Conservative Party’s NHS Cuts Revealed: Another Election Promise Ditched

New figures released by the Office of the Treasury have revealed that the Conservatives have cut spending on the National Health Service by £766 million last year—in direct contradiction to their election promises.

The Tory manifesto promised voters that spending on foreign aid and the NHS would be “ring fenced” and unaltered, but now it transpires that only foreign aid is exempt from the cuts.

The Treasury figures, which can be downloaded from that office’s website here, show in “Table 1.9” that the NHS spent £101,985 million from April 2010 to April 2011, down from £102,751 million the previous year. This is a direct reduction of £766 million.

The Tories have claimed that this spending reduction is due to the previous Labour regime’s cut, but this has been disproven by other figures which have shown that Labour planned to spend £106.6 billion on the NHS in the financial year 2010-11. This is £5 billion more than the Tory regime’s spend.

In addition, the Tories have claimed that spending is set to increase to £103,026 million, but a close look at the new Treasury figures show that the following year, NHS spending will once again fall to £102,861 million.

The figures are significant because the increases which have been budgeted will quickly be swallowed up by inflation and increased running costs of existing facilities.

This means that despite Tory promises, real spending on the NHS will at best be static, and most likely be negative. There will certainly be no extra cash for expansion.

Meanwhile, foreign aid continues to increase, the ConDem regimes continues to pump millions into a war against Libya and Afghanistan, millions are spent on EU membership and red tape, and even more millions are spent catering to the immigration and asylum swindle.

British people are always put last, it seems.

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