Dodgy Lawyers Hound Our Soldiers

John Bean says

 Soldiers ProsecutionThe Human Rights Law has been used by the leftist Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) to inform 280 British armed forces veterans that they are under investigation. The two leading ambulance-chasing law firms behind the activities which are bringing them large sums of taxpayers money are  ‘Leigh Day’ and ‘Public Interest Lawyers’.

Even The Guardian says Leigh Day’s co-founder Martin Day is a self-confessed ‘ bolshie bastard’ .

Public Interest Lawyers of Birmingham is run by Phil Shiner, who the Daily Mail accused of ‘milking the legal aid system to earn millions from the public purse’.

It appears that both of these ‘dodgy lawyers’ are on the lookout for a jihadist with a grievance who they can take under their wing to discredit the Army – leaving the British taxpayer to pick up the bill. To put some round figures on their earnings the Al-Sweady inquiry into alleged mistreatment of Iraqis at the Battle of Danny Boy, near Basra, in May 2004, took five years to complete this farce at a cost of £31 million. The dodgy two above are thought to have picked up £5 million.Vererans

Their connections with the new-Left of the Labour Party, i.e the Corbynistas, were revealed in the Daily Telegraph of  23rd January 2016. it said:

‘It is believed that Emily Thornberry, the new shadow defence secretary, has attended two Leigh Day Christmas parties and accepted almost £50,000 in donations-in-kind from them over a two-year period. The Labour Party received almost £20,000 in ‘staff costs’ from the firm in 2012.’

This month it is revealed that insurance companies also see that there is money to be earned from the legal problems facing our armed forces officers. Military commanders are being sold insurance to protect them against legal action after the hundreds of claims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am sure that British Democrats will take to heart the advice offered by Lord West, a former First Sea Lord with experience in the Falklands War.

“It is a total nonsense that one can use human rights legislation to drag military leaders through the courts for decisions made in war.

“In combat men kill and are killed on a regular basis fighting for their countries. Civilian norms cannot possibly apply, and yet there is a growing tendency, particularly in the European courts, to make judgments as if events on the battlefield were taking place in the halcyon days of peace.”

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  1. ( Party Official ) When we are OUT of the European Union Superstate , the ghastly , mis-named Human Rights Act will go , as promised by the current Prime Minister.

    • We shouldn’t get rid of it entirely. What we should aim to do is to reform it so that the few sensible parts of it are retained in a new British Bill of Rights. The problem with Britain is that unlike countries such as the USA or Germany we have few, if any, rights that can be upheld by the courts in the face of governmental tyranny. Britain really isn’t very democratic, you know!

  2. No surprise that they are linked to the Corbynites. Leftists have nothing but contempt for the great British military. These organisations are shameless. Chasing these comitted and brave men down before chiselling what they can get with their ”human rights” bill…does it surprise you ? Given the nature of these scavengers…not one bit.

  3. The European Court of Human Rights is separate from the European Union and includes Russia and Turkey. If we quit the ECHR we would almost certainly lose our seat on the UN Security Council and risk many of our international agreements. Britain pioneered the prosecution of ordinary soldiers for war crimes at Nuremberg when we rejected the defence of “obeying orders”. We should use our influence on the EU and the UN to revise legislation that is no longer fit for purpose. The answer is not to retreat into isolation like North Korea. Parliaments are no guarantee of democracy, every dictatorship has a parliament but they do not have an independent judiciary. We have plenty of laws to deal with shyster lawyers.

    • I am fully aware that the European Council of Human Rights is separate from the EU – which Bill Baillie supports. I am surprised to see that he believes that if we quit the ECHR – as we should – we would “almost certainly lose our seat on the UN Security Council and risk many of our international agreements”. Where is the evidence for this? If true, so what?

      My article was to expose the “shyster lawyers” who are persecuting those of our service people who have already been shown to have not committed illegal aggressive acts against Iraqi and Afghan civilians. Bill says we have plenty of laws to deal with this. Why then have they not been used?

      John Bean

      • ( Party Official ) Great article. Although vague on this , I seem to remember that Tony Blair has a wife who used to persecute decent people , though a firm she owns , using or rather mis-using the so called ‘ Human Rights Act. Also didn’t David Cameron PRETEND that he was going to scrap this sort of lefty legislation ?

  4. JB, nothing is done about shyster lawyers because Westminster is stuffed full of them. You may not like the EU, the UN, NATO etc., but we must be represented internationally. I suggest that what we lack is positive leadership – we should be leading Europe instead of sulking on the sidelines. I agree that it’s wrong to hound our soldiers; if crimes have been committed the politicians who sent them to war should be prosecuted.

    • UK membership of the EU is off thread here but no one is suggesting we should not be represented internationally.

      We are well represented internationally within the UN and NATO and leaving the EU would allow us to be fully represented on the WTO.

      I don’t believe Britain or any other EU country could lead Europe as getting anything agreed between 28 countries, which are all looking towards their own parochial agendas, would be insurmountable. Finance, Security and Defence and Human Rights agreements come to mind.

      Instead of sulking on the side lines Britain should get out now and become the master of its own destiny.

  5. Total nonsense the UK is one of the founder members of the UN. Also the UK is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, who have power of veto on decisions and membership of the body. The US and China are not members of the ECHR and are permanent members of the UN Security Council. The UK should leave the EU and ECHR.

  6. Just back from a month of winter sun in Cyprus. The Cypriots are saying they wish they were getting a BREXIT vote.
    One day soon the politicians and their cronies in the law industries will be held to account for the savage attack on those who were and are prepared to put their lives on the line to protect us all including those corrupt law firms . Why else would we be engaged in politics if this were not the case.
    Meanwhile I suppose Sgt Blackman is still in gaol. Something we should all hang our heads for in shame. Rather than storming his Bastille. The French wouldn’t stand for it that’s for sure

  7. Given that Cyprus has also been ”legally” invaded, I bet many there would love the chance for an exit from the EU. Even in London, that ”melting pot of diversity” the latest poll indicated that 67% want OUT. Great Stuff.
    Party Brexit campaign going strong in the capital with hundreds more leaflets out in West London. Brexit is THE issue of the moment. The hell with the so called Human Rights Act !

  8. AS the BREXIT vote looms on June 23. I ask this Question
    Will the vote to leave or remain, be solely the vote of the English Scots and Welsh, and not those encamped here from all corners of the world and especially those from eastern Europe . Who despite wrongly thinking they will be chucked out on June 24. Will I’m sure vote for the status quo.
    This should be purely a vote by us, to rid ourselves of that financial burden called the enlarged European Federation. So should in all intents and purposes only be a vote of the indigenous. not the world and their civil partners.

  9. complete withdrawal from the EU & ECHR right upto the treaty of Rome.

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