Demographics, Immigration and the Destruction of the NHS

The white population’s failure to reproduce in sufficient numbers, a resultant aging population and mass Third World immigration will destroy the NHS within the next 40 years.

This shocking truth has emerged from a survey of the station of the National Health Service by a BNP Ideas study committee. Their investigation found:

– The failure by the white British population to reproduce in sufficient numbers was leading to a rapidly aging demographic cycle.

This has led to the number of people aged over 85 trebling over the past 25 years, and some estimates say that by 2034, five percent of the entire white population will be over 85, and an even greater number over the age of 50.

– Mass Third World immigration has undermined the tax base upon which the NHS depends.

The liberal-left has argued all along that the aging population was the reason why mass immigration was needed, to “make up the numbers” to boost the tax base.

However, all the official statistics show that the floods of Third World immigrants are the poorest, most welfare-dependent and least economically-contributing members of society.

According to a report issued by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2007, for example, the poverty rate for Britain’s “minority ethnic groups” stands at an astonishing 40 percent.

The report showed that only 20 percent of Bangladeshis, 30 percent of Pakistanis and 40 percent of Black Africans of working age are in full time work.

The “minorities,” therefore, are in fact an additional burden upon the NHS, and not a boost to the tax base—contrary to the liberal theory.

Furthermore, the policy of granting free NHS services to all and sundry has led to the growth of healthcare tourism on a grand scale.

A report by the BBC in January 2008 found that the “NHS is spending £350m a year to provide maternity services for foreign-born mothers, £200m more than a decade ago.”

According to the BBC report, immigration “has raised the birth rate so fast that some units have closed, so that midwives could be moved to areas of urgent need.”

It gave as one example, a maternity unit in Ascot, Berkshire, which had to be shut down “because staff had to be transferred to Slough.” The latter area is now almost completely colonised by Asians.

In central London, six out of every 10 babies born has a foreign-born mother—and that figure does not include Third World immigrant mothers who were born in the UK.

According to Tory Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, the NHS is projected to cost the taxpayer £230 billion a year by 2030.

This is clearly unsustainable, given the shrinking white tax base and the ever-increasing “minority” population which is clearly incapable of funding its own healthcare costs.

The only solution to the crisis facing the NHS — and indeed the entire welfare and benefits system—is therefore twofold:

1. Mass Third World immigration must be halted and reversed. There can be no compromise on this issue.

2. The white population simply needs to have more children. Without a higher reproduction rate, our race and nation is doomed. It is as simple as that.

It is time for all people who understand the crisis which faces our nation, to stop talking about the demographic slide, and do something about it.

Children are your most significant contribution towards the survival of your people, your culture, your heritage and your nation. Two children is replacement level, four is growth.

All those of child-bearing age must now take the words of Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar literally — England expects every man (and woman) to do his and her duty. That duty is children.

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  2. ( Party Official ) With millions of words spoken about the latest N.H.S. CRISIS , NO ONE has mentioned the REAL PROBLEM , which is our Health service is totally OVERLOADED , EVEN SWAMPED DUE TO MASS IMMIGRATION. We are sorry to say we TOLD YOU SO , BUT WE DID !

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