Discrimination in the Name of Diversity

By Southwest Nationalist. “There are reserved places for women, those from black, Asian or ethnic minority backgrounds, and for disabled people”.

LGBT people are also welcomed, their eligibility will be on the basis of “self definition within these categories”.

That, in case you wondered, is taken from the Liberal Democrats announcement of their Leadership Programme.

Tick those boxes, diversity for diversities sake, it’s fine to discriminate providing you are discriminating against the permissible groups.

And, dress it up as positive discrimination, affirmative action, whatever politically correct window dressing is the flavour of the day, discrimination it is.

The Liberal Democrat blurb makes it clear that White, able bodied, heterosexual males will be discriminated against, they will participate on a less than level playing field compared to minority groups.

In the PC society some groups are more protected against discrimination than others, some groups receive far more equality than others.

Could I, as, let’s say an employer in the heart of Birmingham with a mainly black/Asian workforce, decide that whites were under-represented in my leadership team and reserve places for them based on their ethnicity?

The same would apply to LGBT – my management team happens to all be comfortably pigeonholed in one or more of those sexual groups, can I reserve leadership places for heterosexuals only?

You know where that would end up, I’d be signing those compensation cheques, and standing before an EHRC inquisition and employment tribunal quicker than you could say boo.

It is one of the huge perversities of the PC, liberal program of social engineering, that it seeks to promote diversity by actively endorsing discrimination.

They can cloak the discrimination in whatever soothing, positive sounding terms they like, but stripped down to the bone it becomes simply – “discrimination is permissible in the name of creating diversity”.

If you can’t tick those checkboxes on the questionnaire to prove that you qualify for that sacred minority status and thus contribute to diversity, you’re not wanted.

Decades of politically correct thinking has not created an equal society, far from it. It has created the contradictory situation whereby equality and diversity exist uneasily together, where discrimination is the norm in the name of some abstract ideal.

All that the political correctness zealots have achieved is to create a climate in which they got to choose the groups against whom discrimination is to be encouraged, and which groups are sacred cows.

And, those groups who it is fine to discriminate against include most of us.

We know no equality, the state has decided that discrimination against us is something to be sanctioned and encouraged. In the great redistribution of rights, we have become part of the underclass, less equal in society than any minority.

Discrimination has not been eliminated in society, rather it has just been redistributed – firmly on to our shoulders.

That’s the simple truth of equality and diversity – it does not exist, the very foundation upon which the entire ideology is based inherently requires discrimination against a chosen group.

That group chosen to be the victims of discrimination is you, me, all of us who happen not to be part of a minority.

2 thoughts on “Discrimination in the Name of Diversity

  1. Read the opening sentences again, and this time pause for a while and ponder those words “eligibility will be on the basis of self-definition withoin those categories”.

    Now, ask yourself the following question.

    How big a salary would the job have to be before you decide it is actually worth “confessing” to being a “closet non mainstream person”.

    And what happens when you are “outed” as a red blooded heterosexual still fully equipped as the day you were born.

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