts on “Economical and social impacts of immigration.

  1. Great article. The economic disaster that is MASS IMMIGRATION is very easy to prove and understand , even without access to Government secret data. Most Immigrants are UNSKILLED OR LOW SKILLED. Many soon become unemployed or are never in employment from day one. Because most bring their families with them , or soon bring them in to our Country , then the cost of them becomes astronomical ! Housing benefit is just the start of a massive cost that we can just not afford. See my article entitled ‘ WE HAVE THE MOST EXPENSIVE STRAWBERRY PICKERS IN THE WORLD ‘ TO SEE WHAT I MEAN !

  2. In other words it’s all downhill, and there is no reason to be positive about any aspect of mass immigration from the developing world. Very well written, when you weigh things up, we face a very worrying situation and no amount of lies from the media can convince me otherwise.

  3. Yet another aspect to all this is BELIEF’S and very unsavoury they can be too , with many actually BELIEVING that a Woman is only worth a SIXTH OF A MAN !

  4. Another rather disturbing Aspect of Mass Immigration is that these People import their sheer HATRED of others , either for Geographical or Religious reasons and the continuance of these feuds Disrupts our Society.

  5. A Very comprehensive assessment. Everything about the current high immigration levels can only lead to more cultural dilution, and you never make a convincing case in favour of that, because it is the equivalent of national suicide.

  6. An excellent article pulling together the pitfalls of this and of previous Governments allowing immigration on an unprecedented scale where it now threatens our British way of life in every respect.

  7. A superb article that highlights the crazed suicidal tendencies from a succession of British Governments that still actively encourage mass immigration right up to this present day.

    No matter how hard the political Left & their liberal cronies attempt to window dress it, the sheer truth is that this crazy open door policy imposes an incredible burden on our public services such as housing accommodation, the National Health Service, transport, policing, schooling & welfare benefits.

    We should also not forget either that it is estimated that at least two thirds of mass immigration annually into Britain has been incorporated from Third World countries.

    And yet, it is the same liberal”progress”-mongers that have actively promoted mass immigration throughout that seek to reassure the British public that they have this most major of problems well and truly under control.

    As the late John Tyndall once remarked about the liberal-ruling elite: “they have about as much credibility as a bunch of criminals discussing law & order”.

    For me that brief latter paragraph sums it all up perfectly.

  8. The above article really does say it all…and most clearly too. I seem to remember this image from the British Democrat Brexit campaign leaflets… which I noted from positive people’s reponses, struck a chord with many who saw them…in good old London Town.

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