Cuckoo Chicks Swamping Our Nest

By Mark Pritchard. Latest figures released by the Government on how many primary school places will be needed in the next 5 years unwittingly highlight the demographic time-bomb of soaring Immigrant communities’ birth-rates. A time-bomb which, if not defused, will one day turn indigenous Britoans into an ethnic minority in our own country.  A day that these figures reveal is itself getting earlier and earlier.

The Department for Education projections, based on babies already born, paint a picture of soaring demand for primary school places concentrated especially in areas of high Immigrant settlement. Overall the number of primary-age pupils will rise by 454,800 between now and 2016. This in turn reflects a sustained population boom:  the birth rate in 2010 is 20% higher than in 2002.

A closer look reveals whose birth-rate is booming. It’s not ours. The biggest increases in numbers of babies born who will be 5 or more years old in 2016 and will therefore need additional primary school places are all in heavily Immigrant-settled areas.

For example, the north London authority of Brent, where native Britons are already an ethnic minority, faces a primary school population increase of more than 25% by 2015. In Barking  – where Immigrant settlers now make up almost half the population – the primary school population is set to increase by more than 40% over the next five years. Similar massive increases will occur in other heavily-Immigrant London Boroughs such as Newham, and in massively colonised areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The 454,000 extra primary school places that will be needed, basically for the descendents of Immigrant settlers, appear at first sight to be compensated for by the over 444,000  unfilled places in our primary schools nationwide. But unfortunately these empty places are in largely or as yet almost entirely native-British-peopled areas, whilst the demand for new schools arises some way away in largely Immigrant-settled areas. Reflecting the fact that our population is falling whilst theirs is rising.

So the hard-pressed taxpayer will have to fork out to pay for new primary schools for these cuckoo chicks in our national nest. Schools Minister Lord Hill said this week: “We’re creating thousands more places to deal with the impact of soaring birth rates on primary schools. “ He obviously didn’t mention whose soaring birth rate.

“We’re more than doubling targeted investment at areas facing the greatest pressure on numbers – to over £4bn in the next four years” the Minister went on, again carefully not saying which areas were facing the greatest pressure, lest pennies start to drop.  The Department for Education says this £4 billion of taxpayers’ money to provide schooling for settlers taking over our country represents £800m per year plus £500m extra for 2012-13 and a further £600m for 2013-15, as announced in the Chancellor’s autumn statement.

Hidden in all this is a grim picture of our people being displaced and swamped in our own country. The projected date when we will become an ethnic minority in our own homeland is getting nearer and nearer, faster and faster. Whilst those who alone can see this impending disaster bicker and squabble instead of uniting to face it.

These frightening figures sure provide a compelling case for all Nationalists to unite within the neutral space provided by Andrew Brons MEP and the Centre for Democratic Nationalism and at least agree to co-ordinate the fight to save our country.

Otherwise we will still be silly squabbling sects when we are all swept away by the Immigrant demographic tsunami…. In which case our descendents, a dwindling and doomed minority in what was once our country – perhaps they’ll put us on Reservations like the native Americans! –  will not judge us kindly.

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  1. How cruelly ironic, that at the precise moment when Rome begins to burn. The nationalist community, opens up it’s collective fiddle case. and spends what should be it’s finest hour engaged in squabling and recrimination.
    Forget the differences, forget the arguements and remember who your enemy really is.
    All the time we waste navel gazing and in childish one-upmanship, the barbarians are not only at the gates, they are living and among us. And this country and it’s future will be theirs.
    If anyone here wants an islamic future for their children or grandchildren, then carry on the road you’re blindly stumbling along.
    But if you still have that fire in your belly, then throw your weight behind Andrew and the centre for democratic nationalism. It’s the only sensible and realistic way we can seriously expect to collectively move forward.
    It’s your choice, I’d strongly suggest you make the right one.

  2. We qualify as indigenous people under the UN’s definition. We should be making a lot more of this.

  3. Interesting and fear and rage inducing article. But again, a symptom, not the disease. The disease is lack of identity in the English population. After that, all follows.

  4. Nationalist appeals to nationalistic sentiment fall on deaf ears because the people have no sense of identity. That is the first stepping stone.

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