COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s immigration ministry said that more migrants left Denmark in 2019 than entered, with the minister in charge of the matter calling the official figures “wonderful.”

Has Europe had enough of third world unassimilable migrants?

‘Across Europe, the surge of more than million refugees and economic migrants that arrived in 2015 prompted a populist backlash that gave a huge boost to anti-migrant parties and drained votes from mainstream parties, particularly left-wing parties with welcoming migration policies.

Many newcomers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East headed to wealthy nations in northern Europe with generous taxpayer-supported welfare systems.’

‘COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s immigration ministry said Monday that more migrants left Denmark in 2019 than entered, with the minister in charge of the matter calling the official figures “wonderful.”

It was the first time since 2011 that net migration — the different between immigration and emigration — was negative.

Mattias Tesfaye said that “whenever possible, it is only natural for refugees to travel back to their homeland. I am glad that we can give people protection while it is needed. But I’m also happy every time a refugee can return home.”

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  1. We should at least acknowledge the Danes for the initiative undertaken toward a step in the right direction. For anyone whom has ever read a copy of ‘Death of the West’ by the excellent Patrick j Buchanan, a former political advisor to Presidents Nixon & Reagan, you’ll only be too aware that time is most certainly not on our side before we indigenous British become a minority in our own homeland.

    The Death of the West highlights how third world immigration swamps every Western society & Nation : It is anticipated that by the year 2060, the transformation of our Country shall be virtually complete.

    As we all know,the ‘Conservative’ Party shall talk plenty, the utterly useless Shiti Patel being a prime example. However, they are the Party of ‘Big Business’ – in reality they are committed globalists whom serve the globalist cause – controlled by the high Lords of international finance ( N M Rothschild & co, J P Morgan etc) & adhere to the interests of international capitalism.

    International capitalism demand mass immigration because it keeps the wages low for workers & gets them more consumers for their rubbish products. Transnational corporations envisage conquest of the Nation state to be the final hurdle for global domination & the attainment of their New World Order.

    Time is not on our side: But realistically, this suicide of our Nation can only be halted through the appointment of a Nationalist Government.

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