Deport Anjem Choudary Today

by Anglo Saxon

Anjem Choudary on his release from prison

The British Democratic Party request, no demand! that our Home Secretary deport this individual and his family, to their land of origin, TODAY.

Convicted of advocating support for ISIS, this disgusting British hating individual has been released early from Belmarsh prison.

In the interest of public safety and indeed public decency, this individual should not be provided with a council house, housing benefit, poll tax relief and unemployment or invalidity benefit but be deported with his entire family.

Britain has suffered enough at his hands and he should be on the plane tonight!

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  1. Anjem Choudury enjoys goading the British taxpayer. He refers to his “jihadi seekers allowance” ..and gets literally everything on a silver platter. His continued presence in our country is nothing short of an outrage.

    The tragedy is that British people have continually voted for political parties who have brought this and countless other debacles of “diversity” to our nation.

    • Can’t agree more. We’re not called soft touch Britain for nothing.
      Surely if he claims Britain is home then he should be done with Treason if not he and his family don’t deserve any help from the benefits system and should be returned to country of origin or the first safe country, that wants this evil man and his family

  2. If this man claims British citizenship then he should be charged with treason. If not then him and all his family shouldn’t get a penny of tax payers money. We should also be looking for the first country that will take his family, preferably his country of origin but I don’t know if they would want them

  3. another reason to deport all 3rd worlders back where they came from Blair had no mandate letting them in

  4. No other country will take Choudary, even the Islamic ones. There’s nothing in it for them. So we are stuck with a hate preacher admired by ‘antiracists’ who incites attacks on all White Christians.

    He knows he can count on the powers that be in the UK to keep throwing money at him so he and his family can live on Easy Street.

    If anything, Britons have to take a look in the mirror and admit to themselves, that they voted For the Establishment Party’s and this is the reality of what happens when you keep doing that.

    Both my Great Grandads died in World War One. One in battle and one shortly after returning because of injury sustained in combat. According to my Grandparents on both sides NOT for a Britain lke this !

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