Deport these Immigrant Paedophiles Now!

Rochdale Sex Offenders

Although the British Democratic Party stands for a halt to all further immigration and deporting  those who are here illegally and those who commit crime here, those legal immigrants who choose to stay should be granted the same rights as indigenous Brits. In fact we have no choice in law on the matter, as was shown by the case successfully brought against the BNP who had challenged these rights.

We should give greater publicity to the clause in the Tory Immigration Act of 1971 (still on the Statute books) that those immigrants who want to return to their countries of ethnic origin would be provided with financial assistance. However, I do not think this should mean – as suggested by some supporters of another nationalist party – that we should make legal immigrants life ‘uncomfortable’ so that they decided to apply for the resettlement grant.  The British Democratic Party cannot support  this attitude.

Furthermore, I cannot give support, secret or publicly,  to the few football supporters who spew out racial abuse against black players. Condemning the fact that shipping in black players from abroad by the cartload has meant that a national English, Welsh or even Scottish team now has little chance of winning the Europa Cup, let alone the World Cup, is another matter and could be an article for the future. For now, just  reflect on the fact  that premier club teams in Spain,Germany, Italy and Holland have far fewer imported black players. As a result,  at national level they have a bigger pool of native players to choose from, which could be why their teams are Europe’s top dogs.

Due to the European Convention  on Human Rights (from which we should withdraw) our courts are frequently put in the position whereby they cannot deport immigrants, whether legal or illegal, who are guilty of some of the worst criminal acts. These include the ever increasing number of  paedophile gangs who lure under age girls for sex. The following case, reported in the Daily Telegraph, 26.1.13, concerns a Sudanese who was part of a paedophile gang that  lured schoolgirls to a house for sex.

Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, was sentenced in May 2008 to four years for having sex with a girl under 16. He was released after only two years but then remained in custody as attempts to have him sent back to Sudan took place. A deputy High Court judge said that Saleh was a member of a “persecuted tribe” in the Sudan and that human rights law said it was “not possible” to send him back.

Saleh had gone to the High Court in London in an unsuccessful attempt to claim damages for unlawful detention  during the Government’s failed effort to deport him.

What an indication of how such vermin consider Britain to be the ultimate ‘soft touch’.

Saleh, who arrived in Britain in 2004 hidden in a lorry, was one of a group of five immigrants who had intercourse with schoolgirls, two of whom were aged 13 and one 14, and were sentenced to just a few years imprisonment in 2008. The judge had said that all three girls involved in the sample charges (more had been raped) were “clearly disturbed and vulnerable, far from mature for their years and had been targeted by the group”.

These are the immigrants who the British Democratic Party will campaign to remove permanently from our shores. They are a world apart from those who are legally here such as the Indian shopkeeper, the Asian nurse, or the West Indian who has been here for twenty years or more and continually in work.

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  1. Politics is the art of the possible – but what is “possible” is not carved in stone but is transient, determined by the spirit of the age. Todays “impossible” can quite possibly be tomorrows “possible” – meaning, in political terms, that only time and events can determine political outcomes.

  2. Whenever I read an article on grooming I feel physically sick,the very thought of these kids being raped is sickening but where are the parents ,why are twelve & thirteen year old girls left wander the streets at all hours ? do the parents not check at night to see if there there kids are safely tucked up in bed, are these parents guilty of treating these children as adults therefore leaving them vulnerable to the devious evil Asian gangs of paedophiles at work in all of our major Towns and Cities.The cure for this is the death sentence nothing less this is a heinous crime on par with murder.

  3. “the Asian nurse”

    So the Immigrant Nurses aren’t the ones abusing our Sick, Vulnerable and Elderly in our Hospitals ?

    The BDP are starting to sound like UKIP but without the Emphasis on the BRITISH.

  4. To those who say the BDP is the same as UKIP I say you should look a little closer. UKIP is NOT a nationalist party; it is the ultra-Thatcherite anti-EU wing of the CONServative Party which is still in mourning for the fact that Lady Thatcher is no longer Britain’s PM. Their immigration policy is a nonsense. For instance, they wish to have a ‘freeze’ on mass immigration for 5 years so what happens afterwards? Surely, if you are against mass immigration you are against it ON PRINCIPLE so why place a time limit on it? I am always been of the opinion that any fresh immgration needs to be very severely restricted with a numerical cap of say 5,000 people per year and then limited to people who are very highly-skilled such as brain surgeons ect with virtually no possibility of obtaining British citizenship.

  5. The irony is that many British people would love to move to Australia, America, Canada, etc, but can’t. Many Australians, Canadians and Americans would love to move to the UK but can’t.

    And yet Romanians and Bulgarians who do not speak English move to the UK with only the barest of formalities and can even begin to claim benefits after three months.

    Something is quite skewed in this policy.

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