Who on Earth Is Gina Miller And Who Are The Shady People Behind Her?

by John Shaw

After a year of resisting looking up who on earth was Gina Miller, who is she to tell us what to do and why does she not accept the result of our referendum?  I finally did!

prompted by the sad story of a man who sent her vile abuse that I understood but utterly condemn, I was shocked about the answer to my question.

All I have the courage to say is read the mail-on-line article by Ruth Sutherland . It says it all really, but as a nationalist and democrat I wonder who are the shady people behind Gina Miller?

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  1. I am beginning to think that BREXIT will never happen ! It seems to me that the Politicians are controled by a powerful group of Civil servants whose agenda is total acceptance of EU and all it entails.

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