‘Dual Nationality Citizens’ Should NOT Be Allowed To Stand For Public Office

by John Shaw

In common-sense Australia it is illegal to stand for or engage in public office if you hold ‘dual nationality’.   Many Australians are unaware they hold dual nationality as becoming naturalised as an Australian citizen, is not enough on its own, to escape this disqualification. A person must also take all reasonable steps to renounce their foreign citizenship.

In the spirit of British Democratic Party thinking, I am sure all will agree that this obvious ‘Australian’ constitutional ruling should be applied to members of our Houses of Parliament, Mayors and Councillors.

No dual nationality person should be dealing with the affairs of our country and people.

We appreciate this will require major changes to the laws of our land, but feel it is only right and proper that we govern our own country with people who owe exclusive loyalty to our nation and people.  

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  1. Seems logical to me, but I think we will be waiting a very long time for this to happen.

  2. Interesting suggestion.

    In my view the greater threat is immigrants who receive British Nationality,regardless of whether they surrender their other passport.

    Surrendering original nationality can imply it is harder to return criminals to their country of origin (if their nationality is now British).

    I would urge policy to make it harder for people to get British passports. This would gather support across parities too.

  3. Whilst requiring massive legislation to achieve , with a massive rejection of Multi- Culturalism , this far reaching proposal would strike at the heart of the campaign to destroy our Country and its People. Sadiq Khan for example , would NOT BE MAYOR OF LONDON !

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