Daily Mail ‘Adopts’ The British Democratic Party?

by John Shaw

On the 23rd March, the Daily Mail, newspapers decried the ‘British passports to be made abroad’ situation, with the following headline to the ruling class.


We British nationalists have been asking this question for years as the media maintain the stranglehold of the Liberal, Labour and Conservative parties.

They then had the two faced cheek to ask that the Civil Service  and ‘powers that be’ stand up for Britain for once!

Having reflected the statements of the British Democrats, yet again. I expect this newspaper to promote our Party and our nation saving social and economic policies, on an official basis, with articles by John Shaw and other Party authors.

Together we can save Britain from the abyss that is is surely falling into with the failed establishment parties.

15 thoughts on “Daily Mail ‘Adopts’ The British Democratic Party?

  1. The Mail along with all of the other “state propaganda sheets” needs to be cut into squares and hung on a hook adjacent to the Loo! They have attacked Patriots for years and any sensationalist headlines are designed to increase sales and nothing else. Over the years The Mail has attacked Patriots with every slur you could imagine yet still our people purchase it! do yourselves a favour and keep your brass in your pocket and help to give the rotten journalist what they deserve a P45.

    1. EXACTLY! The Daily Mail is an evil and despicable Tory-supporting rag that virulently attacks those on benefits and the unemployed (even when many are NOT ‘shirkers’ and are unemployed through the SIMPLE ECONOMIC MECHANISM, which this paper doesn’t apparently understand, of there being not enough demand in the economy for their labour – something often caused by TORY economic mismanagment and ADDICTION to GLOBALIST ECONOMIC LIBERALISM of the most extreme kind!).

      Frankly, I would rather have the Daily Mirror supporting us as they are at least HONEST in being extremely hostile to patriotic and nationalist-inclined parties and individuals. The Daily Mail is STILL trying to win PC brownie points with the rest of the media by attacking nationalists because they are embarrassed BY THEIR OWN HISTORY as a ‘newspaper’ ie their infamous support of Sir Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists (BUF) for part of the 1930’s.

      1. Oh dear Steven , you seem to be further to the left than Jeremy ( comrade ) Corbyn. By the way , the biggest cause of unemployment and low pay in Britain , is MASS IMMIGRATION.

        1. Once again, John Shaw, you have MISINTERPRETED my remarks! I am certainly NO lover of Jeremy Corbyn as he is very anti-British in many ways. People on benefits and those who are unemployed are NOT AUTOMATICALLY GUILTY of ‘laziness’ as wicked Tory rags like the Daily Mail constantly insinuate and NATIONALISTS like us, in STARK CONTRAST TO TORIES, are for ALL of our people. We are NOT in favour of class warfare about ANY class and that includes the working-classes. Perhaps, John, you have a different opinion on this? You seem to be more Tory than anything else!

          Yes, mass immigration is one of the causes of unemployment in Britain but it ISN’T THE ONLY ONE as there have been DECADES of grotesque economic mismanagement by Tory AND LABOUR alike.

        1. I know he did. I think he was also a Tory MP at one time and even an independent if I recall correctly. I believe he described his nationalist politics as being neither ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ but as a form of ‘radical centrism’ and I suppose you could say that was correct as he was to the ‘Left’ on economics ie he WASN’T in support of ‘letting the market rip’ to the detriment of British manufacturers as the globalists of the Tories/Labour and Lib Dems advocate. He supported protectionism in the British economy and thus that was a form of economic interventionism and many would call that ‘leftist’ economics. Also, his social polices were firmly of the ‘Right’ ie the social conservatism of wanting to place tough restrictions on immigration.

      2. Hi Steven, spot on with your comments regarding Globalist Economics but in my opinion Mosley was one of the greatest men this Isle has ever produced if his idea’s had been adopted we would today be a proud, respected Nation not a rapidly rotting soon to be third world, shit hole.

        1. I agree totally. Yes, Sir Oswald Mosley AND his delightful and attractive wife (Lady Diana) who, by the way, STILL looked very classy and pretty even into her nineties were some of the greatest men and women our country has ever had. If Sir Oswald and Lady Diana had been in No.10 in 1940 we might still be a world power today and yes there would be no room for doubt as who are the owners of this land! It’s a real tragedy that they got nowhere near that property at such a crucial time for our country.

          Sir Oswald was very well-educated at the famous public school of Winchester College and despite the fact he was of very high-class stock and had been a public schoolboy he mixed well with men and women of ALL classes and respected native Britons of all backgrounds. Also, he had quite a lot of charisma which political parties often need to succeed (especially small nationalist ones it seems). We could do with such a person today to lead nationalism in this country but they come around only very rarely!

        2. One of his best policies was wanting to see Britain adopt HEAVILY-ARMED NEUTRALITY and HEAVILY-ARMED was the most important point about this aim) as a foreign policy so that we didn’t become embroiled in disputes in CONTINENTAL Europe. It’s a great shame Chamberlain’s government didn’t copy that one!

  2. Just out of interest , I am the main person in the Nationalist movement to advocate that Nationalism is classless. I always advocated this within the B.N.P. and they would not listen as they just want to be some old fashioned ‘ working class movement ‘. All my writing on our pages , ADVOCATE THAT THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS A CLASSLESS PARTY and not like the old fashioned and failed , Labour and Conservative Party’s.

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