Economic Apartheid In Britain Is Getting Worse

By John Shaw


The actual truth is that Britain has been divided for decades.   In the late sixties and early seventies, massive housing projects were built to move the whites out of the inner cities, like Birmingham’s Castle Vale and Chelmsley Wood.

Now the more prosperous immigrant descendant’s are following and  white people who can afford it, are moving even further away, nowadays, usually to the ‘Countryside’ or ‘Seaside’.


Our media never mention this, but our Party tells it how it really is!



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  1. Escaping from crime ridden overpopulated cities… where ethnic gangs now cause disorder and mayhem on the streets our ancestors built. If things were how they used to be, then White flight would never have been the only option for a more secure environment in which to raise a family.

  2. I’m glad this has been mentioned. I see it all the time in my area. What’s infuriating to me is the “types” who insist all this diversity etc. is good for the Country, yet make sure they have the best view, a view from far away.
    Not all are of the “type” of course, and some are very open as to why they’ve fled, as open as anyone dare be in this Country

  3. I can not help but feel Honest Pride in our Party and for the record , NOBODY has ever used the Phrase ‘ ECONOMIC APARTHEID ‘ BEFORE. So remember in the future folks , when it is in common usage , this phrase was originally ‘ COINED ‘ by the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  4. Heather, many of these hypocritical liberal types you refer to are named and shamed in a very amusing new book by Quentin Letts called ”patronising bastards”…which I would highly recommend.

  5. Yes indeed Heather and jjm. Where I live there are a lot of liberal types. Very volatile , they get very upset , when having asked why we moved here , I give the reply ‘ White Flight.’ They claim to embrace the Multi Cultural Society with their trendy Phrase , ” we are all diverse now “. Considering they live in a lovely rural area with no social problems , no immigrants , wonderful schools and a nice life , the ONLY diversity they get is seeing the latest black and white T.V. ADVERT ! I would like to take them all on a FREE British Democratic Party COACH SHOPPING TRIP , TO BRIXTON. Those that survived the experience would KISS THE GROUND UPON THEIR RETURN HOME AND THEN JOIN THE PARTY , STRAIGHT AWAY !

  6. Further to the above , I doubt the People I have described would be allowed to Join us , until they had undergone some re- EDUCATION regarding the realities of life and the need to return to proper values.

  7. time to take action now & get rid of the 3 corrupt parties and expel all foreigners

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