Danger: Corporate Puppets at Work

By Clive Wakley. The news that Poland’s Agriculture Minister has called for a Europe-wide ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has reportedly dismayed the pro-GM lobby, particularly that part financed by the United States on behalf of its powerful and influential biotech industry.

Polish Minister Marek Sawicki said on television: “We are now proposing to completely prohibit not only the cultivation of GM plants, but also imports of feed and food that is genetically modified”.

More worrying, for the pro-GM lobby, he added “And not just in Poland.”

Mr Sawicki’s comments were delivered just days after he publicly criticised Poland’s president, Bronislaw Komorowski, for vetoing a government bill requiring the registration of GM seeds, and indirectly for attempting to bring Polish law on GM in line with pro-GM EU dictates.

As recently as 2006, Polish legislators passed a bill unilaterally banning the growing of GM foods and exports of GM seeds.

In response and in a demonstration of EU “democracy” and respect for the rights of sovereign nations, the self appointed pro-GM European Commission consequently referred Poland to the European Court of Justice for the Stalinisque offence of “passing a law at odds with Brussels directives”.

Caving in to EU Commission pressure Polish President Komorowski subsequently declared the anti-GM law “legal junk” and sent it back to parliament for redrafting.

Minister Sawicki’s pronouncement, that the EU should ban GM across the 27-nation bloc, has severely embarrassed the EU-subservient Polish President.

According to Sawicki: “Here indeed is a task for the Minister of the Environment, to introduce such an initiative under the umbrella of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, and we will support him”.

This suggestion directly contradicting the European Commission which, only last year, proposed that each of the 27 nations in the EU should be allowed more flexibility in drawing up (pro) GM legislation.

No doubt Sawicki will find himself exiled to Poland’s equivalent of a gulag in due course; in the “democratic” EU criticism of “politburo” policy is strictly verboten.

Currently the only GM food commercially cultivated in the EU is a variety of maize called MON 810, that just happens to be manufactured by the American owned Monsanto biotech corporation, although a GM variety of potato called Amflora, harvested for industrial starch, is also allowed.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Eastern Europe, it has been revealed through Wikileaks that the US diplomatic service has been meddling in matters relating to the promotion of GMOs for commercial crop production.

That American diplomats should meddle in the internal affairs of other people’s countries is not, of course, something new.

The accusation made against the US embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, is that it is striving (behind the scenes) to have that country’s currently anti-GM agricultural policies ditched in favour of “more liberal GMO legislation”.

According to formerly secret US diplomatic cables, the American embassy has been clandestinely backing and financing pro-GM supporters, presumable on behalf of the American biotech corporations whose party-political donations are so sought after by Presidential wannabees during election years.

The objective of the cloak and dagger activity allegedly being to manoeuvre the Bulgarian government into a position where its GM wary agricultural policies are deemed by the EU Commission to be in conflict with EU agricultural dictates in respect of “liberalizing” GM-legislation.

That the Bulgarian scenario seems remarkably similar to that currently being experienced by Poland and to which Marek Sawicki objects, is probably no coincidence.

The evidence would suggest that across the EU the GM biotech industry, operating through paid lobbyists in science and the media, high ranking EU officials and senior US diplomats, are working to facilitate the formulation of EU agricultural legislation having the power to outlaw “non-compliant” national legislation and force member states to allow the growing of commercial GM crops.

A nice little earner for the corporate biotech giants; lobbying money well spent.

What this demonstrates isn’t government of the people by the people, as one would expect in a democracy, but government of the people by corrupt globalist corporate puppets.

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