Controlled Media Remain Silent as Cherokee Indians Expel Blacks

By Southwest Nationalist. The USA brings us hugely interesting news which – of course – is not going to receive much coverage in any liberal UK media outlet.

The Cherokee nation has kicked out nearly 3,000 members – namely the Freedmen, descendants of black slaves.

The “tribes’ Supreme Court” has upheld a ruling that at least one ancestor has to be of Indian heritage in order for any person to qualify as a Cherokee.

How’s that for the liberal’s nightmare that they dare not say a thing about?

If any predominantly white EU nation, or any largely white nation at all, did that to any racial group then you know full well the accusations that would be levelled and the parallels to history that would be drawn on every UK news outlet.

They can’t now though, oppressed versus oppressed, minority versus minority, none of them will touch it with a bargepole. Doesn’t matter that it happened, it didn’t if they didn’t report it.

Don’t expect to see that story on the BBC, when it comes to fights among minorities and indigenous groups, other than anything opposed to the indigenous white British of course, they’ll duck out – that’s a no win in a world where PC is everything.

Where are they going to stand – indigenous Indian, dispossessed by the evil white, throwing out blacks?

You tell me that’s not the nightmare situation for the PC zealots, there’s not a word they can say without ending up on the hook of their own racism Gestapo creation.

So, they’ll say nothing, they’ll not tell you it ever happened. If nobody knows then it never did.

Racial harmony will be upheld at all costs, even if one of those costs is the truth.

Await that story on the BBC or in the Guardian, see what they have to say, if anything. You know there’d be no silence or hedging around in other circumstances, they’d milk the chance to prove racism for all it was worth.

But no, here they won’t touch, it’s a disaster for them all ways, they’ll just not bother to cover it, that’s safer.

If you can’t spin it to promote the PC ideal then it is ignored – that’s the truth of the media today.

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