Has Diane Abbott Confirmed Our British Voting System Is Rigged?

It was reported today that Diane Abbott has claimed, during a speech to the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign, that elections in crisis-hit Venezuela are CLEANER and FAIRER than those in Britain.  Her speech was recorded and she can be heard praising the Venezuelan democratic process.

Ms Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, also makes the remarkable claim the Venezuelan system is better than both the British and US systems.

‘And it’s actually less liable to fraud and impersonation than the British election process, which I know well because I’ve fought five general elections.’

‘It’s clearly a better system than the one the Americans had in the 2000 elections – remember that?’

‘It’s a better process than they have there.’

We can only assume that Diane is well aware of the voting shenanigans that have long been suspected of taking place in many of the UK Labour constituencies and has based her comparison of the electoral systems on her inside knowledge of ‘electoral fraud’ in the UK.

Let us hope her understanding of the Venezuela electoral system is better researched and more accurate that her recent reporting of the cost of policing in the UK.

More than a hundred people have died on the streets of Venezuela as a result of an uprising opposing President Nicolas Maduro’s bid to over-rule the constitution.

Crackdown: a soldier fires his shotgun at protesters in the capital of Caracas as protests continue
Crackdown: a soldier fires his shotgun at protesters in the capital of Caracas as protests continue

Those opposed to Mr Maduro have vowed to keep protesting after last weekend’s election, called to pick a new assembly which will rewrite the country’s constitution and potentially give the president unlimited power.

Mr Corbyn continues to resist calls to criticise socialist dictator Maduro after hundreds of political opponents in Venezuela were attacked or seized in a brutal crackdown. ‘For a man who aspires to the highest elected political office, Mr Corbyn’s inaction here shines a beacon of light on the dangerous socialist path he would like to lead Britain down.’

Mr Corbyn, who idolised Venezuela’s former socialist leader Hugo Chavez, refused to interrupt his holiday to speak out.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said Labour was watching ‘developments in Venezuela closely’, adding that the party had made clear ‘our position on the importance of respect for the rule of law and human rights’.

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8 thoughts on “Has Diane Abbott Confirmed Our British Voting System Is Rigged?

  1. Shame the hypocrite and White-hating moron did not get a one way ticket, and bring the rest of the British hating Labour trash with her. Socialism is always making everyone equally poor, except the champagne socialists like Abbott who want to inflict it on everyone else.

    1. Hipocrite indeed. Only a few years ago , Diane Abbott said ” all property is theft “. Now I admit she was playing to her audience of left wing , moron thugs , but I bet she owned her own house at the time. She went back home and they returned to their squats , as they refuse to work and just live off everyone else. I am sure these mugs cheered her to the rafters !

  2. Well said ES. Our Party wants the best for all our People.The British Democratic Party is unique in being classless. We represent a third way , economicaly and need to work harder to get this across to People.

  3. YES , this dreadful individual should know all about it with matters relating to Labours Islamic Block vote. Prior to managing to lose her Majority in Parliament , the Conservative Party was going to look hard at Electoral Malpractice and bring in much needed reform. This would have cost the Labour Party between thirty and sixty seats. I still hope it happens.

  4. Should this self avowed Marxist unfortunately return to our shores to grace us with her culture , from her individual ‘ commiefest ‘ in Marxist Dictator led Venezuela , then I hope she is greeted AT THE AIRPORT BY THE POLICE and interviewed regarding her claimed INSIDER KNOWLEDGE OF ELECTORAL FRAUD.

  5. Yes John Shaw, ”all property is theft”, it does not surprise me one bit she would parrot this anarchic mantra, no surprises that she also sends her son to a private school instead of opting for the local diverse crime academy, where they have daily knife checks and are allocated a police officer to try and contain the enrichment. There’s no hypocrite as consistent as a Leftie hypocrite.

  6. loathsome nasty Woman typifies the Labour Party which abandoned the working class Britons long ago and is even more elitist than the Tories

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